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Jason Wold
Vegetarian, atheist, addicted to technology, love to garden, cook, make and drink beer.
Vegetarian, atheist, addicted to technology, love to garden, cook, make and drink beer.

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Possibly the easiest, most effective way to get involved in national and state politics. It shows you some facts about an issue, gives phone numbers for your representatives and gives you an example script. I try not to actually use the script as I imagine a bunch of callers with the same message is 1) less meaningful 2) really boring for the poor guy who has to listen to it to tally your issue of concern.

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More voting with my wallet. Sad because I really liked Ballast Point beers, but I'm not going to support a company which is donating money to the chief architect of the horrible republican healthcare proposal.

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Robert Reich Sums Up The Mess in D.C.
"I spent much of this week in DC – talking w/ friends, former colleagues, pundits, and members of Congress in both parties. My verdict:

1. Washington is more divided, angry, bewildered, and fearful — than I’ve ever seen it.

2. The angry divisions aren’t just Democrats versus Republicans. Rancor is also exploding inside the Republican Party.

3. Republicans (and their patrons in big business) no longer believe Trump will give them cover to do what they want to do. They’re becoming afraid Trump is genuinely nuts, and he’ll pull the party down with him.

4. Many Republicans are also angry at Paul Ryan, whose replacement bill for Obamacare is considered by almost everyone on Capitol Hill to be incredibly dumb.

5. I didn’t talk with anyone inside the White House, but several who have had dealings with it called it a cesspool of intrigue and fear. Apparently everyone working there hates and distrusts everyone else.

6. The Washington foreign policy establishment — both Republican and Democrat — is deeply worried about what’s happening to American foreign policy, and the worldwide perception of America being loony and rudderless. They think Trump is legitimizing far-right movements around the world.

7. Long-time civil servants are getting ready to bail. If they’re close to retirement they’re already halfway out the door. Many in their 30s and 40s are in panic mode.

8. Republican pundits think Bannon is even more unhinged than Trump, seeking to destroy democracy as we’ve known it.

9. Despite all this, no one I talked with thought a Trump impeachment likely, at least not any time soon — unless there’s a smoking gun showing Trump’s involvement in Russia’s intrusion into the election.

10. Many people asked, bewilderedly, “How did this [Trump] happen?” When I suggest it had a lot to do with the 35-year-long decline of incomes of the bottom 60 percent; the growing sense, ever since the Wall Street bailout, that the game is rigged; and the utter failure of both Republicans and Democrats to reverse these trends — they give me blank stares."

#RobertReich #StillSanders

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The Senate introduced a resolution that would overturn a Federal Communications Commission rule that requires internet service providers to get customers’ permission before they sell sensitive customer data. If it passes Congress, the FCC would even be blocked from issuing similar rules in the future.

Companies like Comcast, AT&T, and Verizon should not be able to use and sell the sensitive data they collect from you without restriction.

Internet service providers collect data on every website you visit, the times you log into and out of your online accounts, and even your location. This can paint an intimate picture of your religious practices, sexual activities, or health problems.

Now politicians are caving to industry pressure. ISPs want to sell your data at will to advertisers, big-data brokers, and even the government and law enforcement.

Add your name to tell the Senate you don’t want companies selling your sensitive data without your permission

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This is a joke...right?

BiteLabs grows meat from celebrity tissue samples
and uses it to make artisanal salami

Although, as a vegetarian, I don't really find this any more offensive than eating a cow. Mammal is mammal. Flesh is flesh. Chow down my carnivorous friends!

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A pleasant break from my normal outrage at US politics

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