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VPN question, and not sure if it's a Chromecast or N6 question. If I'm connected​ to my home WiFi and have the VPN turned on, on my N6, and try to cast to the TV via Chromecast, nothing appears on the screen. If I have my laptop on my home WiFi and connected to a VPN, everything casts just fine. Couple notes: the home network isn't all on the VPN, and on the phone and laptop I use Private Internet Access (PIA) as my VPN. Trying to figure out how I can cast from my phone with the VPN on. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Not a specific Nexus question, but since this group has some of the smartest and most tech savvy people around, thought I'd ask for your advice. Trying to figure out the best way to add parental control on devices for kids. What's the best way to cover all devices at home and away from the home? Looked up Circle with Disney, but that seems to be more home WiFi based. What's the best way to limit what apps can be used, websites visited, time limits and all of that? Not sure if there's an all in one way to cover all devices, PS4 and Xbox included, but would love to hear any good suggestions on methods any of you have used.

Is there a way to force download the RCA in Google Messenger? It activated on my phone 3 weeks ago, and no one else in my family or friends has gotten it yet. My whole family has the same carrier, Sprint, and all have N6. Wanting to try it out, but no one else has it. All the phone have the same version of Messenger.

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Google needs to figure out what the hell they're doing. This multiple apps that do the same thing is getting really old. They know they made Allo into a huge flop:

"Starting in 2017, all new devices sold by Sprint will have Google Messenger preloaded and set as the default texting app. Combined with their network support, this means that any new phone purchased from Sprint will be compatible with RCS out of the box."

Shouldn't Allo be the preinstalled app if choice if they had any confidence in it?

I have a bunch of Google Docs files that I'd like to reformat the font, spacing, and a few other basic format changes. Is there any add-on or quick way to batch edit all the files? Opening a couple hundred files would take forever. Looking through the add-on options I don't see anything specific in there that might do it. Anything out there that will? Thanks!

Just now noticed it, and not sure when it started, but had to be recently. When did Google Calendar final add the month widget? For years there hasn't been a month widget available: I know they had month view from inside the app, but no widget, even for bigger phones like the N6. Glad they finally added it.

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Excellent job focusing on Allo as the main app. 👍 Google will never match iMessage like they hoped to. Sad!

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Sucks they're not doing anything with SMS or full encryption by default yet. I want to try to convince more people to use this app, but I'm not even convinced Google is going to be sticking with this app. I remember at one point Google said Hangouts was going to be the default messaging app and I managed to convince about 15 people they might as well start using the app because it would eventually be the default. Yeah, not even going to do that again until Google can prove they're even making a solid attempt with this app, because I don't see it yet.

Anyone is Tucson, AZ on Project Fi? Any issues?

What app would you recommend for getting new ringtones and sounds? I'm using Zedge and have used it for a few years. Really tired of trying to find anything on there. They have hundreds if not thousands of the exact same sounds over and over again. Anything better out there? Hopefully something with more sound type files, meaning not really into songs for my ringtones. Hard to describe it exactly. Guess pretty much nothing obnoxious and annoying for sounds. The only example that comes to mind right off, are sounds like Google's Messenger, the send sound, or like the iPhone send and receive sound. Not looking for those specifically, but types of things like that. No dumb Minions shouting you have a message. 🤡
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