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Harbor Springs, MI
St. Petersburg, FL - Chalevoix, Mi - Uzhgorod, Ukraine - Chicago, IL - New York, NY - Milwaukee, WI
Digital Business Strategy Consultant | Social Media | Advanced Wordpress Development | Marketing
Host of On Track Tips weekly interview series. 

CEO of Wiser Sites LLC, a general contracting agency for online marketing. 

What are your business needs? Design, Development, Optimization, Marketing, and Maintenance. Let's start with your resources and goals. Then look to your time and budget. Together we will develop a plan of action and get your products and services to market. 

We have in-house development and marketing teams and we work closely with vetted vendors for design, ads management, and SEO. Our job is to save you time and headache so you don't have to find and coordinate with several vendors. 

Call Jason today and set up a time to discuss your Small Business 231-432-8177

We specialize in custom Wordpress themes and plugins, online marketing, and hosting.  

Q: What is meant by "digital assets"? 

A: Your digital assets include your website, your social media profiles and pages, your email marketing, your SEO, your local business directory listings, your video, your podcasts, and more. Think of every online touchpoint and front facing presentation of your company. 

We are not a "handy-man" or "jack-of-all-trades" operation. We are strategy consultants, and we are committed to orchestrating the best team of partners to meet your marketing and sales objectives. 

Sometimes, you just need to know where to START

Here are some of the "Get on Track, Stay on Track" expert Interviews

You can watch, read, or listen to the podcast series at

How about some tutorials and Quick tips about Social Media? This video series just might interest you.

What about Podcast? Do you listen o them? Here is ours and if you like it, please leave a review! Download Podcast

Here is the link to the G+ business page if you want to leave a review. 

Oh, and did I mention my wife and sons? We are missionaries serving alongside the Roma Gypsy communities of Ukraine. Excitedly embracing the privilege to "Go ye therefore" in the name of Jesus Christ. 
Bragging rights
Had dinner at the Mayor's house in Kyiv, Ukraine as a Non-profit rep. to OSCE-PA. I saw the Broadway version of Les Miserables live 34 times the winter of 1990
Business Builder, Webdeveloper, Marketing and Social Media Consultant. Host of "Get on Track, Stay on Track" Small Business Video Podcast Series. Christian Missionary to the Romani people of Ukraine.
Web Development, HTML, CSS, PHP, Wordpress, Social Media, E-Mail Marketing, SEO, Video Podcast Host, Video Marketing, Local Business Directories
  • Wiser Sites LLC
    CEO, 2010 - present
  • On Track Tips
    Host, 2010 - 2014
  • Michigan Bridge Ministry
    Missionary, 2006 - 2013
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Jason T. Wiser

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Productivity Mind Hacks
I have great respect for these two gentleman. +Carey Green is a wonderful host and his calm and on point interview style is refreshing and easy to watch. Avoids random chit chat without sounding scripted.

Guest +Dan Crask is more than  great friend, he has been a shepherd and mentor for my business. He's a work from home dad that has grown his business by making specific decisions about objectives and process. Turn off notifications, close the door, healthy lifestyle of diet and exercise, and strict adherence to schedules and checking tasks off the white board. 
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marked to watch later - thank you for sharing this +Jason T. Wiser !!
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Jason T. Wiser

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You wrote the post. It's your content. What do you do when someone uses your content in a way that is, well... slimy. 

What is one thing that ticks you off most when someone poaches your content? 

Me? I hate getting framed.
Build Your Marketing House With Your Own Bricks And Keep The Poachers Off Your Land!

In this episode +Carol Lynn Rivera, +Krithika Rangarajan and I talk about content ownership. I also use my friendship with +Alisa Meredith to deceive her. And by extension +Kelly Kranz. The end result is I stole the intro to their upcoming podcast Superheroes of Marketing. Maybe I played the intro on our latest podcast and maybe I didn't. You'll just have to listen to find out.

Thanks to our sponsor Social Warfare. Get the best social sharing plugin here:

h/t +Jason T. Wiser +Nicholas Cardot  +Dustin W. Stout 
Email marketing is not dead and my content is mine! In this episode we ponder why intellectual products are not valued as much as tangible ones.
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Thanks +Wade Harman  and thank you +Jason T. Wiser 
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Jason T. Wiser

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You are doing an amazing job and I'm honored to have been a part of this project +Shawn Manaher 

Way to go and congrats
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Mentors make it happen!
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This probably wont interest most of you, but it should...

Russia, Ukraine, Hungary and the South Stream Project.

It came up in today's press conference between Hungarian Prime Minister Orbán and Putin.

What is it? It's a pipeline project that was proposed and rejected by the European parliament because it is "harmful" to the Black Sea.

This pipeline would go through the Black Sea and it would allow the transport of gas from Russia directly to Europe.

Russia would not need to send gas through Ukraine.

Notice the pipelines that are currently in place. See the pipe line from Crimea, through Odessa, and into Romania? See the big fat pipeline that is curiously inside the hopeful borders of nova russia?

How does Russia plan to get the promised gas to Hungary?

Of course there is the North Stream (Nord Stream) and the Yamal through Poland, but Russia accuses EU members of trying to push Russian gas out of the European markets.

Listen to Putin as discusses the south stream in today's press conference

#ukrainenotroll   #hiddenhashtag  
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And I see this discussion has fallen apart. Thanks for stopping by. 
Comments Closed. 

Jason T. Wiser

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What do I need to know about W-8 or W8-BEN?

We have several affiliates that we pay out using Paypal that are overseas and who could likely earn several hundred or more annually. 

A trusted colleague of mine said this “I'm not an attorney or a CPA, but I think that you can use the W-8 BEN E form (attached) for your foreign subcontractors. Again, your goal with this is to have them tell you that you do not need to withhold anything for them for US taxes.” 

If you have any knowledge or know someone to turn to, let me know. Thanks. 
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Jason T. Wiser

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Get comfortable today, It is Friday and the weekend is almost here
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Have him in circles
18,583 people
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Jason T. Wiser

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SEO Multi Lingual question
What is the best practice for SEO for your URL structure?

Do you keep all slug the same, or do you customize them based on language?

If the English page is
Should the German version be 
and the Chinese version be汽车 
and so on...

Joshua Berg's profile photoDenver Prophit Jr.'s profile photoJason T. Wiser's profile photo
Good find +Denver Prophit Jr. and on that topic, if the pages in question (for example /automobile and  /de/automobil) have custom translations and unique URL, is it consider duplicate content and should you rel=canonical back to say the English?

It is my understanding that they are separate and unique pages and will not suffer from duplicate content penalties? +Joshua Berg 
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Jason T. Wiser

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OK.. I'm impressed. 
300 Awesome Free Things

This list is indeed totally awesome! I learned all kinds of new tools. 

via +The Next Web 

Ali Mese is a freelancer, wanderer, and contributor to few startup projects. Say hi on Facebook or Twitter. This post originally appeared on his Medium blog. I've prepared a ...
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So cool, huh? Thanks for sharing +Jason T. Wiser.
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No, I can't make it to your HOA event, and I'm sorry...
I like you, it's not personal, but I can't say yes to every HOA event. I just can't. 

I use events to manage weekly client calls and communication. Private hangouts are perfect for this. But the problem is that my events page is so full of HOA invites that it's getting increasingly difficult to find the events that I need to find. 

So today I started clicking, "No" to events so I can clean this page up and make it a useful resource; and this got me thinking. Boy I hope this doesn't offend anyone. 

As an HOA producer myself, I would carefully watch to see who said "Yes" who said "Maybe" and who said "No" and I admit, I would see a name on the "No" list and get a little deflated. But I see now that not everyone is interested in every topic or guest that I host. 

So from now on, you might see me say "yes" to one of your events and "No" to another, but don't read too deeply into this please. Look it's not personal. 

In fact, if I ask you to not send me invites, I hope that's not taken offensively. Look, we're still friends. But let's work togather and give Mr. Jingles a break, eh? 

And while we are at it, let me confess that I sent out mass invites to my HOAs, and I'm sure I've annoyed many of you. Starting immediately, I am moving to an opt-in policy instead of opt-out. It's the right thing to do.

What are your thoughts about HOA invites, "Yes" and "No"? 
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It's a northern Michigan thing, not quite full blown Canada, but close ;) +Rayne Dowell 
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Why is that?...
Is it just me or does it seem like there are a lot of local tradesmen and professionals that are trying to be social media marketers instead of being the expert in their industry. Why is that? 
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HA! walked right into that one, didn't I?
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QuickBooks Online FAIL - again
Is anyone else having terrible issues with +QuickBooks Online?

The good news is they have reduced their pricing from $39.99/month to $29.99 a month on their Pro. The bad news is that if you had an account before the new price change, you are screwed! You are still being charged the old rates.

Basically they are penalizing customers for being loyal. 

After a 15 minute hold, the tech support person told me, "Well here's what you can do. You can export the data, import into Quickbooks desktop, then close your account. Open a new account with the new pricing, then import your data from desktop version into your new online account, but you will need to re assign some categories and set up your bank and credit card connections again. Does this help?"

What?!! This is not help folks, this is torture. This is the best they can do? Does this really make sense for $10/month?

And... what about their recent downtime?

They have been offline 3 Fridays in the last two weeks - Twitter was on fire with #fail  and #customersupport  Tweets and no response from QB accounts for hours.

I say, if you do not need to move to Online, wait until they get all this nonsense sorted out.
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UPDATE: as a result of this post or a post to Twitter, I was sent a very respectful message from Quickbooks, they fixed the billing issues, gave me an additional discount, and I am a very happy customer now.

After the letter I received, I kind of feel like a heel now it was so well written.

Thank you +QuickBooks 
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MaxCDN vs. Cloud Flare / WP Super Cache vs W3 Total Cache
For those of you tinkering with this sort of stuff, I would love to hear your thoughts on this

Here is an excellent SlideShare from +Danny Brown about this very topic

#CDN   #MaxCDN   #caching   #cache   #cloudflare  
Recently I've shared why your site needs to be ready for mobile, both for visitors in general as well as potential customers (not to mention how Google is calling foul on sites that don't offer a...
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yes to ASYNC and script deferment. +Michael George 
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