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Umbrae Umbrarum Rito Solimuro...
Umbrae Umbrarum Rito Solimuro...

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Look at this AWESOME review by World Horror Convention Grand Master Michael Collings of my recent new collection!

~Collings Review:

Here's a nice excerpt:

"...[Brock is] an accomplished visionary, taking as his subject all things weird and dark. In A Darke Phantastique (2014), he moved outwardly, to share with like-minded readers the imaginations of contemporary writers as they created their own versions of what reality might be…and be like.

In The Dark Sea Within: Tales & Poems (and graphics), he moves in the opposite direction, inwardly, into himself and the imaginative universe he inhabits. Through a preface, twenty stories and poems (a number of them stories unto themselves), and extensive notes providing the genesis for the tales, he constantly reaches toward the “dark sea within,” what he sees as the core of darkness—be it greed, ambition, disregard for others and the larger world, or simply evil—that tempers acts and thoughts and, in these tales at least, leads inevitably to greater darkness...

From one page to the next, we are treated to watching a consummate artist perform with words, with images, with format and typography as he visits, re-visits, and transforms themes and images that have captured the imaginations of our times. Brock's visions are frequently disturbing and discomfiting, often, difficult to grasp, but always worth the effort."

~You can get the book on Hippocampus Press's website here:

~Amazon has it here:

~My personal store (signed):

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If you are planning to attend StokerCon 2017 in Long Beach, CA (April 27-30), please join me for this class. This is a detailed exploration of writing and editing based on talks, panels, and lectures I have done before at other cons, as well as at a few universities.

As a professional editor (DARK DISCOVERIES, Cycatrix Press), writer, jurist for the Horror Writers Association and a multi-year mentor to writers for the org, I have a wealth of information to impart, and have helped previous mentees get into Clarion, receive scholarships, get published, and even become best-selling authors. I look forward to seeing you there!

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Very appropriate and interesting discussion of Roger Corman's best film, IMO: 1962's THE INTRUDER. Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose...

I am interviewed in the second hour about our Charles Beaumont documentary:

(Beaumont adapted the screenplay from his own novel of the same name.)

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Happy b-day to master fantasist Charles Beaumont.

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He's correct.

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Check this out. I'll be on here tonight to chat about all sorts of things...
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