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Jasper Hendricks
It's a bunch of Wibby Wobby Timey Wimey things I say.
It's a bunch of Wibby Wobby Timey Wimey things I say.

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You were the greatest best friend anyone can ever ask for, and the only one who's stayed by my side. as I stayed by yours. You've changed me and helped me to be happier with myself and to always be myself. R.I.P. +Jamie Tirado You passed away to soon.... and will miss and love you so much forever...

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#Remember this
"Maybe the Doctor was real, and you were his companion. You saved the world and others, met people and aliens from across time and space, and you did great things. Maybe you've changed history that hasn't even happened yet. But the same thing that happened to Donna Noble happened to you, and those memories are locked away.

You could be a greater hero than you know, so be kind, do good, and change the world. Because you are capable of doing that.

The Doctor is watching."

"You gotta fight for your rights to party!" #BeastieBoys #OldSchool

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Which one of these extreme #sports would you #choose  ?
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Skydive near a torando
Mountain board on an erupting Volcano
Extreme tug of war (around Quicksand)
Real life Battleship, in stormy seas

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Looks like will be getting the #EauRouge after all :) but will we get the #E-MERGE to?
''Man, I wish Nissan made a 4 door GTR''

Well, they did it, it is called:
Infiniti q50 eau Rouge.

Infiniti's 560-hp, GT-R–powered

Any comments?

Link if you have time to watch a video on youtube:

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Want it 💥😍

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It's decent 😊
Sure, an all-new BMW X1 always wants to break new ground – but relaxing at the lake is just fine, too.
The all-new BMW X1
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Dude.....that's messed up
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