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Greetings! I've gotten some new clients who were nuked with the Penguin updates; looking at their Analytics I'm seeing similar patterns from the long term effects. Huge cliff drop followed by a long, sustained slide in traffic loss.  

I'm wondering what other people who are dealing with Penguin clean up are seeing in their Analytic data - are you seeing a similar pattern? 

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This is what Penguin looks like in GA however be sure to verify the dates.  Penguin did not roll out until late April but the image above appears to show drop off early in April?
Did the site change anything before the data drop? Like +Brian Ussery said Penguin has been released at the end of April (24). It's a huge drop.
I agree with the date ranges but the old agency left a lot of notations regarding webmaster tool warnings relating to unnatural links before this particular client's drop. Thanks for the feedback!
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