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my favorite it the grey suited man on the grey street with the bright red package.
If you've ever spent time in E.Europe, this will feel very familiar.

h/t +Chris Wilson 
Surreal Photos Of Russia That Look Like A Strange Fairytale
Frank Herfort captures surreal moments in Russia. His series "Time In Between – Fairy Tale Of Russia" document the bizarre and beautiful contradictions of daily life in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other areas in Russia. Each image is layered with mystery, melancholy, and the absurd. Her
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Surreal for sure, +Jason T. Wiser ; a very interesting blend of simplicity and complexity...
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And to think the domain renewal is at most $15.99 haha
It's true, redirects to 
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because nerd humor is the best humor no. 31
Got a good laugh? Of course you did! USA-designed, exclusive, CSS Pun t-shirt, only available here! $10 OFF discount already applied!  Collection is limited so get yours before it's too late. Makes the perfect gift for any programmer/techie :) Press the Big Green Button to choose your size(s) & color. 
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haha.. niemals :D
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A journey to a Cinema far, far, away...
So here's my dilemma, I can't see Star Wars in Ukraine in English.
They're showing it at the local theater in IMAX 3d for $3 a seat, but it is in Ukrainian and I refuse to see it for the first time in another language.
That would be a serious disturbance in the force.

So... I convinced my wife that we need to go on a spontaneous trip to Poland. I've heard reports that it's playing in English with Polish subtitles. (thanks +Chris Wilson )

So, tomorrow at 5 AM we hop a train for 6 hours to Lviv, then catch a bus across the border to somewhere in Poland. Hopefully we do not need to go all the way to Warsaw (another 6 hours from Lviv) but if that where our destiny leads us, we will be mindful...

Photo Credit: 
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Here's the full story for those interested.. 
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Date night at the Transcarpattia Philharmonic

This is the inside of Uzhgorod Synagogue which was originally built in 1910 as a Jewish Synagogue and recently became home to the Regional Philharmonic.

They're doing an amazing restoration of the place. The interior details and architecture with the hand painted walls and ceilings with such detail is simply beautiful.

Here is a great site to show what it looked like before the restoration that began last year.

And by the way, aside form the incredible archeticure, the concert was beautiful. It really was the perfect date night which was topped off with, of course, cappuccino and desserts at Bondarenko's Confectionery House 
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I know you're right about that +Jason T. Wiser. I'm sure I would have loved it. Too bad they didn't print a program. I could live even more vicariously if I could "hear" the music that was played.

When I met Doug he had a weekly routine of going to free chamber small concerts at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum which was next to our school. It was the former home of IS and she was a passionate art collector and very wealthy. Her home became a museum when she died.

Many (many) years ago there was a very famous theft in which a Vermeer and Rembrandt were stolen.
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Great way to wake up this morning greeted with a wonderful review of +Social Warfare by +Social Media Examiner and +Steve Dotto 
Well looky here! +Steve Dotto is an editor for +Social Media Examiner on YouTube (of course). I've had the +Social Warfare plugin for awhile but haven't utilized all the features, yet. CC +Jason T. Wiser 
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Rey Ley
I hadn't heard about +Steve Dotto for a while, thanks +Jason T. Wiser for sharing the video.
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This is a pretty slimy sales tactic
Boo to straight talk
Overall, I am happy with my Straight talk service. But I noticed this today and this is down right slimy.
Look at the image. This is what you see when you got o refill your service online. 
Notice the "Add Now" button? Why is that there? 
Notice it tells you that if you hit "Add Now" you will lose all remaining service. 
So why is this an option? 
I say they only put this here to take advantage of people that do not read the fine print. 
I almost pressed "Add Now" and stopped myself and thought, hangon.. Maybe I should read this.
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I have Consumer Cellular, +Jason T. Wiser .  For me, they have been the best carrier I have ever had---very flexible and great Customer Service.  However, my program is affiliated with AARP, so I don't know if it is available to "youngins" like yourself...
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I love chocolate, I mean don't we all. In fact Ilove it so much I just adopted a heirloom cholocate plant in the Amazon. 

This is pretty amazing initiative to for research, sustainability, and bettering lives.

The VASI Solution
- Community driven scientific research
- Scholarships for higher education
- Community driven sustainable business projects and direct trade agreements to craft chocolate makers, chefs, specialty food markets, and others.

Community, Science, Empowerment, and CHOCOLATE--Comunidad, Empoderamiento, Ciencia, y CHOCOLATE | Crowdfunding is a democratic way to support the fundraising needs of your community. Make a contribution today!
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The Star Wars Journey
5 am on a train to Lviv.
6 hours later we hop a bus to Poland.
Plenty of seats, no wait.
An hour later we're on foot in no mans land between Ukraine and Poland.
This is so cool. Never crossed a border on foot before.

By the way, this is the quick tale of our day trip to go see Star Wars in English.

Leaving Poland was fast and painless. All documents were in order.
That's always a tense moment. The final check list in your mind and the thought that you might not get back in.

Kids are running. they need the exercise. It's been a ;long day.
My wife and I reflect on how crazy, and adventurous we can be.

"You're totally insane. How do you talk me into these things?" she asked just before that kiss that says, "I wouldn't have you any other way Mr.Wiser"

I have the best traveling companions.

Oh crap! Look at that line!
Almost 300 people are stacked up and that line isn't even moving.
Its 2 pm. the show's at 7 and we're still a few hours away from the theater. Fear sets in.
Reality check.

Oh! wait...
Awesome! This babushka tells us, "kids get to cut to the front. Just ask that guard right there and he'll take you up there."
Sure enough, she was right.
Wow! unbelievable. We went straight to the front.
18 minutes later and we're in Poland!

We did it!
One more country off the bucket list.
Stamps are in the passports.

On the Polish side several seedy looking dudes standing around asking about liquor and cigarettes. It's a huge smuggling operation. Cigarettes in Ukraine cost about $.70 a pack. Not comfortable to be there with the kids. Let's turn around and not stop for lunch.

We took a U-turn at the end of the fence and headed straight back.

It was super easy getting back into Ukraine, no issues. No lines.
We are so excited and satisfied.
Mission #1 accomplished.

We get to the bus station.
Serious mob scene.Everyone there is fighting for the limited seats and they all have huge bags of products.
Folks here go to Poland and buy the goods and bring them back to sell.
There's no way everyone's getting on this bus.

A lot of pushing and shoving, no one cares that we have little kids. It felt a whole lot like that Jane's Addiction mosh pit back in '91 at Wing's Stadium.

I lost my manners when folks started pushing my boys. I grabbed oldest and told my wife follow me, and I pushed my way on board. We even got seats because once on board, they saw the kids.

It 4:30 and we're exhausted but determined and inspired. An hour and a half later and we're at the hotel. No time for showers. Quick sponge bath, brush hair, brush teeth, and into the taxi.

Excellent. We have time for pizza and burgers at the food court.

6:15 we grab some popcorn, a large Pepsi, and two souvenir cups, and 4 pairs of 3D glasses (you have to pay extra if you want them)

The doors open, we take our seats. We reserved the VIP chairs in the back that are like your dad's favorite Sunday football watchin' recliner.
Boy they were comfy.

The movie begins...

Train tix rd trip = $24
Bus ticks rd trip = $10
5 taxis = $10
4 VIP Seats = $24
Pizza and burgers = $8.5
Road Food = $9
hotel = $12
Total Star Wars Family vacation = $97.50

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it was the best part +John Enfield I was the same age as my oldest and it was a passing of the torch moment. 
My wife had to ask me more than once to stop acting like such a kid,and said, "I can't help it. Blame Star Wars..."
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Now this is Hot chocolate! wow...
You can believe the boys loved it and finished every last drop...
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yeah +Craig Burton I tell you once you try something like this you never forget it. It should be against the law it is so delicious
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[WP-Plugin Emergency] Go Update Yoast SEO - now!
Before you save any other posts or pages and over write your custom metas and titles you need to update to 3.0.3

They just fixed a major bug in the last hour.
11/19/15 12:00 noon EST
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+Jason T. Wiser true..but the previous 3-4 "updates" broke all the titles and meta info on lots of sites. And you're's free.
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If you don't know your way around the WordPress codex, you're not a developer. At best, you're an installer. 10 reasons you should not bill yourself as a Developer
Great article here about the difference between WordPress installers and developers.

Here's my top ten things you should look for when hiring a WordPress development team. 

1- A developer knows PHP. An installer might know some HTML and CSS
2 - A developer understands hooks and can edit the functions.php without breaking the theme. An installer relies on dashboard theme options to customize the site
3- A developer will always use a child theme for your site. An installer will use child themes only if there's one included in the theme download.
4 - An installer is intimidated by MySQL and phpMyAdmin. A developer can easily tunnel your SQLYog to look for errors in the database or scrub for migration remnants. 
5 - An installer relies on the search plugins feature and reviews for solutions. A developer can write custom plugins and embraces APIs
6 - An Installer writes reviews based on how easy they are to use. A developer can tell you which plugin recipes are best based on code bloat, class conflicts, and ease of ability to hook and customize. 
7- An installer spends their time writing reviews. A developer spends their time writing bug fixes and creating solutions. 
8 - A developer understands how to unleash to power of HTML5 and CSS3. An installer recognizes their logos. 
9 - A developer understands why serialized data sux! An Installer loves plugins and frameworks that make things easy on the front end (cough! Optimizepress Plugin) 
10 - A developer uses FTP or SSH. An Installer uses wp-admin. 

And by the way, a developers value is not determined by the price tag but rather by the solutions they develop!.
If all you need is an installer, you can find hundreds of them on the $5 site. 

And for the record. I'm not a developer. And as the director of company that specializes in WordPress development, I'm entirely grateful honored to have some powerhouse developers on our team here at Wiser Sites.
Huge h/t to +Nicholas Cardot and +Grigor Asatryan 
I couldn't do it without you. 

#wordpress   #developers  
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The friendliest staff. They are all very committed to your kids education and social skills. I can't say enough about how much I love what the staff has done for our kids.
Public - 3 weeks ago
reviewed 3 weeks ago
Great food and atmosphere. The mussels were perfect. The desserts were amazing. The cappuccino was excellent. My wife had the grouper special and it melted in your mouth. Flavors accented the fish, they did not cover it up. I had the hangar steak and it was a bit tough, even tough for hanger, and a little too spicy. If you have to decide between the twisted olive or the bistro next door, it is a tough decision, but the twisted olive wins. Be sure to get there right before sunset to get the most out of the atmosphere.
• • •
Public - 3 weeks ago
reviewed 3 weeks ago
Decent prices and lots to choose from, but there are many places better than this though. It is a great family, after church, place to go for brunch because lots of parking and seating. Food is nothing special, but it's always consistent. My family has been eating here for 4 generations. Better than big boy across the street
Public - 3 weeks ago
reviewed 3 weeks ago
Love this theater. Great seating. It's reserved so order early. Lines move quickly. Lots to do before and after the movie. Very close to a lot of great night life and restaurants.
Public - 3 weeks ago
reviewed 3 weeks ago
42 reviews
Incredible atmosphere and coffee. It's unique brewing style sets it apart. One of a kind. The desserts taste like Europe. I mean it. It's the only place (other than Simonson's in Charlevoix) that can make real croissants and filo based pastries. Their menu is small and I love that. They do not try to be all things to all people. They specialize in great coffee and deserts, and they are the best in town. The best in the area.
Public - 3 weeks ago
reviewed 3 weeks ago
Great family fun. Excellent Greek pizza. All the pizza is good. Laser tag is great for the whole family. Even my wife and 4 year old had a blast!! Lots to do here. Great staff.
Public - 3 weeks ago
reviewed 3 weeks ago
The first time we only ordered appetizers for takeout, and loved it. But we went back for sit down with friends and it was not good. My wife's pasta was awful. She didn't finish it and the waitress was kind enough to not charge us. The "specialty lamb" was uneventful and forgettable. We are still looking for the best Mediterranean restaurant int the area. Surprisingly difficult to find in St. Pete area.
Public - 3 weeks ago
reviewed 3 weeks ago