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Wow, that is some Prime bullshit. So now I can’t buy the new iPhone or upgrade my current one without losing access to Ingress for a month — if they even hit this target, which they won’t.

(Okay, no issue for me personally: I already carry a secondary midrange android phone because on both Niantic games it works better than my iPhone X.)
With the pending announcement of iOS 12 we know that many of you have questions about Ingress and its support for Apple’s latest mobile operating system. The current version of Ingress is not compatible and will not be supported by iOS 12. However, Ingress Prime will be compatible with iOS 12 upon its release in October. More information related to iOS 12 and upcoming events can be found at our FAQ here
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Soooooo... the stream is Facebook only, not on G+ or YouTube? That's ... not great.

I'm looking for an NL1331e Wing Pin, due to sold out. Can pay or trade, have a bunch of stuff both recent and older. Would like it before or on December's anomaly (I'll be at Bruges).

Anyone have a spare? I'm sure we can work something out.

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This tracks pretty much with where I draw my personal line.
Everyone has heard the arguments by now, about what is cheating, what isn't. Do we take a hardline and return to Ingress Stone Age Edition, or do we open the flood gates to creepy stalking, or do we find a line somewhere in the middle.

While I'd prefer Niantic to define a better line than Stone Age, they've shown little or no interest in pursuing this besides the spoofing and multi-accounting aspects. With this in mind, I'm going to post my personal view on where we should all, both factions, as a community, draw the line and say "No further than that". Its based on a 'do no harm' approach while trying to give as much latitude for Quality-Of-Life improvements over the stock Intel.

Given the contentious nature of the issue, I'm going to disable comments, but feel free to message me through G+ or through Telegram (@perringaiden). No hangouts please, I'll probably not notice.

Feel free to spread this far and wide and talk about it. I'll be happy to see other similar posts with different lines and to discuss them. But until we start drawing lines and comparing them, "all" or "nothing" are neither tenable positions, or ones that will remain.
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Can I ask why there are only links to the start portal in IM, and not direct Intel links to the mission itself? For instance:
Follow the intel link for mission one:,5.108194&pll=52.088487,5.108194
You get a map view centered on that portal.
Then you need to wait until everything loads (forever) and the portal info popup pops up,
then click missions starting here,
then click the right mission (note: on portals with 11+ mission, that doesn't actually work for every mission)

However, if you link to this url:
You immediately get the right mission selected and fully visible on stock Intel.
It doesn't seem like a difficult scheme to implement, so I assume there are reasons why this isn't done.

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This is a banner that's supposed to be three high by 1 wide, rather than three wide. Can you switch them around?

So my IITCm sync is now working... but now the desktop one isn't. Possibly as a result of a Tampermonkey update. Sync link is red, when I click on it and click authorize, it stays in the "authorising" state, and if I cancel and retry it's grey, until I refresh the page. Anyone happen to know what this is?

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appear to be duplicates of each other. Can they be merged?

So this may be something that's obvious, but... is there any way to couple ingressmosaik and iitc, so that when I mark a mission set as done on IM, they are also marked done on iitc? Or even a way to easily click through from IM to each mission on iitc so I can easily mark them as done?

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Just in case there are people reading here that aren't so plugged in, but might be interested: There's gonna be Ingress anomalies in Portland, Oregon and Ann Arbor, Michigan, as well as Houston, Texas and several places in Australia.

I can highly recommend going to one if you're even vaguely an Ingress player, or even thinking about becoming one.
A new MAGNUS was created at the 13MAGNUS Reawakens event in Navarro, CA this past weekend. The portal network has been reawakened as well with the activity of the MAGNUS Builder event. The events in Navarro, CA have started something we do not fully understand yet. What we do know is through measurements and using the past as an indicator there are XM Anomaly events are coming.

Q3 - 13MAGNUS Reawakens
24 JUN 2017
TBD, Japan

26 AUG 2017
Basel, Switzerland
Szczecin, Poland
Nantes, France

Brisbane, Australia
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Macau, China

Ann Arbor, MI, USA
Nashville, TN, USA
Portland, Oregon, USA

23 SEP 2017
Stockholm, Sweden
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Turin, Italy

Seoul, Korea
Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia, Sri Lanka
Bali, Indonesia

Washington D.C., USA
Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Kansas City, MO, USA

Q4 - Unnamed
4 NOV 2017
Berlin, Germany
Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK
Zagreb, Croatia

TBD, Japan
Chennai, India
Cebu City, Philippines

Boulder, CO, USA
Houston, Texas, USA
Panama City, Panama

2 DEC 2017
Madrid, Spain
Bruges, Belgium
Tallin, Estonia

TBD, Taiwan
TBD, Brunei
Perth, Australia

San Francisco, CA, USA
Honolulu, HI, USA

More details, rules, and information to follow…
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