Hopefully this gets resolved...
I need your help.

Like many technology professionals, I do a little computer work on the side.  I thought it would be nice to be able to accept credit cards from my customers and when I saw the Square card reader that pops onto my Android phone and lets me swipe cards, I thought I'd found the answer.

Very happily I bought the $10 unit at Walmart and then applied for an account.  A couple of hours after applying, I received the Kafkaesque refusal email show in its entirety after this post.   *No clue why I was turned down* and "...there is no immediate path of recourse for your application."

Does anyone have a contact at Square I could email?  Even if you don't, if you would consider sharing this post, I'd appreciate it.  Someone out there must have a means of reaching a live human there.  Being out $10 isn't the end of the world, but I really would like to know why Square hates me.


Hello Paul Young,

Thank you for applying for a Square account. Based on the information you provided, our system could not approve your request to accept card payments. We understand there may have been a misunderstanding with our approval process, and we're looking into your specific application for areas which might have inaccurately declined you. Our goal is to give all potential users the opportunity for approval and there are various factors that go into our decision.

If we do review your application at another time, and find that you meet our criteria for card processing, we will most certainly reach out to you to let you know. However, this does not guarantee that you will be approved after further review.

At this current time, there is no immediate path of recourse for your application. I apologize for this inconvenience--we're truly not trying to be exclusive, rather safe and secure for our user base. I really appreciate your patience.

Thank you, Square Team
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