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What do you use Twitter for that you cannot do with Google Plus?
31:04 +Tom Merritt nails it here in his response to a question by Guy Kawasaki. 

And the best part is, this interview was back in 2011 and the response is evergreen. 

#Twitter   #googleplus  
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Darn it +Jason T. Wiser. I saw this post, watched the video and started to comment...then realized that it was too long. A blogging I will go. :)  
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I used to play Bingo, Seriously, I was addicted
I can't remember how I got started, I think it was some hair-brained idea to keep me out of the bars and casinos. Yeah that was back in the day. 

Somehow, Bingo just didn't feel like gambling to me. 

It was also a great way to spend time with grandma. Oh! She loved her bingo. It was her church. Had to go every week, several times a week. 

This changed my life. Not real profoundly, but I tell you what, you spend an hour with a room full of rabid dobbers and you gain a new perspective on subculture. 

My grandma, sweet as she was, would come up with the most hilarious comments and under her breath saying about the other grannies sitting near us. Man she could be mean.  I'm kinda embarrassed to admit, it was pretty funny. I never expected her to cut lose like this. 

Now mind you, she wasn't vulgar, not at all. She was really clever actually and I admired her cynical wit. It just caught me off guard at first, then after weeks of Bingo, I couldn't wait to hear her latest "comments". 

Well, Grandma's gone now. She passed away a few years ago, and aside from all the  family gathering memories I have of her, I'll never forget the Bingo nights.

Sometimes I will just start laughing. My wife will ask, "What' so funny?"

"Too hard to explain. Just Grandma" 

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+Lance Fields That is hilarious!! #tucktailandrun  cuz those grannies will get you! :) 
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You know, I never thought about that
Use your Pin boards to tell a story.

I especially like the idea of a board for your business history. The more retro and funnier the better

#Pinterest   #smallbusinessmarketing  
You might think that storytelling could not possibly pertain to your business. Think again. Storytelling is the best way to convince your customers that you are the right company with whom to do business. Humans have been communicating through stories for…
Let your customers know more about you - here are 5 types of stories your business should be telling on Pinterest.
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We should be rollin into Spring Hills area about the 4th of May....say "hi to Mumma" then wherever we want South for sure !! Impulse is our
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Do you love Time Stamps?
If yes, here they are for yesterday's incredible Interview with +Sarah Hill about "Human Media" and "See-Commerce"

Please tell me in the comments if you like Time Stamps. Yes or No.
Are you more likely to watch when you see them?

#TimeStamps   #HOA   #HumanMedia   #seecommerce  
See-Commerce and Human Media
Special Guest +Sarah Hill 
Click the Timestamp to jump to the part of the Interview that interests you most. 

0:25 Introduction to +Sarah Hill 

2:20 Special Thanks to our sponsor, 

3:30 What is Human Media?

7:00 First AHA Moment for “Human Media”

12:00 How Small Businesses can use Human Media to tell stories

13:00 About Help-Outs

15:55 All small businesses can use Hangouts and Human Media even if you are not in G+. Here’s some ideas how. 

17:05 The 2 types of hangouts

19:10 “How has marketing/Hangouts helped your brand Veterans United Home Loans? Have you been able to quantify it?” 
+Kenneth Manesse Sr. 

20:20 How do you measure Human Media? Is there a metric in place? 

22:00 Where are we in the evolution of “Human Media” and HOA?

26:35 “+Sarah Hill Is that Google Glass you’re wearing? If so, how do you see Google Glass impacting Human Media?”
+Paul Steinbrueck  

31:20 Audience Comments and Questions

For more Expert Interviews Go to and Press the BIG red button

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#HumanMedia #seecommerce #HOA #shooppablehangouts #socialmediamanagement #smallbusiness #OnTrackTips
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I love the feedback. Thanks
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Jason T. Wiser

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:-) thought you'd like that one.  

Thank you for the nice welcome,  +Jason T. Wiser  glad to be aboard.   Oh, I really like #OnTrackTips Train.
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Have him in circles
13,356 people
This is See-Commerce in action
Did you see the #OnTRackTips  episode featuring Sarah Hill where she discussed Human Media and See-Commerce? 

Well that's exactly what this even it all about. Come over to +Mom Complicated and SEE the spring collection, shop, discuss. 

This is revolutionary tech.

Look, even if you are not into hand bags, if you are a small business owner, you need to stop by and take a peek at how +Nikol Murphy "The Live Event Specialist" (<- I gave her that title) produces this event.

#seecommerce   #humanmedia   #smallbusiness  
Trying something new here!
I will be hosting a home party hangout with +Susan Newnam on +Mom Complicated Monday, April 28th at 8pm!

Come hangout, shop and get a little bit of a drink on! We will be giving away a FREE Aqua Tote during the hangout. Perfect for wet towels and suits. You can choose from 3 different patterns! Initials, inc offers FREE PERSONALIZATION 

Check out all the details at: 
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Very nice +Jason T. Wiser my stepdaghter just did her Google Plus page a couple of hours and she is pumped up and ready to go and her sister will be soon and their Mother too,my ex.The young ones 22 and 23 already have a couple thousand people on Facebook,blows me away,this is exactly the kind of thing they need to see along with all your other stuff,thanks a million you are going to be responsible for 3 up and coming successful business women.
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Jason T. Wiser

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All aboard!
I love trains. I most of the 90's I called Chi-Town home. Live north of Wrigley and had an amazing penthouse a top Malden Towers. 

I miss this city. Best Big City in USA.

Chicago SkylinePhotography -  Metra Train
Whosoever desires constant success must change his conduct with the times. Niccolo Machiavelli
For More Images and Prints Check the New Site:

Have a #GoodMorning   #GooglePlus  
There’s more in my gallery too! 

#Chicago #sunset    #Nikon   #HDR  #QuoteoftheDay #quote #ChicagoPhotography #Photography  #photography

#hqsplandscape , +HQSP Landscape curated by +Michael Garza +Nader El Assy +Vinod Krishnamoorthy +Luca Ferroglio +midori chan +Craig Loxley +Rob Tilley

#hqsparchitecture +HQSP Architecture curated by +Andrew Prokos
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Trains are wonderful.  Love the sound of one off in the distance...
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This week we have an Exclusive Special Episode here at On Track Tips. Our distinguished guest, +Guy Kawasaki  is stopping by to talk to us about “Brand Evangelism”

If you have been follow business news recently, you have heard about the announcement last week that Guy is now the Chief Evangelist for Canva and +Peg Fitzpatrick  as their head of Social Strategy. I tell you what, this company is not pulling any punches bringing these two celebrity powerhouses onto their team.

+Canva  , of course, is the revolutionary new Web tool for design. If you haven’t heard of this tool head on over to to discover what all the buzz is about and why they are nominated for this years Webby awards. They are an incredible resource for creating amazing graphics for web and print. 

This tool, what it does, it helps guys like me that can’t even color inside the lines to create banners, blog images, and graphics that look amazing. 

For those of you that are already using Canva, you can see why it’s a no-brainer that Guy would want to attach himself to this company. 

In addition to hearing about his career with companies like Apple, Motorola, and now Canva, we are going to help you, the listener,  understand the basic principles of Brand Evangelism and how to apply these concepts to your small business. 

We are going to discuss things like:
⇒ How to inspire your customers to become Evangelists
⇒ How to equip your evangelists with the correct information for maximum impact in your marketing
⇒ What it takes to become a paid evangelist or Chief Evangelist

If this interests you, start asking questions now AND Invite 2 friends!

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Catch past interviews and look for the big RED button.

Upcoming Guests:

⇒ Alex Houg "Using Facebook ads to attract more HOA viewers"
⇒ Kris Gilbertson "Unlock the Power of Podcasting for Small Business"

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Visit Canva at 


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#brandevangelist   #socialmediamarketing   #brandingstrategy   #HOA #smallbusiness   #OnTrackTips  
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Jason T. Wiser. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
The Power of Brand Evangelism - Guy Kawasaki
Today, April 24, 1:00 PM
Hangouts On Air

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Taking HOAs to the next level with HOA legend - Sarah Hill
Today at 1PM EST Live Interview with +Sarah Hill discussing the power of virtual  face to face connections for your small business.

#HOA   #ecommerce   #humanmedia   #smallbusiness  
"See-Commerce" and "Human Media" With Sarah Hill
Can you hear me now? Can you hear me now? Can you SEE me now?
This was the opening lines from Sarah’s TedX talk where she discussed Human Media.

+Sarah Hill  is an Emmy award-winning anchor, Digital Storyteller, HOA legend with over 2 and a half million G+ followers. 

And Sarah is going to talk  to us about Human Media and See commerce. 

What is Human media?
It is  how users interact face-to-face online no longer confined to avatars and text communication. Just like we are doing now. We can connect with tools like Google hangouts which has taken social media to a whole new level. 

And as business owners we need to be aware of how to use this resource, and how to use it effectively. 

We are also going to be talking about another term that Sarah has coined, and that term is “See-Commerce” the new layer of E-commerce.

Companies like Toyota, DVF, and Parade who understand how effective HOA are for connect with your customers. You can see your customers, they can see you, E-commerce is quickly headed to a whole new dimension. 

And most exciting in the world of “See-commerce” is the recently announced beta launch of Shoppable Hangouts. Where you can actually see the products in a sidebar, buy the products online. It is like having your own QVC network. 

Talk about revolutionary strides in marketing. If you have a small business you can’t miss this episode of On Track Tips.

If this interests you, start asking questions now AND Invite 2 friends!

Did you click "Yes" on the event invite?

Catch past interviews and look for the big RED button.

Upcoming Guests:

⇒ Alex Houg "Using Facebook ads to attract more HOA viewers"
⇒ Kris Gilbertson "Unlock the Power of Podcasting for Small Business"

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Visit Sarah's Blog at

And watch this 12 time Emmy award winning reporter at Veterans United Network


Disclaimer: Some links on this page are affiliate links. Also, you will receive an invite if you have asked to be added to the invite circle, attended past events, if you have commented positively on past event, or if you are a member of the Christians in Business community. If you want to be removed from the invite list, please tell me. I am sorry for any inconvenience


#HumanMedia #seecommerce #HOA #shoppablehangouts   #socialmediamanagement   #smallbusiness   #OnTrackTips  
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Jason T. Wiser. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
"See-Commerce" and "Human Media" With Sarah Hill
Mon, April 21, 1:00 PM
Hangouts On Air

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I wish we would have had tie to go a little deeper on this subject +Kristin Drysdale 

You are right, nit every brand has a "front man" they can put on camera. Maybe this will open new positions for brands to hire people like +Sarah Hill to host the HOAs on behalf off the company. 
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Have him in circles
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Webdesign and Social Media Consultant. Host of "Get on Track, Stay on Track" Small Business Video Podcast Series. Christian Missionary to the Romani people of Ukraine.
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Digital Strategy Consultant | Social Media | Advanced Wordpress Development
Owner of On Track Tips Digital Strategy Development. Get all of your digital assets organized and working in sync, efficiently.

Q: What is meant by "digital assets"? 

A: Your digital assets include your website, your social media profiles and pages, your email marketing, your SEO, your local business directory listings, your video, and your podcasts. 

We collaborate with several industry experts to bring you a solution that is custom tailored to meet your business goals. 

We are not a "handy-man" or "jack-of-all-trades" operation. We are strategy consultants, and we are committed to orchestrating the best team of professional partners to meet your business needs. 

Sometimes, you just need to know where to START

Here are some of the "Get on Track, Stay on Track" expert Interviews

I'm the host of the weekly video podcast series "Get on Track, Stay on Track" where I interview experts like Chris Brogan, Neal Schaffer, Mark Traphagen, Peg Fitzpatrick, Brian Carter, Demian Farnsworth and many more. 

I ask them the questions that our customers ask us. You can watch, read, or listen to the podcast series at

How about some tutorials and Quick tips about Social Media? This video series just might interest you.

What about Podcast? Do you listen o them? Here is ours and if you like it, please leave a review! Download Podcast

Here is the link to the G+ business page if you want to leave a review. 

I am also the Owner of Christians in Business Community here on G+. 

Oh, and did I mention my wife and sons? We are missionaries serving alongside the Roma Gypsy communities of Ukraine. Excitedly embracing the privilege to "Go ye therefore" in the name of Jesus Christ. 
Bragging rights
Had dinner at the Mayor's house in Kyiv, Ukraine as a Non-profit rep. to OSCE-PA. I saw the Broadway version of Les Miserables live 34 times the winter of 1990
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Having post HIRL ice cream at the Florida meet up. Great ice cream. Outdoor seating. Perfect for a party.
Public - 3 weeks ago
reviewed 3 weeks ago
I tell you what! this place is the prefect crab shack. No pretensions wasted on white linens and candles. you sit picnic style, put on your bib, and start crackin'. I had these amazing grilled crab. They season the shells with a mild cajun seasoning that was not too hot or overbearing, yet added wonderful flavor. As you rip and tear, the seasoning gets all over your hands and transfers to the meat. I didn't even use the drawn butter. The flavor was too good. Truly delicious. This is how crabs are meant to be eaten.
• • •
Public - a month ago
reviewed a month ago
Compared to other steakhouses in the same price point it had room for improvement. The room is spacious yet felt cozy and intimate. The staff was great. The onion flower appetizer was slightly overdone and reminded me of an Applebee's starter. The cesar salad was fresh, crispy and flavorful, but too much dressing. To their credit they asked if I wanted it on the side. But I opted for it on. My wife had the fish sandwich on Cuban bread that was a healthy portion and very tasty. I had the bone in Rib eye and was not amazed. It was good, but again, for this price point I expected exceptional. And my side scampi was not a scampi, it tasted pan fried and Cajun. Good flavor , but not a scampi. I am pretty critical of steakhouses having spent two years serving the finest at Chicago's Grand & Well's tap and a season at New York's Crispo. We will keep looking for the perfect steakhouse in the Tampa area. We left saying to each other, we could have gotten the same meal at a chain for less, like Applebee's or Outback.
• • •
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reviewed a month ago
What I like about this place it's 24hr. Some of the equipment is older, and I prefer the other location, but Kinetix as a package is an amazing gym. One membership gets you access to both locations. The other location has better equipment and it's more modern. They have excellent classes and daycare for the children. I highly recommend Kinetics. The price is excellent and if you can get a sign up special, it is definitely worth the purchase.
Public - a month ago
reviewed a month ago
19 reviews
The decor was nostalgic and the staff was fun and friendly. The homemade Italian Ice is amazing and the Coconut ice cream was the best my wife has ever had, and the mint chip was very good (not Kilwin's but...) 3 desserts for under $10 (and I piled my cone high). Excited to check out their other locations.
Public - a month ago
reviewed a month ago
Not crowded. Clean. Comfy seats. Fair price.
Public - a month ago
reviewed a month ago
I don't recommend especially at $12.29 / adult. As you enter the place you are overwhelmed by the smell of fishy aroma. Not sure if the smell was from the crab legs standing in the water they were boiled in, or the film on the standing water in the broken fountain as you enter. The food was stale. The atmosphere was impersonal and dirty. They do not pick up your plates. They do not stir the gravy. Sadly there are only 2 Chinese buffets in the area. This one and Hibachi Buffet. Hibachi is better only because it is $5 less.
• • •
Public - a month ago
reviewed a month ago