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I'm taking a few days in Prague next month.

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This makes one hell of a story.
SitRep: ENL Trip to Corvo for Shards 11, 28, 59 and 61

TL;DR… Scroll down till the end for a Summary!

An OP to remember


Resistance agents had successfully gathered shards #11,# 28,# 59 and #61 on Corvo Island, the smallest and remotest island in the Azores.

With the Target switch coming up, it became more and more clear, we needed to go to Corvo and try to steal the Shards. The Plan was ready, the only question was who, when and how. So people started to ask known agents if they were up for an adventure with unknown result.

In under 12 hours four agents who could go to Corvo were found. And so it all began:

Flights were booked; electronics were hastily packed.

“Okay there is a flight tomorrow at 8am from Lisbon, when can you be there?”
“Let me check!”
2 minutes later
“Tonight 10pm!”
“Okay that’s awesome!”
“Yeah I already booked it.”

One day of crazy flight booking and hotel searching was nearly over and the first agent was ready to take off, but then a overbooked flight. Could our plan end so abruptly?

One hour later we got the redeeming news: Agent one en route to Lisbon!

Meanwhile we organized key-exchanges, some special inventory and more flights.

All four agents started their journey that night, flying from different sites of the world to Corvo (two from the US, one from Switzerland, and one from Germany via Spain). Most had never met before but connected over the Enlightened mindset.

Act I

Everybody arrived safe on the small island. The first rule was: Don’t even open the scanner until it's needed.

The island portals were all blue, since the only active agents present are three Resistance agents. However, most of the portals weren’t linked or fielded so only a handful of portals needed to be taken down in order to open a lane to NOAA in VA, USA. The first CP that was to be hit was at 9pm on March 1. Exactly as the agents met at the Shard portal the bell of the church nearby started to ring. No people in the streets, in the church a service was running and the four agents started their scanners to steal the shards.

The agents gathered at the portal, took it down, inoculated it, built it up. This activity gave the resistance enough time to react and they started trying to take the portal down. In the frenzy of activity, an incorrect link was thrown, and at Jump Time two shards (#59, #28) jumped safely to NOAA while the other two (#11, #61) jumped within the island.

Now with two shards left on an island portal and the resistance fully aware of our presence, the battle heated. Vigils were maintained at the shard portal. For the next jump window a new try was planned. Although the portal was controlled by the ENL, the small resistance contingent were incredibly efficient with their weapons. And a new link to NOAA couldn’t be established. Then it happened - RES worldwide has noticed the fight over the shards and a first blocker from Maine to Bermuda was thrown. What started as a small guerrilla operation grew now to a multicontinental operation. Messages got out into the world “Who can take down those blockers?” The answer came from a far away agent and from this unexpected place the blockers were thus handled.
Act II

With the Blockers gone it was clear we needed to hold the lane. So a new link from a portal nearby to the shards was established to NOAA. The RES agents visited us quickly at the portal and tried to take the Rail link down. The next Jump window was foreseeable and again the team got ready to send the two remaining shards to NOAA. With the RES on hand to attack, it was not possible to complete the link.

During all this activity, the wind increased steadily, picking up salt spray as it barrelled Northward onto the island, which is normally protected as winds from the South are fairly rare.
After the end of the Jump window, the Res Agents could take down the Rail link to NOAA and we were confronted with Blockers from Martinique.

Corvo is only about 6km long, but as it is the tip of an ancient volcano it slopes up sharply to the middle of the island. The Corvo portals are concentrated at the Southern tip, where the village is, with only three portals outside of the village. These are all located at the top of the volcano, along a narrow road. Exactly to this portals two blocking resistance links were thrown from Martinique to cut us off from NOAA. One of the agents secured a driver with a van and went to try to take the links down while the other three continued to maintain the control over the portal. It turned out, however, that the three portals are in an area with very little cell coverage. Climbing further up the mountain, both on a small path and also straight up side on cow and sheep paths the agent was able to take down one of the portals from distance but the second proved too resilient with one AXA on it and the resistance recharging. The driver was tipped well and asked to make a return trip with two other team members, leaving two players at the village to continue the watch over the portal. Even with different wireless carriers the two agents were also unable to take down the shielded portal, but at the last second the deployed Jarvis viruses got through! The link was down!

Still, every cycle continued to follow the same pattern of successful resistance play. After five cycles of no movement by the shards, the last two shards jumped to nearby portals, but separately.


Now with two separate shard portals, it was more possible to distract the resistance, and with our higher numbers we stood a better chance of prevailing. The weather got worse every hour and the team found themselves under constant pelting rain thank god for plastic bags and waterproof cellphones and driving wind at around gale force, with the night operations especially cold and bitter.

The decision was made to focus on shard #61 instead of shard #11. The character associated with Shard #11, Victor Kureze, was only one away from being secured, and there were other shards in enlightened territory, while the character associated with Shard #61 still needed two shards to be secured. Precisely for this reason, the resistance likely thought that Shard #11 was more strategically important. Our first exit-attempt failed. For the next jump we decided to change strategy. The defense involved 20 minutes of recharging and deploying at the portal, with one agent standing at the portal in the extremely windy and wet conditions to deny the resistance access to the center of the portal unless they got out of their car, and another agent in range of the portal and up on a terrace out of sight of the resistance to shield their numbers.
Despite the conditions, this strategy proved successful and Shard #61 jumped to NOAA.

Final Act

One Shard was left at corvo and we decided we didn’t want to leave it behind. So we got ready for another jump.

The Jarvised portal atop the mountain was ADA’d by the resistance less than two hours before a jump. At this point the three NOAA portals each had a shard on them so we had to keep the shard on the island anyways, we left the portal blue and ensured that the shard would jump only within the small island village. The expected blocker from Martinique or elsewhere, didn’t materialize, however, so we secured a driver and drove back up the mountain to take care of that portal again. This was no small feat as the players were not only fighting the lack of signal, but the driver also had to contend with fog so thick you could at times not see the front of the car, and cows bedding down for the night, next to the narrow mountain road.

With the scoring of Shard #10 onto another target, the importance of Shard #11 further diminished, as we secured Victor Kureze definitively. The combined efforts of the operators and ground teams all over the East Coast of the American continents as well as our team in Corvo had served to essentially shut down all links through the Atlantic, and so rather than open a window in the short term the shard was tucked safely to a corner of Corvo where it might be extracted at a later point.

Due to the storm, it looked like the agents might have been on Corvo for nearly a week! But thankfully the storm lifted enough the day after the original planned departure. Mad scrambles to rearrange flights and get the agents safely home succeeded. The agents were cold and tired, but with the amazing support of the operators and with positive messages from all over the world, they return happy and triumphant.


Although XF-Beer were drunk together (whilst playing Bingo) the fight on the battleground on both sides was very fierce, hard, and always fair.


-Crazy Booking
-Crazier Travelling
-Flip, (miss)Link
-snatched two of four shards
-Battle 72 hours with basically no sleep
-Send third shard in shitty weather home
-Travel Home

You can help!

This Operation was only possible because of EAHQ (Big HUGE thanks to them)
You can help future operations like this with a donation to the Enlightened Agents HQ (EAHQ) (

EAHQ is an officially registered foundation based in Europe that offers financial support to the Enlightened faction worldwide.

Feel free to donate to and help Enlightened win this shard game and further big operations.

Thanks to

@MagpieMind @XRXG @scuttleclaw @P4gani

@BrokkTheViking @DJSuave @vickvega82 @Mynja @Claudija @jencyberchic @Appletalk @yourehero @siliel @tanogrus @gobchumlins @Faballa @FoghoPhaetyx @Jon26 @CjMCazores @jolin92 @jolina92 @Jqwerty @darkdeepcold @Tuckius @Costelix75 @mitradaestacao @Adolfo_banzados @maddlox @cobrakan @hyppo89 @bgraca @souljackerz @aritah @thefunker @annlvy @Ninyaku @EcoTerrorista @Intensify and many many more

When I am clicking semi-randomly on the map, to move it hither and thither, it occasionally decides that I actually meant to zoom in. Usually because it accidentally registers a double click. This is annoying and causes more reloads than necessary.

So I really would like to disable zoom on doubleclick. Would it be possible to make a Tweak plugin that accomplishes this? I already have disable-mouse-wheel-zoom active, but that only gets me half of the way to not having uncommanded zoom events.

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10.000 unique portal visits. Time to start on the next 10k.

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Apparently, this banner has new pictures, and that does not seem to automatically get updated when you hit uberprufen...

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Wednesday's #mailcall!

With immense thanks to +Julia Vivienne Loverdose, my collection of official anomaly pins for the anomalies I've attended is now almost complete. Seen here both in among the swag that accompanied and on its natural habitat, my trophy lanyard.

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Because it's been quite a while since I last nagged about this:

I still would loooooove being able to use the layer chooser (or whatever) to toggle the visibility of portals based on uniques status. In particular, I'd like to be able to hide captured and hide visited-or-captured, to make the virgin portals stand out more. Don't really care how it would be implemented, but maybe it would be made possible for a plugin to add a field to a portal object, via API, and add some items to the layer chooser that can filter based on the content of that field? It's already possible for plugins to add layer chooser items, but probably that's only for whole layers of data at the moment, that the plugins manage all by themselves.

The bug on git that has to do with this does not look like it's seen any action in the past year.

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If you're eligible to vote in the coming USA election, and especially if you're not quite sure who to vote for yet, you owe it to yourself to watch The Closer. If you simply enjoy oratory, that's not a bad idea either.

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<public post>

Any of you who can maybe spare a little something, for the person who did so much to make the Utrecht anomaly a success to look back on, pillar of the local Ingress community, it would be much appreciated.
This is a really hard thing for me to do, but... I need your help. Desperately. I can't do this by myself any more. I can't do this without the help of my friends.

Please support my fundraiser by donating or by spreading the word, and help me keep my home.

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