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G+ Feature Request

Who's with me?

If you like this idea, don't just +1... that would just be ironic. Share it! With enough attention, it will start the conversation.
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True! But it would be in the shape of a button.
I think there is the issue of whether or not it would create a more negative atmosphere for users (especially new or timid ones) on G+.
+Aaron Black I don't think so. It would make the +1 system similar to Reddit karma, but you still wouldn't have anonymity, novelty accounts and so on. Most of what's lame about Reddit comes from there being no consequences to your actions.
Should that be a +0 or a - 0 button? Maybe there should be a "I couldn't decide which of all these buttons to press, but I simply HAD to press something!" button?
+Andrew King on the other hand, it would make people think twice about reposting a cat GIF that everyone's seen a thousand times. Or starting a heated political debate in an unrelated thread. Etc.
That's more like tagging rather than scoring. But I wouldn't mind a way for people to tag their posts NSFW, so you could filter off that if desired.
Interesting is the idea of applying shades to stuff.  G+ is sometimes too cheerful for me, with too many life-affirming messages, but I'm probably in the wrong circles.
+Jason Wells I can agree with that. The lack of anonymity would probably prevent many hands from hitting the -1 button. Also along the line of NSFW, I have had to drop people because of 10 nude pictures in a row. I enjoy nudity, and nude art, but It is difficult when I am scrolling through G+ with my kids around.
This all makes me realize that I'm still fine-tuning my Google+ circle feeds. I like my general circles, but I have a hard time trying to pinpoint some areas of interest. Off-topic, I'm sure, and probably missing something obvious. Saved searches are okay, but I need to tune my main G+. Is this a -1?
The feature I'd really like is the option to make some of my circles public and let users decide which ones they want to be in. Then I could post on certain topics and include only the relevant circles. At the moment I have to research or guess the interests of my followers.
+Jon Snidal I think you're putting your finger on another feature opportunity for G+. People aren't the same as their interests; if you classify people in circles by some interest, that doesn't guarantee the person will only post things of that interest. They need some way to filter by circle for a given interest, maybe by hashtag.
Google will probably not implement a -1 for the same reason Facebook has yet to include a dislike button.
hmmmmmmm might be good but im a very nice person i dont rarely not like some stuff on here but lets keep it nice here 
I have been begging for this button since I joined Google+!
I'll just agree that: this post has generated a great conversation. Shows the diversity of interests. To post something I think a thousand times. To give a -1 ... I will get no action ... : (
Do you understand graph theory? To +1 something it to create a link between two nodes. When there is no link between the two nodes you could arrive at the value of 0. There is no such thing as -1 in graph theory. 
Thanks +Jason Wells and +Simon Kong. I've only been on G+ for a month, but it's one of the features I keep wishing was there. The great thing about it is it would be self-organizing; if a user is getting unwanted content on their Home's incoming "All" stream, they have an incentive to specify which content they are interested in. G+ could also allow users to tag their profile with their interests so that when you add users to your circle, you're prompted as to what their interests are. If you have a circle with the same title as a interest tag there could be an option setting to automatically add them to that circle. For interest tags that don't match the name of any of your circles you could prompted (assuming you chose to enable this feature) whether you want to create a circle with that name for them to be added to. For public circles, the added user could add themselves to any others circles of yours they want to be in. I think it would be worth us creating an outline of this feature request to send to +Google+ Developers. What do you think?
+Simon Kong, I share all of these same issues; for instance, weeding out shared circle members that post too many things I'm not interested in. Regarding my feature suggestion, there should be a filter so that content that doesn't look like it matches your interest tags can be chosen by the user to be filtered out for the users you select to be filtered. You should also have the option to "bookmark" users in circles, when you just want to store them for the moment, not receive their posts.
that's just like asking for a dislike button of facebook
+Greg Miernicki that's true for very simple graphs, but you can have graphs with two or more different kinds of edges connecting vertices. Or you can treat the +1 / -1 scoring as an attribute rather than a relation.
+Skoti Brendel that's a cool diagram. The action is the connection! Conversations are more than just pluses and minuses, or likes and dislikes. See? I can't even get the plus-link to work ...
Just as a +1 does, a -1 button would help train Google's algorithms as to who you do and don't share views or interests with, by comparing user +1 and - 1 selections along with those in your circles. This would help by giving G+ users the option to automate certain tiresome tasks that would otherwise need to be done manually, such as finding people you share interests with, circle management etc..
That's interesting, I hadn't considered the data mining possibilities.
+Simon Kong teach Google what I'd like it to do for me is intriguing. That's something you definitely don't get with Reddit karma. But the main function I saw was making it possible to filter out undesired posts or comments. You could set a threshold like "don't show me anything below -3" to ensure quality.
Love it!
This must be least humiliating way for people to find out what readers REALLY think about their post.
why so negative? same reason facebook doesnt have a dislike button. You have nothing nice to say then say nothing
+Jason Wells  but consider internet trolls. they could give lots of minus for a worthy post
+Sean Denny Facebook should have a Dislike button. Lord, there is so much garbage there that deserves it.
Wow its becoming Facebook here already. I got so sick of all the damn posts about adding a Dislike button, and the shit is starting here. Game requests will be filling up my Stream next
+Sean Denny
"You have nothing nice to say then say nothing" - this rule produces assholes who never heard a truth about themselves. Negative feedback is lot more important in society than positive - people should know when they piss off others. And parents who follow this stupid rule with kids ("Oh, one negative word can irreversibly damage fragile mind") eventually bring to world arrogant, egocentric and ruthless psychopaths.
For all those of you talking about graph theory and the like, that wouldn't be the point of the -1 button.  You could easily add a -1 feature as a simple attribute of a post.  It doesn't necessarily need to affect how the posts are treated, but rather it will show OPs what is unnecessary to post.  I think my least favorite posts are those that beg for +1s by simply saying something stupid like, "i hate cancer cuz it kils gud ppl!!!!!!11!! leik if u woud kil all the cancer if u coud!!!!!!!!..........<3 luv u!! ;P <3 <3"  They are completely unnecessary, and there are often many comments that say that, but the -1 feature would make it a lot more apparent that many (maybe even most) people don't want to see that.  Yes, people could get offended that their post is hated, but there are two options: 1) They see that their post is hated and possibly stop.  2) They see only +1s, don't see how annoying the post is, and continue with the stupidity.  The quality of posts would be so much better if people saw the truth about how annoying their posts are.
Problem with that idea is the -1 would just encourage bad posts cause they're still getting attention. That's why you should never give a thumbs down to a vid on youtube, because it still shows you saw the vid and paid enough attention to it to rate it. That's what youtube wants, because advertisers pay to be seen, they don't care if you like the video after the ad or not.
YouTube shows a view count that's independent of a rating.  That's irrelevant.
And while we are at it, I would like to request the feature to add: +9001
+David Powell No it isn't irrelevant, because the the view count only counts if you came to that page, not if you watched the whole video.
+Andrew King I know, but there's no guarantee that won't happen in the future, beside that wasn't even my point. My point, was -1's will encourage bad posts because people are attention whores and don't care if you liked their posts or not as long as you pay attention.
I agree. This would be a worthwhile function. Especially in regard to some of the more colorful, and tactless posts out there.
I think it's a bad idea that will push lesser known users whom don't fit in, away. Why bring negativity to a positive social network? Makes little sense. If you don't like something, ignore it.
I hope it's meant as a joke. Because this is just a button that would feed the trolls :) ..if you don't like a post you don't simply dislike it, you have to give the post some constructive criticism, and that is why there isn't a dislike button, This is my opinion. If this post had a -1 button, I would tend to just -1 it, instead of writing this comment ;)
While it seems like a good idea, there are people that will get upset over the -1's. Take a look at YouTube. I know people that have pretty much quit all online activity because they were getting more dislikes than likes.
My suggestion is to make the plus one in green and the minus in red 
1. Google will never make -1 button...
2. ...which is good, because it's going to be really just a 'karma masturbation'
+Oztin Tayshus I agree with you on the negative feedback, but the -1 isn't the best solution. Rather, people leaving their feedback in comments is a better solution. This way, content producers will know what they are doing wrong. With a -1, nobody understands what the problem actually is, or how to fix it.
The -1 would negate the need for the +1.  It'd be like starting a test with 100% and losing marks as you go. But you'd never be able to get better either.
I think it will be a big action like the YouTube dislike , competition , everyone is doing their best
Nat aS
I like youtube because it has options for liking and disliking things. Facebook and Google Plus need the same ability.
Posts like this make me wish there was a -1 button. ;)
+, Like, whatever... sometimes there are useful, most of the time there ruin nice looking sites... so, who (really) cares?
Google is trying to keep things positive.
The problem with - 1 is if people take it as a personal judgement on them. As long as it's viewed as helping your followers filter your content so they get what interests them and aren't swamped by posts, I think it's a good idea.. It would definitely help Google's algorithms to do automated content filtering for users that want that. The more Google's algorithms know what people want, the more they will get what they want, and the happier everyone is. Also, if Google provided automatic content filtering, the number of - 1s would quickly drop as a user "trains" the algorithm what to so. It's really a win-win situation IMHO, as long as people don't view - 1s too personally.
Getting it back to blue would be enough for me.
I personally prefer the ignorance of enmity.  Minus opens it up too much to haters IMO.
yea - If you want to -1 it, then dont click +1. It becomes to negative and open to abuse
I do not support this because the +1 button is there to show support for a post, not to judge or criticize it. Whenever the dislike or -1 button is introduced, it always reminds me of a reddit-style rating system. Do we really need that?

The "+1" Button is there to support or acknowledgment of a post.
The "Share" Button is there to spread a post.
The Comment Section is there to criticize a post.

Unfortunately, many people mix those three up by commenting their support and acknowledgment, sharing for criticism, and +1'ing to spread it.

Don't worry, though; if your suggestion is implemented, this post will be the first one I'll -1.
I don't wish a "-1" feature for the reasons described here :
Lots of people are anonymous on G+ if you look closely or it's not difficult to do so. Like already said a minus button would bring the same quality as YouTube comments, attracting the haters feeding on bullying real identities/people.
Also I'm concerned by the very few people actually creating something genuine publicly. Being ignored is sufficient enough to not add the humiliation and bashing. 
I have the minus one plug in, it rocks, since virtually no one has it. So they don't know when I dislike something
the problem with having something like a -1 is that, unless you have a "academic" place like Stackoverflow, and you will have people that will go about just going -1. or putting a -1 cos a view differs from them.  the nice thing about Google+ is that it is an inherently positive place. adding a -1 would make this less so as it would create a negative attitude in some
I think that -1 is not useful in any way, other than to serve trolls and haters.

If you like something you can +1 to promote it and make it popular. If you don't it simply stays there without getting any attention.

If someone gets zero interaction from their post, they get the point. No need to introduce negativity tools, that may be used for personal differences, competition, etc.
I have no wish for a -1 button. Quality posting is stimulated with the +1 button, so that's already rewarded as it should be. As soon as you read a post with which you don't agree, just don't use the +1 button. If the post strikes you as insulting, racist or otherwise inappropriate you can use the flag. As far as I'm concerned all desired actions for a post are covered this way, without making it a popularity contest.
i am with u....also in FB there should be the option to dislike
if there is +1 there should be -1 too
i love the comment
I like the idea of the +1 because it states I was here, and not so much I disagree or agree, just that I am aware of that topic. Which I prefer over the basic like/dislike situation everyone needs to get away from.

Edit: I like the edit as well, but I wanted to say, I +1 this topic to show I'm aware of your post, and have stored it in memory.
I wanted to press that button many times... 
Why not just ignore/mute those posts? No need to spend time on things you don't like anyway...
yeah perhaps the purpose of +1 should be defined first, since i never +1 anything thinking that its like saying "yeah i'm behind this!" when most crap i could care less :P

of course given Chris Conger definition i'd never +1 anything.. "I was here"? really? who gives a shit... if +1 is like i said "I agree" then there should be a "i disagree" -1 as well..
eXACTLY WHAT I M Looking for, we need that button for sure
you know, i see there is a need for a site for all frustrated people who wants for their frustrations to be heard ..... I guess it would be nice business to make a trollbook or trollplus.... I like haters, sometimes they give a point to problem :) and sometimes are just pour misunderstood kids.... :)  
They only good thing about a -1 button I can think of, now that I think of it, would be to keep crap off the "what's hot" list. I'm on the fence.
There a lot of posts which just miss out on deserving the ban hammer, but definitely deserve to be shown how stupid they are.
I don't agree! This is not good for social interactions, if you don't agree with a post or a comment you shouldn't just click on (-1) and go away, you should comment instead and make your point. Otherwise, Google+ will be just like Youtube!
+Jason Wells , "don't show me anything below -3" - sounds very much like Slashdot, I think it would work well on G+
+Ali Jafri , I partially agree, but I do see a lot of posters commenting on threads with one-word answers.   Where's the discussion on that?  If for example, someone posts a picture of a sunset, and someone else comments "Sunset", what do I do?  Engaging in discussion over why they posted something so inane seems a waste of energy.  Better for me to flag them -1, or alternatively flag them so I don't see such comments from them in the future.  On that note - didn't G+ used to have a feature to "Ignore user" ?
i agree with u ali jafri its all about the ideas which should be in front of the world for development
Sorry guy , are we trying to copy facebook?, well if I don,t like that post I'll not comment, easy
-1 is a great idea, you get a much better feel for how good something really is by the masses giving it +1s and -1s . good example is youtube. you can tell instantly if it's a bad video by the big red bar
To + or - for that is the question. The + is a like, regardless of the length of comments. To have a - button is to start a disagreement about something. The real statement then should be, wouldn't it better if you don't like something is to pass on by cause silence is golden or mightier than a - sign.
You don't +1 things you agree with, you +1 things you find to be intelligent, respectable, or worth people seeing. It shouldn't be biased. Think of the niche- The small group with a love for something others don't, a certain genre, etc. All they will ever see is red bars and negative numbers. Remember, on youtube, the red bar is how popular it is, but popularity means nothing here where intelligent or interesting topics are held highest, regardless of bias. Not to mention the simpler meaning- +1 is a positive thing, giving the site a fully positive feel. -1 introduces unnecessary negativity into the mix.
+Matt Brunton You're 100% right! Whenever I see those posts I think I'm on facebook. But, If Google adopts this rating system, I'm affraid that our social experience will be soon restricted to a scoring system, people will just log in to click on some (+1 and -1) and there will be no room for discussion!
Aah - now that would be a way to stop Bieber, Britney and Gaga from trending so much. This isn't MySpace after all! ;)
bd. good! Sometimes is good to remark on certain boundaries..
+Madhur soni Exactly! "You don't have to agree with me, but let's talk about it!" that's the kind of mature thinking that brought me to Google+.
I might not agree with one's taste or opinion but I still have to respect them! With a (-1) it's like I'm judging.
its very easy to just -1 and not post reflections

thats why i'd skip the feature, makes it too easy to shoot something down without explanation!
+John Lawson is right... if people were mature enough to accept the opinion of others the -1 button might be a good thing, given there's a algorithm detecting trolls. I would be satisified with a button to suppress all comments with less than (let's say) 10 words. >95% of these comments are spam. People posting stuff like +1, yes, I agree, like,... should have pressed the +1 button instead. That's my opinion. ;)
Gee, adding a no to our you really think we're ready for it?
I think there's already too much negativity in the world. 

So, let's just stay with the positives on G+.
In right upper area of each post, under question mark, is drop-down menu, and there are two menu items:
- Report abuse
- Mute this post
I think, these items are same as "-1" mark :|
I agree... all +ves and no -ves makes people to misbehave.
If you don't like a post just ignore it completely & remove the poster from your circle if appropriate.
No point. I you like a post like a post, simply +1 it; but if you don't like a post, simply ignore it.
It would be very useful +100500 in some special cases and -ALL, also..
This is Google. If they and we are all as smart as we think, they'll add  ±i buttons, and we all know what that would mean, don't we.
Don't like (or +1).  Only having +1 makes G+ seem like a more positive place.
it would be ok but i dont like it
The -1 button is called 'Block'. Works wonders.
I like the idea of "-1" button.  I don't want to "report abuse" or "mute the post" 99.9% of the time, I would simply like to say a disagree with a post from time to time.
more plusses down with the negative.
But it's Google+ so why not have a +(-1) button.  Positive in a negative kind of way :)
you must be - should be always pozzitive...
Sof K
birthday notification wld be handy!
I agree, the -1 is required to balance out the +1, because let's face it, some things just deserve a -1
It's simple, just don't +1 the post which you don't like. Even better, start writing something in the comment box on why you don't like the post. I don't think everyone needs to agree with everyone. 
i also want to watch videos on this page not on youtube
We do not need two buttons, web sites have enough of the social buttons already.
This is just another facebook dislike request. It doesn't work in a pure social network scenario like this. It works fine for videos and media sharing, but not here. All it does is open gateways for bullying and harassment online. There's a reason they don't include it in sites like G+
I made this same suggestion about a year ago.
Not all the things can be accepted. Some things has to -1'ed or disliked to show our hatred towards the article. For example, some article on "STOP SOPA!" needs to be +1'd, whereas the article of "SUPPORT SOPA" should be +1'd to show our unwillingness to accept it.

People are mature enough to post their views in internet, coz it's a tool for social interaction and also creates an online identity for oneself. If one is bold enough to the accept the comment of "I DONT LIKE YOUR POST", why  he should worry about "-1' or "dislike".

I totally agree, -1. Its not a tool of negativity, but to accept opposite views.

How about a STFU button for lames with bad attitudes?
It's generally a good habit to emphasise good behaviour and not even paying attention to bad behaviour (as long as it isn't hurtful). Using this on content might be a winning strategy. There's a lack to instantly see if content is disputed though.
-1 ... post requesting a share
I prefer the possibility to view my previous +1 internal in G+ (not the external links, that can be viewed in profile)
~cough~ ~digg~ ~cough~
I really can't see G+ ever adding a -1 button; the whole concept of the site is PLUSSSSSSSS
I was thinking the same exactly ! Like what we have in FB Like and then Dislike.
Adding a "-1" to Google+ just seems to defeat the purpose.  If you like a comment, then click the "+1" for it.  If you don't, then simply skip it OR (assuming you were offended in some way, shape, or form) write a comment.  Requiring a "-1" just seems vindictive and bitter, if you ask me.
Definitely. I wanted to -1 that joke about women = problems! LOL
Damn, that's a lot of comments above.. I could only read half of them before I got distracted.. Anyway ..

This is Google+ .. I don't think we need A minus button.. Well at least I don't need one.. If I don't like something I don't comment, +1 or reshare ..

guess this(-1)would b embarrassing to many people sending posts.
Without the negative, how can we truly value the positive! I agree we need a -1
It is simpler if +5 means +5 instead of +9-4 or something like that: which would be the case if -1 was implemented. Also, by -1ing something, you are taking away a +1 someone else gave: which you have no right to do. And if you are proposing separate + and - counts, that is  a)promoting negativity b)what +Arthur Reynolds said: it's Google Plus: about spreading the liking and c) it would be utterly cumbersome.

So sorry sir, though your idea looks great at first sight, I can't really support it.
Mmmm it's a good idea.
I'll think about it
+Ankita Sarkar
We dont have to do our math here like +9 and -4 for calculating/rating the post. They're separate entities expressing different emotions.
There are no +5's here, only +9 and -4.
I have never seen a comment that needs -1 unless its crap or spam lol
I feel we live in a world where the negatives are considered "Bad" and positive "Good". With the goal to be more positive, what if positive was active, and negative was passive and good was to stay neutral and open to the experience of life on folding.

The -1, button could just allow my profile and circles to know how I feel about something, and better define my interest. It makes sense to say Yes and to say No. But again just "Being" is my goal.
yes thats right +Jason Wells we need more negativity in the world because we are so short of that
People will leave reasons why they disagree with a post, just like they give reasons why they support the post now, even though there's a +1 available.

I like the idea of a green +1 and red -1, but there should be settings on the account for colour blindness, to alter the colours if necessary.

It may go badly though, which is why I think G+ should trial the idea for two weeks, by giving you the option to view -1's and give them. If you don't want this feature, don't accept it and G+ will appear no different to you. This stratergy could even be used long term, a toggle so if you're a sensitive person, you can block -1's all together.
I'd -1 this post, but I can't :(
Think about it. Follow it through to the inevitable human outcome. Anonymously, people will take more delight in being jerks than being supportive. Our culture readily uses disdain, where criticism may be helpful. I can not support the -1 or the dislike. It does not lead to debate.
I would g- your idea, but such feature does not exist. Hey, we should request it.
Negative comments are fine. But having -1 button just screws up the math. It's not going to be similar to the youtube counts of likes and dislikes. It's going to be a numerical value. Which would lead to someone's like being neutralized by someone else's dislike, and I don't think we want that to happen. Because in Youtube if there are 500 dislikes and 1 like, the 1 still shows. With -1 button it'll be +499.
Not clicking a button doesn't mean you ignore it. Commenting is always an option.
we should call it the suicide button, if we follow a person around and -1 all their comments for days and days and see how long it takes for that person to kill themselves, great idea I am in.
So you're wanting a similar mechanic to what they have on Youtube?
Don't +1 a post if you don't agree with it. I wouldn't agree with placing a -1 on someones post just because we may not share the same opinion on a topic. The absence of a -1 option is probably a good thing because I may have used it for this post since I view this differently. Those are just my thoughts.
How about keeping the -1 private? It should be about what WE want to view/read/see.
Maybe give us a personal rating scale of a post, or person?  This would not affect others, but instead give Google a better filter of our interests. (double edged sword there)

Maybe create (or buy) Netflix's recommendation system. Netflix has gotten very good at predicting what I would like and not like.
The -1 is implicit with the lack of +1's.
Yes we need -1 ... Even though I know my posts might lead the pack
This glass is half full, as long as you have a little-bit you are good!!!! Pretty Eye Patch 
And next again, something perhaps between the two when were in the gray zones, like. [-1] [-0.5][ -0][ 0][0.5][+1]  ;)
i think ur idea is great thanks
As for the "Select a Circle" option for subscribing, that would be great.
It would actually be great to subscribe to the different aspects of people's lives.

For example, I could have an 'Outgoing Circle' for NSFW, Humor, Photos, and Super Geek stuff.   Then friends can add just the photo circle, and not the uber geek crap that they are not interested in.

This has been one of the small issues of this whole social media stuff.  One person does not have one interest. Sure, I guess we could all create pages for our specific interests. But I see pages more like 'business' pages.

Maybe give us an option for up to 5 'Public Circles', and others can circle one or all of our public circles? #googleplus   #google+  
You know that saying...if you don't have something nice to say, don't say it at all.  Well, I kind of think that "-1" would fall in line with that.
Don't think the -1 is going to catch on. You don't see any other social network that would make their users feel unwelcome. Remember, it's about the "experience" the user has that keeps them coming back. #nogo
Just to reiterate: if something is -1 worthy then it should not receive any attention. If it is inappropriate you flag it instead. If you don't like it mute/ignore it.

If you add a -1 button all that will happen is trolls and Rebecca Blacks will just become extremely popular because they get all the -1s. Hell, Ms Black got to be on a music video with Katy Perry because everyone in the world thinks her song is stoopid. Well done making that popular, Internet.

No -1.
Not giving a post a +1 is the same as a -1, except no one has to deal with your negative nature, unless you take the time to post your negative attacks and without those trolly posts how would we know who to block?
meh.  not giving it a +1 is the same as giving it a -1, imo. 
given this Never happened on Facebook despite millions of people supposedly wanting it, it would be a coup to have one here. But I wouldn't hold my breath.
just like downvotes on reddit?
This "conversation" started a thousand years ago on Facebook with the "dislike" button. Stale.
I'm voting AGAINST the "-1" idea. I think we've seen on other social systems how this backfires pretty reliably. This is just one of those "I agree in principal, but not in practice" things.

(And yes, I've also shared this publicly with the above comment. I figure that might constitute voting in a system like this.)
Why. If you don't like something ignore it, if you disagree with something comment why you disagree, if you are offended by something report it.a minus button is just so those who find delight in being unhappy, can bring everyone else down with them.
It really just promotes negativity. Don't need it. If you don't like something move on..
Don't let g+ become mean, cliquey and rude to the little/new guy.
yes, yes, a million times yes! like a facebook dislike button
I prefer using: The only way I could -1 your post is by +1'ing it... So I did.
yes a -1 or +1 let us a choose
if there were a -1 button, I'd -1 this post. who needs a 'dislike' option? we already have two. +1 it, or ignore it. the first signifies you like it, the second that you don't. not rocket science. 
no need for the -1.  move along, nothing to see here
"i lost my keys, they stole my car, my house burnt"
when fb people put a 'like" on this, you felt like you have to jump out through the window. MAYBE that's why a -1 is needed.
A -1 might help those of us who vehemently dislike trite aphorisms and silly motivational statements to prevent them from clogging up the Explore section.
Sorry to disagree dude,the name is Google + NOT Google - or Google +/- ... lol
Google+ is a positive sharing network
I like this idea. I like it a lot. When you try to give constructive criticism to a post, you're often labeled a "H8ER" and bashed by people who liked the post in the first place. A -1 button would eliminate a lot of pointless arguments. When a post ends up with a negative rating, the poster might think twice about posting something of a similar nature. It's worth a try.
Isn't it, square-root of negative-one a better idea because of it's concepts?
Don't be so flippant with negativity. If you like something sure +1 it. But if u don't like it then at least take the time to be constructive and explain why. The last thing this world needs is more thoughtless negativity.
The only reason it would be a good idea would be so we could all use it on this post -1
lets request every math operation on 1 to reflect every possible emotional response to online content
+abbegail r.s.t. I second your motion.  I won't be happy now until is can do a sqrt(-1).  I'll settle for a "j" button since I'm an electrical engineer.
I would prefer LOL, OMG and WTF buttons
Google has a good thing in the +1, why mess with it and try to add the negatives?
you can already withdraw a +1 once you've done it, so a -1 would be the same as not doing anything
I started working on implementation 
Sure, why not add more negativity in this world, balance out the ego's, when they get to many +'s it will be up to the bias negatron's that will keep us all in check...I would one up your idea but then that would be defeating the purpose of this concept that actually is in its place as a -1, sorry bud, dislike.
-1. Unnecessary and will serve no purpose other inciting trolls.
Only if we could see both pluses and minus.  it would be interesting to see the both .  For instance, a +1 that was  100 pluses and 99 minuses is very different than a +1 that was only a +1 and nothing more... 
Well, we are nice people here, so why even have it?
+Jason Wells I don't think a -1 is a good idea. If internet forums are any indication, if people are given the option to be negative they're much quicker with -1 buttons than they are showing that they like something. Just like there is no "unlike" button at Facebook, I think that having the only option be +1 something or not responding is the best way to minimize trolling.
If you don't like the post and have nothing to say... just move on. No need for this -1 button... it's just stupid.
I could -1 this Post .. .. Irrelevant
why -1 when you can just report it if you don't like it?
The -1 is called ignoring. Having a -1 one button is a stupid, stupid idea.
yeah i always thought on facebook, where's the dislike button..?
What will be the result of +1 and -1?
If there was a -1 I would have used it for this post :)
Let's just try to stay positive
No need for a -1 button. If you don't care or don't like it, just write a negative comment or even better, move on to the next post.
If we had a -1 button, we would have Obama supporters try to -1 Pro-Romney posts and vice versa. Same with pro-con Bieber/Kardashian/sports teams...

What we really need:
1. the ability to post a picture in the comments,
2. find out that you cannot comment before you write a comment.
Actually +Keith Hair Google is a place for a lot of computer scientists, and subtraction is a perfectly valid mathematical operation. And really it would make a good way to filter out the ignorant people, and probably less harsh than the report flag.
We don't need one. If something isn't interesting or insightful, then it won't have any plusses to begin with.
That opens doors wide open to the internet trolls who would -1 anything they see. Much like youtube. :\
That's way to Facebook everyone complains theres no dislike button i hope g+ doesnt do that...
Glad to see this conversation going so well. I appreciate all the opinions being voiced.

A few responses to themes I'm seeing repeatedly in the comments:

"This is Reddit/YouTube" - Not really. It's similar to the Reddit karma system, but less prone to abuse here because of the lack of novelty accounts and overt anonymity.

"We don't need more negativity in the world" - Don't confuse a minus sign with "negativity." This button doesn't create negativity in the world, it merely allows people to mildly rebuke something. I think this is a necessary social function. It's a lot softer than commenting "this sucks" and can be used to bury trollish posts. I don't see this as "negative" at all; it's a way of encouraging people to behave well in a group.

"If you don't like it, don't +1 it" - Of course. But what if you want to discourage trolls, attention whores or threadjacking? Blocking and flagging are way too extreme in a lot of common cases. Doing nothing does, well, nothing.

I get a special kick out of those commenting with nothing but a -1... I hope the irony isn't lost on you. :)
A - 1 would just create a negative Atmosphere.  Best to keep a positive atitude here, dont like a post say why, that way folk can work together to create better posts :D 
Not gonna happen. I can see people will be trolling with this feature.
Really? This is just like Facebook and their want of a dislike button. Don't ruin my Google +.
I think that a minus should not be necessary in theory because a lack of pluses is an indicator of lack of popularity. However I believe in a community where there are cheaters that collude to game the system either through mutual plusing or use of fake accounts, then a minus allows the majority to overwhelmingly override that, if they so desire. One other argument is that all G+ posts and posters start in a world of zero pluses mediocrity, a minus feature would allow Goggle to distinguish those who are just not popular from those who are actively unpopular amoungst their peers.

How about this - add it but let users choose whether thier profile ignores it or not as a filter of unpopularity?
yeah we have Reddit for "vote down" shannigans. Leave it there. :D
I do not like this idea. With the +1 it just shows what people like. If they put in the -1 it will probably start fights or just open this up to haters.
Sorry I'm against this one. -1 would only encourage negative thinking and behavior on this Site. I don't think it would bolster conversation in a positive way which is what makes Google + different from everyone else. If you want features like reddit or Facebook you can go there. I really like that people on G+ contribute meaningfully and build upon ideas instead of breaking them down or just more mindless blabbering about nothing
I don't see the point. I mean like someone said above the moment we add a dislike button the YouTube trolling will start to take place here. The point of Google+ is to find and share things you like and enjoy, and their are such a vast diversity of people. One person will like something entirely different from what another likes and just because ONE person from America doesn't like a new phenomenal Indian recipe on Google+ (this is just a random example to come to mind) doesn't mean that American should be allowed to dislike it.
+Raja Sharma, I'm in fact an extreme pessimist and a misanthropist. My words are not positive ones, but rather reasonable ones (which is itself positive in a way, I suppose). Thank you for your support, though.
no, this a bad idea
If you cant say something nice..don't say it at all. Simple yet effective for greater happiness. YouTube is a prime example of where negativity has spread like a virus.
Everyone has a asshole. Doesnt mean someone wants to hear or smell yours. That is why -1 or dislike buttons should not exist
...not as good an idea as we might think, because the world doesn't respect the true function of this button. It will be misused and cause more people to second-guess themselves than they would without 300 naysayers. We simply can't respect one another enough to use it with constructive criticism. Think about the individuals who will exit and return compulsively just to -1 someone out of spite. Why do we think it was removed in the 1st place? (or so I heard from a Google+ pioneer) Just my opinion, which would promptly earn 300 -1s, I'm sure.
Also 4chan exists. Can you say a legion of people -1ing things for fun?
+Andrew King , I agree with your views. I however, would be one of the people who took it the wrong way. I think your right, it would help filter circles. I to get tired of seeing tons of posts that don't interest me. I just think they find another way to do it. I'm still getting used to giving people +'s.
It like the dislike button on facebook!
Won't happen
Though not at all original this is still a awesome idea!!  it's taking constructive criticism to a whole new level
+Carrie Weekley, you've summed up perfectly my view there! I just don't know on balance whether the filtering benefit outweighs potentially negative effects. Unfortunately I think a lot of people would take getting a - 1 as a bad thing not a good thing, even though it would be good if it meant a follower got the content they want without any effort from you, where otherwise the follower might have removed the user from their circles. I'm really torn. I'd like my followers to be able to - 1 posts if it allowed automatic content filtering, but I do understand that others might not and that there are always unintended consequences.
if there was a  -1 Button on G+, I'd  -1 this post you fucking idiot.
Ray Zzy
yeah I have thought that g+ needed this because there are some posts that I simply dont want to argue but id rather -1
Google+ would encourage more trolls with the -1 button and be less of a place where people just express themselves.. just like facebook this idea probably wont happen because its just a matter of one person expressing them self in a more positive environment... If you want to remove someone from your circle you can.. But for an overal user experience the -1 would create negativity...
I'm definitely against this, look at all the issues had because people were gaming the system and then rolling it out to the entire Internet, that's just a disaster waiting to happen.
I think it's a good idea. People having been asking for something like this on facebook for a long would just make google+ that much better =)
This one single feature would start a mass migration from Facebook to G+! No doubt about it!
Hahaha +Danny Barker Yes, I agree with you. I think it would be a useful feature for expressing disapproval of something... that's all. It's interesting how many commenters seem to think that merely having the option for a -1 will somehow create a dark, dystopian G+ filled with fear and loathing. Still, it looks like the general approval of the idea greatly outweighs the naysayers.
+Danny Barker  , A person can also show individualism by showing their likes, its like how a person has a right to have their own beliefs, the question rather is can you accept that, or must you tear someone down. One can simply ignore a person as im sure you can ignore me, for disagreeing. Some things are just unneeded. Social standards today arent the best in general and its always up for debate but it's a agree to disagree, just as you may disagree with this.  There are in fact enough trolls out there however and enough damaged youth and adults out there already. Schools in my opinion are doing benchmark testing which yes may not be appropriate completely depending on how the message was for passing a test was delivered , but in society benchmarks are needed to have a certain consistency in education.. this is completely a different topic..
JP Lang
I much prefer the current system.
bad idea google plus isn't about the haters its about the fans
Great idea, but only place the feature in this thread.....
+Danny Barker In this situation its probably easier for a company to not worry about stupid litigations from people disliking a comment, so its easier for them to not allow you to post such things(the -1). If a person commit suicide from too many dislikes that would cause problems..... and would have a decent amount of publicity and with our government and people suing people all day.. wouldnt be the nicest.. esp with a class action law suit... yea people have the right to their own opinions including your -1 and from a company view it might be bad. oddly enough though you could just start a post on your own and denounce something even though that would make you look like a hater.. and people could +1 that and would probably just start some kind of silly war.. you dont have to agree just not publicly show you disagree i guess? its kinda like one of those things you disagree with your CEO whos very head strong... you dont say it cuz its better but you feel it well something along those lines.. but yes i agree there are stupid things everywhere and i just let them die out by not +1 or just ignoring and well if its popular i just accept it and move on with life ..
It's simply not fare to count only positive and proudly display it under a post. It's like "I can post any crap, count pluses,  mute all negative comments and feel good about myself"
F--g rosy glasses that makes idiots happy and makes them post more and more crap, because positive feedback is addictive. G+ will never implement -1, it will scare idiots off. They don't want that, they want more people reading their ads.
-1 definitely is a good idea. We have humble down on YouTube why not -1on g+?
Seems like the point of not having that is a conversation starter. I'm against this idea for that reason.
There's a -1 plugin. This is pointless.
I give this post a -1
If you don't like it, ignore it.
If you can't ignore it - leave a comment. ;)
If we want to hate on something , writing some shits better in my book
I use google+ because of the lack of a -1. If you don't Luke it move along and do not +1 it
+Thais Simons as long as you aren't being obnoxious, I seriously doubt you'd get that many -1s. Most people I've run into on G+ are very friendly and not vindictive.
Mana K.
It's like how Facebook doesn't have a dislike button . . 
I do not take to +1 because it have not been explained. Good work but when I search if I click it then I will have that whole page. I am not sure it is legal.
Is it really necessary? +1 is good enough. What's after the -1 button? Rating a post from 1-10? And then -1 to -10? Like it or don't like. There's no need for "I REALLY don't like it" (-1)
Fikru G
I requested Google team for the same before. I wish Google give us a chance to use dislike button ;)
I'm sorry it's not facebook.... if you are to use the term, please use minus, subtract, etc. You're not liking anything on Google, you're plusing it. :P
Is this a test card? Some what confused. Can some one expand for me please.
I totally agree with this because then it would have a leg up on Facebook. It will turn Google+ into something similar to Reddit and really help them grow.
+Joe Miragliotta I don't think this alone would turn G+ into Reddit. It's just one aspect of the system. There's nothing like /r/reddits on G+, for example. That's a huge difference--really the heart of the systems remain fairly different, even if they'd have a similar scoring system.

Kind of interesting though, how some people argue "that's just like Reddit (a bad thing)" and others say "that's just like Reddit (a good thing)." Says more about Reddit than G+ :)
Bullshit. Nobody wants to know who the haters are. You're either with me or you're not, in which case please go see a counselor.
This post and only this post should have a -1.
People who dislike the -1 button, would you -1 this post?
right when it comes out people will just go crazy -1 things.
A "-1" button would promote a culture of circlejerking and pedantry. Do not want.
-1 is absolutely check and one is perfect
Q aI
No bad idea. Let the ones that want to give a -1, comment on why a post deserves a -1. That way the author knows his mistake and can eventually fix it next time around.
I think it would get people offended
Q aI
+Ray Jaber you see that's exactly the problem with a -1 button. You would simply dislike it and leave everyone guessing why you didnt like it. As most people like you would simply -1 it and move along. It's better you leave a comment on WHY you didnt like a post.
This reminds me of how all the Facebook people have long been clamoring for a 'dislike' button.  I don't think it's necessary.
Inaction does not breed change. Only having the option of positive feedback or no feedback results in nothing constructive. But I guess everyone's a winner nowadays.
If I do +1 for this the result will be zero !!!
Unless the post solicits an opinion/judgment, then the feature is unnecessary. In place of the "-1" feature, we always have the option to simply keep it moving (i.e. leave the post alone, proceed to the next one).
If one enhancement was implemented I'd much rather see a list of the posts and photos i've +1'd (on Google+ not on external sites).

I agree with previous commenters that the reasons for people -1'ing posts would be varied and sometimes could be detrimental to sharing on +Google+.  If someone circles you for a post on a topic they enjoy you don't want them -1ing your posts on other topics just because they don't want them in their stream.  

It does work for Reddit... maybe that's due to the topic (or reddit) view of content rather than a stream of all users posts.
The feature could be perceived as negative and even offend some people. 
Holy crap, the suns shining outside (for once) so I'm not going to read all the above, suffice to say I like g+ just as it is, the randomness of the medium can spark anything you feel like it doing. For me it's not a science experiment, it's a human type interaction, and friendly people with no apparent similarities will spark the most interesting of debates . . .
I agree with the concept of betterment of oneself by trial and error - It's important in any process to absorb criticism both positive and negative as long as the criticism has been thought out, is genuine and not delivered with malice. So we should be free to tell someone when something they have done is good OR bad as long as we tell them why we feel it is so, and offer them advice we may have we feel may be of use in thier continued development.
I agree with that is true we do have the right but sometimes people dont know how to use that some people think that we shouldnt have that right but if we use it right then people woundt have doubts on that right!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ralph H
Not sure we need a minus/dislike button yet, as I haven't seen a good discussion about how it would advanced conversation without having lots of ad hominem kind of attacks.

I'd vote for more research on the dimensions of why you like or don't like something, along the lines of Slashdot's (funny/ironic/<whatever>) multiple scales, makes more sense to me.  I often share things privately because I want to read them later, but share them publicly because I want others to read them right now.

[OT] For now, I'd settle for a little blue outline around people and posts I've already circled, so I can visually note content by people I've already connected to.  Evening using the "default icon" for people I've not circled would be more helpful than showing me their photo - I want to circle people based on the content of their character and posts, not the color of their avatar.
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