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Jason T. Wiser

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WiFi Router advice needed
I have three spots in the office that need a Wifi router.

Station 1 - Bedroom living room (need to power laptops, cell phones, and Chromecast TV)

Station 2 - Kids room (hard wire computer, cell phones, Chromecast or Roku 3)

Station 3 - Main office, backyard, courtyard (multiple computers hard wire, cell phones, laptops)

I want Station 3 to be the main hub connected to the modem. 

Then I need stations 1 and 2 to extend from station 1.

My questions:
# 1 -  modem to use?
Currently I am using one Linksys WRT54gs in station 3 and a basic non-wifi linksys router in station 2. I am thinking of just grabbing two more WRT54gs from ebay and be done. But... 

# 2 - Should I upgrade on of the routers to a dualband so I can power the media / TVs using 5.0 or is it really not necessary

Ping +Jeremy Smith +Tim Adams +TC Johnson 
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Hey thanks guys very helpful. 

The other thing I should have mentioned is that the home / office is all concrete walls. it is 7-9 meters between each access point. 

So I am thinking that I will get the Linksys WRT1900AC for station 1, and use WRT54gs for the other two because they are mostly hard wired, but it will be nice to have some wifi off of them. 

We spend most of our cell, tablet, chromecast time in station 1. 

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Jason T. Wiser

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Snagit vs Jing Tip 2

After uploading to screencast using Jing, it will redirect you to an easy to share page, with Snagit, it saves the link to your clipboard. Just wait until it is done uploading, then c/p

I am just keeping some notes to self about the difference as I tst them out today and figured that I would take notes here

#SnagIt #Jing  
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Jason T. Wiser

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Automattic buys out WooCommerce
I love this! Matt M. is one smart fella. 

Although I do not like some of the bloated plugins from Automattic (namely Jetpack), I love that Woo has won more than just a sticker of endorsement to place in their sidebar. They were bought out! 

This confirms to me what I have been saying about Woo - it's without a doubt the superior WordPress Ecommerce solution over Shopp, WPEC, or Ecwid in most every instance. Automattic could have bought any one of them, but they chose Woo. There's a reason for that. It's the best. 

Best support, best code, hooks, template integration, and overall scalability.

ping +Dan Crask this reinforces why I said IY needs Woo, not Shopp. 

h/t +Dustin W. Stout 
For years, we've been working on democratizing publishing, and today more people have independent sites built on open source software than ever before in the history of the web. Now, we want to mak...
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Hi +Jason T. Wiser, I'd have to have a look at it. I wasn't a fan of it in early iterations, but haven't looked at it (or Jetpack, to be honest) in a long time. And I really hope Automattic doesn't screw up Woo, and force you to use Jetpack if you want to keep using it (like they did with BruteProtect).
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Jason T. Wiser

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Which social sharing plugin is your favorite?
Or if not your favorite, which one are you using currently? 

Sound off and win a cookie... a really yummy cookie. 
a really, really yummy cookie.

Ok. maybe no cookie. but great interview
TNTBootcamp Tools N' Techniques

Join +Christine DeGraff and +Ronnie Bincer for an interview with +Dustin W. Stout +Nicholas Cardot and +Jason T. Wiser - the founders of the WordPress Plugin Social Warfare.

Social Warfare is a WordPress plugin that enables you to have beautifully responsive, lightening fast share buttons for your WordPress blog - but it's what's behind the scenes that gives Social Warfare its real power - and that is what we will be discussing on our next #TNTBootcamp

Find out why so many top bloggers and social media superstars are using Social Warfare and ask questions to help you decide if it is right for you. Learn more at

Previous Episodes of #TNTBootcamp 
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#socialmedia #socialmediatools #socialmediastrategy #contentmarketing    
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Christine DeGraff. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
#TNTBootcamp - Social Warfare
Mon, May 18, 2:30 PM
Hangouts On Air - Broadcast for free

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Sorry +Keith Bloemendaal, missed the plugin part. :-)
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Jason T. Wiser

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We found the flowers
Narcissus Valley - Khust 

Turns out we were about a week too early and the flowers were just getting started, but this was a wonderful overnight to the mountains. 

Follow this link for the short story. 
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look me up when you get here my friend, I make a pretty decent travel guide +Joshua Berg 
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Exploring Castle Ruins
We had to get out and play.
The house was getting too small.
It was a long week in the home office, homeschooling, and remodeling - which means workers in and out.

We hopped a bus and headed to the mountains. 
We had a blanket, a soccer ball, some mineral water from the local springs and our two boys (3 & 6).

It was beautiful. The birds, the river, the forest, the mountain. 
We started to walk up the center of the winding road, but found a path that went off to the right. Of course the boys and I were instantly drawn to it. My wife on the other hand...

It took a little convincing for mom, but the boys won her over. I promised that no one would fall off the path. It was steep. It was rocky, but there were others so it had to be safe. That's the way dad's think, right?

The last time we visited the castle was the day of our wedding. It makes a great backdrop for photos. But today was not about photos, it was serious exploration for our two young adventurers.

Turns out it was quite a hike. In hindsight, maybe we should have stayed on the road.

Once on top, we followed a thin path that crested the ridge, into a small grove of trees, around a corner, and boom! there was this amazing castle ruin. 

Our youngest quickened his pace. He couldn't wait to start scaling the piles of rocks and crumbling walls. Our oldest, stopped. Wide eyed and inquisitive. He took a moment to take it all in. Actually, it was a long moment. 

I was so happy to see the way my boys reacted to this experience. 

Into caves, over walls, under amazing arch ways, and the view. Oh the view from up there was heavenly. 

Yeah I'm glad we got out today.

Here's some pics I found online. 
Thought you might like to see them. 
Nevitsky castle is a castle located near the village of Kamenica, Zakarpattia region, which is 12 km north-east of the regional center of Uzhgorod. The castle was built in the 13th century on the top of a hill above the valley of the river Uzh on the site of an earlier wooden fort.
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Yeah +Dustin W. Stout it was a great family day for sure. 
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Jason T. Wiser

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Snagit vs Jing Tip 1

Jing is VERY slow to upload to Screencast,
Snag it is a lot faster

I am just keeping some notes to self about the difference as I tst them out today and figured that I would take notes here

#snagit   #jing  
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Am I missing something or are collections opt out instead of opt in?

Seems I am automatically following the collections of everyone I follow?
I am sure this has been discussed already, but if any of you want to help catch me up to speed. 

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Just what +Eli Fennell said. With pinterest it's pretty much the same way-- you can follow a user (which automatically follows all of their boards) or you can individually follow specific boards of theirs. 
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Jason T. Wiser

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For those of you that outsource or manage big teams for your WordPress installations, you know that permissions is a must have. But the plugin options are limited.

Here is an excellent write up by the +Top Five Awards 
How to Modify and Create User Roles in WordPress
If you find that the default Subscriber, Contributor, Author and Editor roles in WordPress are lacking, you can create your own user roles or modify the default roles to your liking.

I had to learn this to hire writers to give them the permissions I wanted. Definitely a guide I was happy to write! #WordPressTips   #WordPressGuide   #userroles  
Now that you are getting the hang of WordPress, your site is live, you’ve started adding content and then it happens, you want to scale it up and bring on additional staff to help you write content and do various tasks to help your site grow at an even faster pace. When you start looking …
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+Jason T. Wiser this is why I love social media. Building relationships is key. Glad to help you out and I appreciate this share as well. 
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Jason T. Wiser

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Hopped on a bus to the mountains today.
Hot, smelly, no open windows.
They don't like the wind in E. Europe. Causes you to get sick, they say.

Thought the village was just the other side of the next town over. Nope. It was another 1 1/2 hrs.

Soon as we get there, it started raining. Not just a sprinkle, but a full on Transcarpathian torrential downpour.

No umbrella. No dry clothes. The village is small and its Sunday. Which means nothings open.

We look for shelter. My 3 yr old starts coughing. We find a beautiful lux hotel. $30 for the night. You gotta love using dollars in a hryivna economy. Today it's 22:1

It was supposed to be a one day excursion.

The rain stopped

The boys enjoy some tinytoons in Hungarian. They don't understand the language, but they're still cracking up.

We go for a walk. Turns out its the village anniversary. Big festival in the streets. Lots of local fare. Grilled meats. Roasted potatoes. Pickled cabbage. Hot tea, steamed milk, and a cake.

We came here in search of the valley of flowers.

We found an amazing family adventure.

Happy mother's day to my beautiful wife.

We'll find the flowers tomorrow.

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Tiny Toons are good in every language.
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