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Ready for I/O!

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Breaking News: A Federal court just ruled that the NSA's bulk collection of cell phone metadata is illegal.

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So today, I finally got my Google Contributor invite after quite some time of waiting. But guess what? It's US only.


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Google+ complete redesign concept.

A version like this would be simple and easy to use while keeping all of the previous features, as well as adding some new ones from the desktop version. The most used sections are in tabs and everything else can be found in the navigation bar.
I've also united the searches so you can search for people, pages, communities and posts all from the same screen. 

I'd love to use something like this. Let me know what you think.
Google+ complete redesign
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(Disclaimer: edited copy-paste of a post I did to the Cabinet Beta community)

Just installed Talon for the Android L preview, and after a quick look around the first thing I notice is the hamburger-menu. I decided to take a look at the design site, and it seems the menu is supposed to slide over the navigation bar from now on. Could you please look into that? Notice how the mobile design site does what I described.

Also, the moving hamburger-menu button seems a bit weird and out of place.

+Luke Klinker
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