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YouTube View Distribution April – May 2012
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Probably about the same place my channel is, in the sea of blue ;)
So the Turkish Music channel had more views than the networks?
Take a look at the channel though and realize that the videos they've uploaded in the last month are not where those view counts are coming from. Where are they coming from, and for a channel that was created in 2007, why are they so far up all of a sudden?
If you look at their graphs (at the bottom of the page) you can see their views per month has been building rapidly since about Sept.
So they didn't just blow up, they've been blowing up.
The likes and comments aren't proportional to videos with those number of views. Maybe it's a cultural thing, or maybe just maybe they are botting.
Do people comment as often on music videos?
Well I don't think you can compare Justin Bieber to them. His fans are crazy :) And you'd probably have to sample a great deal of videos to get a good feel.
Also it'd be interesting to see how the video was being viewed. I think world wide people are more likely to watch on mobile which means less social interaction.
You can still leave comments and rate on mobile. And I think comparisons to Bieber are fair because his fans are young, and young people are more likely to interact than older people; and we know that young people are driving the majority of views behind music videos.

I did say it could possibly be a cultural thing, but it looks more like possible botting to me. Of course what would I know, I'm just a YouTube nobody who knows nothing about the platform.
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