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Weird Google glitch. Was testing to see how the mobile algorithm affected results for my name and got this on my first search. Subsequent searches and copying and pasting the URL all worked.

Wonder if we'll see more of this today? (Hope clients don't!)

Pretty excited to get first name last name as my personalized Google+ URL - lot more competition for my name these days. Not as heart pumping as counting down the seconds hitting refresh when Facebook came out with personalized URLs, but sweet none the less.

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+Kraig Mathias have you seen this? Want to go? There are a few people I know from #MNSearch events that I wouldn't mind seeing speak and some of the sessions seemed up your alley.

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Can't wait to go on Sunday. In addition to the deep fried pickles I get every year, this year I have deep fried reuben bites and poutine on my short list. What's on your list, or, if you already went what was your favorite?
It's that time of year again... time to eat a little too much at the #MNStateFair . We celebrated by updating our food suggesting iPhone app Fair Shake with all of the new foods for 2013 (candied bacon cannoli anyone?)

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Headed to the MN State Fair this weekend? Check out Fair Shake App, an iPhone app that I helped produce. It's a fun (and funny) way to decide what to eat next.

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Keep coming back to this post - so important to realize that creating great things and having them take off on their own merit is an exception rather than a strategy.

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Check out these pumpkins we made - turned out pretty good

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Got our first infographic out the door - lots of interesting stats on today's digital mom. Check it out and let me know what you liked / what we can improve upon next time.

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In my limited experience Google indexing videos from a video sitemap is a slow endeavor, testing to see if Google+ helps speed things up a bit...

The mortgage industry really needs help with their websites. I'm doing one of the biggest financial transactions of my life and you don't have any copy about your company to try to build trust before asking me to apply?

Don't mean to sound like a hater, but the industry-specific web design company that built 7 out of the 12 websites I just looked at needs to step it up. Well, they did have one template that looked like it was designed after 2004. Though I felt kinda cheated when I realized "The Company Name Difference" copy on the contact form was boilerplate after seeing the exact same website for a competitor located 20 mins away : (
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