Fantastic advice for emerging street photographers from Burn My Eye (interviewed by IPA)

What advice do you have for people aspiring to be street photographers?

Try being a photographer first. Be good at that, and then perhaps you’ll realize that there is no “street”. Don’t be shy. Don’t be a jerk. Have something to say, and learn what others have done before you. Figure out you’re not the first to take a picture of a shadow, or a cute juxtaposition, or a busker/homeless/old guy, before you inflict them on an audience. Take a year or two, shoot with one prime lens, don’t crop, don’t convert, don’t manipulate beyond the basics, pick color or B&W and just shoot. Figure out what you are comfortable with, figure out what you aren’t, feel around inside you for the thing that makes your heart race, and get good at it. Seek the opinions of people you consider better than you, and never take “nice capture” at face value. Listen to the criticism, not the praise. Don’t give up, stick with it, keep shooting and listen to advice from others, but to your instinct as well. Never stop asking yourself questions. Don’t make excuses for yourself or your photos. Find opportunities to have established photographers with talent and taste rip your photos apart with no-holds-barred criticism… and grow from it.
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