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Rough podcast edit this week and next. This happens sometimes. In this case, one of the panelists' recording failed badly (a loud clicking chirp every half second or so, for three hours) so I had to patch in my Skype "reference track" (and clip out the other panelist tracks simultaneously) every time the one panelist talked.

Huge amount of effort. But in the end the podcast sounds fine. Nobody will notice.

Sometimes people ask why I edit the podcast, and especially why I use solo tracks for each panelist. The fact is, many podcasts don't need to be edited. If it's one-on-one, I will sometimes make some minor edits but I usually don't need to do much. My college football podcast is like this. And most Macworld podcasts, too.

The thing about The Incomparable is, it's a BUNCH of talky people on Skype. So there's lots of overtalk, false-starts, and cross-talk that's exacerbated by the slight delays on Skype. So I have to clip out the false starts and often pull apart the cross-talk in order for it to sound orderly and not, as our most infuriating iTunes review reads, "like five people talking at once."

Some episodes of The Incomparable, the editing is really minor. You could edit forever, of course, but some of them don't require a whole lot. This "Empire Strikes Back" one, though? Sheesh. Unbelievable.

(Above link is an image of part of the episode in GarageBand, showing all the edits.)
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I appreciate how well these are edited, they are way above average podcast quality. Particularly helpful for those people who can't tell Dan Moren and Jon Siracusa voice apart.
Name the chirper! Better to fix these things at the source.
Thanks for the hard work. This podcast is great.

Also, are there enough Star Trek: TNG nerds to do a show on?
This episode is great. It made me want to view Empire again.
But before, I must convince my wife that buying the bluray is mandatory even if I already own the DVD in perfect condition. 
+Adrian Izquieta - I believe you want episode 30, "Let Me Show You My Warp Bubble."

+John Siracusa Okay, it was +Serenity Caldwell. We're working on it. I did end up cleaning up her broken-up audio (using SoundSoap) enough to use some of it to spackle over a couple of Skype dropouts. You can hear her at the beginning, too, making the Probe Droid sound effect. The choppy sound is where the chirps were.

+Tony Sindelar I guess we need to run +Dan Moren through some sort of sound filter in order to differentiate him from John.
Speaking of Dan, I was hearing this weird echo-y resonance when Dan spoke. It'd reverberate for a bit after he'd finish speaking.
Yes, that was noise in Dan's room. I tried to remove it and noise gate it but it couldn't get it all. 
Good news, +John Siracusa - I went back to the source track and changed the order of my de-noising effects, and Dan sounds better. Should be improved on part two. Thanks for the prod.
+John Siracusa Yes, my silly mixer was doing a horrible thing for awhile where it would chirp every two seconds during a recording. Lion bug that's since been fixed. (Mostly.)
+John Siracusa +Jason Snell Yeah, I noticed the echoing when I re-listened to it. I think I was futzing with the gain on my Yeti, though—might have been too high. I'll check on that before my next recording.

+Tony Sindelar I think the easiest way to solve this is if John and I just show up at your door and talk at you.
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