Autism as extreme male brain traits?
An interesting possibility...

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the ‘extreme male brain’ theory

studies of amniotic testosterone in humans suggest that fetal testosterone (fT) is related to specific (but not all) sexually dimorphic aspects of cognition and behaviour. It has also been suggested that autism may be an extreme manifestation of some male-typical traits, both in terms of cognition and neuroanatomy.
autism spectrum conditions (ASC) are characterized by difficulties in social interaction and communication, alongside restricted interests and repetitive behavior. ASC occur in approximately 1% of the population, with more males than females receiving a diagnosis.

this study confirms clinical case studies and reports in adolescents and children that genetic females with gender identity disorder (GID) have an increased number of autistic traits. our results demonstrate that transmen (relative to control women) have more autistic traits, as measured by the autism spectrum quotient (AQ). they also had significantly more autistic traits than control men, and their mean AQ score lies in the broader autism phenotype (BAP) range. approximately 30% of the transmen had an AQ in the medium (MAP) or narrow autism phenotype (NAP) range, which would warrant clinical investigation if this level of autistic traits was causing suffering or impacting on daily functioning. transmen had a 11-fold increase in the rate of NAP relative to typical males.

Female-To-Male Transsexual People and Autistic Traits

full article.
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