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#English Out There are one of the first 35 apps!
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Good to hear it! How do you use Edmodo? How did the inspection go?
Glad to hear it, did you show them EOT? I'd be interested to know what they thought?

If you have Ss going out doing EOT get them to record people on their phone voice recorders or to shoot video on their phones and then to post the MP3/vid into the Edmodo group to share for others to comment on and to show they have done it.

That way they/you get a timeline of their EOT experiences/work and if they can review/listen again a few times and also look back and see what their English was like at the start. Idea being to get a personalised digital feedback loop of them speaking with fluent speakers. It helps self-correction of pronunciation really well and provides lots of comprehensible input.

Keep me posted!


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