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Harbor Springs, MI
St. Petersburg, FL - Chalevoix, Mi - Uzhgorod, Ukraine - Chicago, IL - New York, NY - Milwaukee, WI
Digital Business Strategy Consultant | Social Media | Advanced Wordpress Development | Marketing
Host of On Track Tips weekly interview series. 

CEO of Wiser Sites LLC, a general contracting agency for online marketing. 

What are your business needs? Design, Development, Optimization, Marketing, and Maintenance. Let's start with your resources and goals. Then look to your time and budget. Together we will develop a plan of action and get your products and services to market. 

We have in-house development and marketing teams and we work closely with vetted vendors for design, ads management, and SEO. Our job is to save you time and headache so you don't have to find and coordinate with several vendors. 

Call Jason today and set up a time to discuss your Small Business 231-432-8177

We specialize in custom Wordpress themes and plugins, online marketing, and hosting.  

Q: What is meant by "digital assets"? 

A: Your digital assets include your website, your social media profiles and pages, your email marketing, your SEO, your local business directory listings, your video, your podcasts, and more. Think of every online touchpoint and front facing presentation of your company. 

We are not a "handy-man" or "jack-of-all-trades" operation. We are strategy consultants, and we are committed to orchestrating the best team of partners to meet your marketing and sales objectives. 

Sometimes, you just need to know where to START

Here are some of the "Get on Track, Stay on Track" expert Interviews

You can watch, read, or listen to the podcast series at

How about some tutorials and Quick tips about Social Media? This video series just might interest you.

What about Podcast? Do you listen o them? Here is ours and if you like it, please leave a review! Download Podcast

Here is the link to the G+ business page if you want to leave a review. 

Oh, and did I mention my wife and sons? We are missionaries serving alongside the Roma Gypsy communities of Ukraine. Excitedly embracing the privilege to "Go ye therefore" in the name of Jesus Christ. 
Bragging rights
Had dinner at the Mayor's house in Kyiv, Ukraine as a Non-profit rep. to OSCE-PA. I saw the Broadway version of Les Miserables live 34 times the winter of 1990
Business Builder, Webdeveloper, Marketing and Social Media Consultant. Host of "Get on Track, Stay on Track" Small Business Video Podcast Series. Christian Missionary to the Romani people of Ukraine.
Web Development, HTML, CSS, PHP, Wordpress, Social Media, E-Mail Marketing, SEO, Video Podcast Host, Video Marketing, Local Business Directories
  • Wiser Sites LLC
    CEO, 2010 - present
  • On Track Tips
    Host, 2010 - 2014
  • Michigan Bridge Ministry
    Missionary, 2006 - 2013
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Jason T. Wiser

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Which is more important to you?
Would you buy a social share plugin because it is "Lighting Fast" or because it is "Beautifully Responsive"?

You can only choose ONE ;) 
123 votes  -  votes visible to Public
Lightning Fast
Beautifully Responsive
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I want plugins to load fast and not suck resources from my site.  In the end...once it shows up - it needs to be attractive enough so it stands out and entices the reader to click on it - allows us to maintain and edit for branding etc.  But since I can only pick one - i want SUPER FAST!
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Jason T. Wiser

Business 101  - 
Did you first sit down to calculate the costs?

What's the most important piece of the puzzle when building a business online or using the Internet to market you existing business.

Too often I encounter customers who say I want a beautiful website with all the bells and whistles without considering that the website is just one instrument in their marketing toolbox.

As the funds begin to disappear, They try to save a little money and write the copy themselves, they buy internet courses on marketing, and they turn to Fiverr for graphics. All of these to make it look better without discovering if it will make it work better.

And now the site is live, there is no money left for analytics, SEO, and maintenance.

I encourage everyone to first ask:

- Why do I need a website?
- What do I except to happen when I start to get traffic?
- What will it take to keep it going?

Do not be the person who runs out of funds once the site is built and have nothing left to make sure it's working for you.

"For which one of you, when he wants to build a tower, does not first sit down and calculate the cost to see if he has enough to complete it?”
‭‭Luke‬ ‭14:28‬ ‭NASB‬‬

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sure Wednesday can work. maybe around 1pm EST? How should I contact you? Can we do a Skype call or a hangout?
or is phone best? +DJ Segovia 
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Jason T. Wiser

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swapping out hard drives.. not fun. 
I am loving the speed of my new Samsung 850 pro
but reinstalling over 50 programs..

Sure glad 80% of my cpu is in the cloud

I am loving Adobe CC, Office 365, and Lastpass to get up and running quickly the most
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No problem, I love to teach. :-)
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Jason T. Wiser

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Happy Michael Coffee day... I'm jealous.
Today's My Day!
Well, it's Michaelmas, or the Feast of St. Michael.  AND it's International Coffee Day.  Which pretty much makes it Michael Coffey Day, right?

Image:  "Linz StMartin01" by Warburg
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I love it. Let the social movement begin! +Michael J. Coffey 
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Jason T. Wiser

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Born on Google plus.
Born on Google Plus
Google plus has given all of us an opportunity – it put people from all over the world in a single room and let us mingle. For some, it meant new opportunities, for others it was a chance to shine and for us it was the beginning of a whole new adventure that started out with a single share. 

One day, simply because I felt like sharing, I posted a workout collage I’d put together earlier that day to use in my training later. Sharing it amongst friends was nothing new for me but by pressing that “share to public” button took it across Google+ and then across the web within 24 hours. Something completely ordinary to me became extraordinary for others, it was simple yet it cut across cultures and borders and it made sense to people from every corner of the world. It had value. 

That day everything changed. It was the beginning of something wonderful, I just didn’t know what yet. They say environment shapes the person and I am guessing that’s exactly what happened to me but it wasn’t my upbringing, it wasn’t the outside world that shaped what I did next – it was the world through Google Plus that influenced my every step from there on. 

Instead of thinking business, I was thinking value. Instead of thinking personal gain, I was thinking about making a difference. I never expected this from myself nor did I set out to change the world or make any kind of impact, it happened gradually one single share at a time, one better choice at a time influenced by everyone surrounding me on Google+. It all helped – people encouraging me but even more so people criticizing me. I learned to respect the work of others as well as improve on my own. Having access to the entire world and different cultures I learned to respect different points of view and listen when someone offered an opinion. It could have never happened if I was operating behind closed doors or surrounded only by my friends who would take pity on my ego. This was only possible because what I did, everything I did, was being watched by people from all over the world. It made me accountable. 

When you are starting something new there are no rules, no guidelines and there is no one to show you the way so I relied on the community to guide me. Eventually, I figured out that none of this was about me but about people on the other side of the screen and their needs. I made that my priority.  That, later on, became the foundation of everything I do today. 

The first post, the string of shares and connecting with others, collaborating on workouts and listening to opinions, shaping and reshaping what I already have. Two long years passed. I was no longer alone, others were now sharing my vision of accessible fitness for everyone. The injection of fresh ideas and invaluable expertise took the fitness project I worked on even further. Together we discovered that fitness don’t have to be expensive or boring, on the contrary – the best thing about it is that it’s neither. It’s fun, it’s exciting and even without any equipment or supervision it is extremely effective. Together we dived into the world of martial arts and weapon’s training, running and bodyweight circuits ranging from light to hellish at times. We brainstormed together, we trained together, we began to reshape the world with everything we did – and it all started out here, on Google Plus. 

Today we are called DAREBEE, an international fitness resource with its own global fitness community and a global following. We have stayed true to the original principals and we ran it as a non-profit, any money we raise goes straight back into the resource. We are all volunteers and we are all equal in making this place happen. We each bring our own expertise to the table and we work together as a community to find answers to all the fitness questions we have. We even have our very own fitness lab where we test theories and run challenges. 

It became somewhat of a unique place where everyone is welcome and there are no borders, no cultural differences and no unaccepted ways to train – we respect everyone and everyone’s routine to a better self. We explore new ways to train and we improve on everything we’ve done so far - our workouts, challenges and program collections keep on growing as well as the community around it. Accessible fitness that started out right here on google plus now changes lives of hundreds of thousands of people all over the world through DAREBEE. 

It all started with a spark, with a single share... but it would not have been enough, not without the Google Plus environment. It was Google Plus that helped, first me and then others, shape it in what it is today – a truly global movement. 

If you think that you will never be able to make any kind of impact in the world, that what you do doesn’t matter – think again. It simply isn’t true, each and every one of us has something to offer to the world and we can all be part of something greater. I do believe that our environment plays a huge role in that – but it’s not down to where you physically are, it’s where you choose to be. 

DAREBEE ( was born and it evolved on Google Plus. Without it, there would be no DAREBEE today. I wanted everyone to know that, especially people who make Google Plus happen because, by extension, you brought something as wonderful as DAREBEE about and changed people’s lives for the better, including mine.
Thank you. 

DAREBEE global is an independent fitness resource ran and maintain by volunteers and fitness enthusiasts. It has no ads, no sponsors and it’s maintained exclusively via donations. It has its own global fitness community and it’s a support network, for anyone who’s at the beginning or in the middle of their fitness journey, called The Hive. DAREBEE has its very own crowd-sourced research lab and multiple workshops locally and globally for testing new routines, programs and challenges. At DAREBEE we develop themed workouts as well as more traditional fitness posters, exploring new and fun ways to train through gamification. Having industry experts from all over the world allows us to implement knowledge from different areas of fitness and sports and integrate it into the training we offer – completely free of charge, for everyone who needs it. Our routines are being implemented in schools, summer camps, military facilities and even gyms all over the world. The simplicity of the information we provide allows anyone to dive into a more active lifestyle five minutes after coming across the resource and then maintaining it long after. 

Was your project born on Google Plus? Did your idea / business / movement start out here?   #bornongoogleplus  
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Jason T. Wiser

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One of the first images I shared on G+..

This one never gets old. 
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Jason T. Wiser

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Google made a story of our month in Transcarpattia
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Jason T. Wiser

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I think Google cares much more about the engagement than they do about the social share counts themselves.

On the heels of the "big" announcement from Twitter to stop displaying share counts, this White board Friday shads a little light on why these share counts may have little or no value, at least in terms of SEO, ranking, and link building. 

#SEO   #socialmedia  
I Made a Huge Mistake that I Need to Correct

For years, I've been recommending that companies and sites leverage social media shares and amplification to earn links that can help them rank... In most cases, that turned out to be bad advice, & my correction is the topic of this week's WB Friday:
A recent Buzzsumo study has us rethinking how flywheel marketing works. In today's Whiteboard Friday, Rand explains what we got wrong about social shares, and a better way to describe that piece of the flywheel.
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A bit brash, but I see your point +Nicholas Cardot 
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Jason T. Wiser

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Is Twitter seriously removing share counts?
15 of social medias who's who were interviewed about the impact that this will have on social media and business. 

This is the most comprehensive reporting of the recent announcement from Twitter about this update.

What do you think? 
What impact will this have on your business, if any?
Why would Twitter do this?
  How do you feel about the move?
  What impact will this have on social media and social proof?

#Twitter   #socialmedia   #socialmediamarketing  #social
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+MaAnna Stephenson Right. Exactly. I think we're on the same page. :-)
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Jason T. Wiser

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Excellent article about finding the right hosting and what things to look for. Of course I am partial to one provider in particular and they are not on the list. But ask and I will gladly share my recommended provider.

H/t +Mike Allton
Choosing a Suitable Hosting Company for Your WordPress Website

If no one can see your website because of hosting problems, the most remarkable content ever written won’t help you create an online business.

That’s why choosing a quality host is an important decision when putting up your website.

There are a few things to look for in a host if you want your WordPress site to have the best chance of success.


#wordpress #webhosting #wordpresshosting
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Good to hear that +Jason T. Wiser! Overall the reputation is not as good, and the options are many but value based service hard to find..
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Jason T. Wiser

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Sure makes a guy feel great to find this in the mail box from one of our customers.

I owe a huge thanks to the amazing team that surrounds me.
Hey  +On Track Tips | Wiser Sites  team. 
You are the best! 

Turns out the customer has asked if there is a way we can turn off some of the local SEO work because he is getting too many calls and cannot keep up with the work! 

Thanks Doug at it's an honor to work with you sir. 
On Track Tips | Wiser Sites's profile photoEli Fennell's profile photoDustin W. Stout's profile photoJason T. Wiser's profile photo
Thanks +Dustin W. Stout I tell you it's things like this that really help you get through the grind. 

It is very rewarding. 
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Jason T. Wiser

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Family day trip to the mountains
It's only a few kilometers outside of town, it's the last warm weekends of the year, so off to the mountains we went.

Funny that we packed three bags and a backpack for one day, one night, but we wanted to make sure we had all bases covered. 

We went straight to the hotel, dropped our bags, grabbed the picnic blanket and headed to the river's edge. 

The boys and I swam in the river and man it was cold! Mom sat that part out.
We snacked on sausages, cucumbers, nuts and croissants.
Kicked the soccer ball, chased the boys, climbed a tree, and slept in the sun. 

After a short nap, we packed up and headed to the mountain trails. 
I had a blast teaching the boys how to use a compass. I printed a map from Google and the boys acted like it was a treasure hunt. 

In the evening we rented a sauna room with Banya, cold pool, outdoor patio, indoor billiards, Tv, and sofas. 

Exhausted by 10 we headed to the hotel and collapsed.

It really was a fantastic day trip to the mountains.

I love #transcarpattia  
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I noticed that too +Gina Fiedel and it depends on how you click through to the images I think. 

If you click on the text link will take you to the 8 photos attached to this post, if you click on the photo itself, it takes you to all of my G+ photos... I dont know go ask Google :P
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I only rate fast food if it is either excellent or terrible. And my last visit to Subway was Excellent. These ladies are fast friendly and fun. I order subway a lot, and these girls had this down to a science. Thanks Mariah, Olivia, and Glenda for the service.
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Absolutely love this church family friendly. Excellent balanced sermons. Great programs for the kids.
Public - a year ago
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Having post HIRL ice cream at the Florida meet up. Great ice cream. Outdoor seating. Perfect for a party.
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
The decor was nostalgic and the staff was fun and friendly. The homemade Italian Ice is amazing and the Coconut ice cream was the best my wife has ever had, and the mint chip was very good (not Kilwin's but...) 3 desserts for under $10 (and I piled my cone high). Excited to check out their other locations.
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22 reviews
Best Tiramisu in Pinellas Co Excellent service great atmosphere with live music We only came for dessert and coffer and will be back for dinner for sure
Public - a year ago
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I tell you what! this place is the prefect crab shack. No pretensions wasted on white linens and candles. you sit picnic style, put on your bib, and start crackin'. I had these amazing grilled crab. They season the shells with a mild cajun seasoning that was not too hot or overbearing, yet added wonderful flavor. As you rip and tear, the seasoning gets all over your hands and transfers to the meat. I didn't even use the drawn butter. The flavor was too good. Truly delicious. This is how crabs are meant to be eaten.
• • •
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Compared to other steakhouses in the same price point it had room for improvement. The room is spacious yet felt cozy and intimate. The staff was great. The onion flower appetizer was slightly overdone and reminded me of an Applebee's starter. The cesar salad was fresh, crispy and flavorful, but too much dressing. To their credit they asked if I wanted it on the side. But I opted for it on. My wife had the fish sandwich on Cuban bread that was a healthy portion and very tasty. I had the bone in Rib eye and was not amazed. It was good, but again, for this price point I expected exceptional. And my side scampi was not a scampi, it tasted pan fried and Cajun. Good flavor , but not a scampi. I am pretty critical of steakhouses having spent two years serving the finest at Chicago's Grand & Well's tap and a season at New York's Crispo. We will keep looking for the perfect steakhouse in the Tampa area. We left saying to each other, we could have gotten the same meal at a chain for less, like Applebee's or Outback.
• • •
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