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Jaspreet Singh
Knowlegde is the power!
Knowlegde is the power!

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Jasi Patcher (License In App Billing Hack) For Non Root Devices Sneak peak

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Jasi Patcher (License In App Billing Hack) For Non Root Devices Sneak peak
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UPDATE :- check for updates in v4.0 fixed it was server sided issue not client sided though will refine it in update

OLD :- check for updates is broken in JP v4.0 #JasiPatcher will be fixed in update,so you need to manually download the next update

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almost 85% update has been finished,expect update soon as Jasi Patcher v4.0 ,bye bye Uret Patcher v3.12 ;)

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Jasi Toolkit v2.0 released


v2.0 (Released On 26/Jul/2018)

– Welcome To My official Site.
– Renamed To Jasi Toolkit From Uret Android Reverser Toolkit, Retired From Uret Team And Thanks To Uret Team It Was Nice To Be There, Now Time To Move On.
– Fixed Old Settings Always Reset When Update Toolkit, Now Saves Settings To Common Data Folder As JasiToolkit.config And Loads Automatically On Start.
– Fixed Signing The Apk File With Custom Keystore As It Doesnot Create New File When Old Signed File Is Present.
– Fixed META-INF Folder Deleting With All Contents While Signing, Should Keep Other Files Now When Signing.
– Updated ZipAlign, ApkTool v2.3.3, ADB v1.0.40, Smali/Baksmali v2.2.4, Oat2Dex v0.90, In Future Update Yourself By Replacing In Binaries Folder.
– Rework Check For Updates, Now It Will Download The New Version File Rather Than Taking To Website.
– Added Option In Settings To Allow Copy Paste Path Along With Drag And Drop.
– Added New Icon And Wallpaper Thanks Morpheus.
– Support For Old Smali/Baksmali Is Removed In Favor Of New Version.
– Rework Oat2Dex For Newer OAT Files.
– Rework Custom Keys.
– Added Reboot Download Mode.
– Added New Certificates.
– Minor Optimizations.
– Rework GUI A Bit.
– Fixed Typos.
– Bugs Fixed.

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