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PowerShell: One Line Ping Scanner
Need to do some basic network exploration, use the one-liners below to see what device are on your network ( Note: only setup for Class C, IPv4 networks ). Example 1: Less Detail 0..255|%{$a="192.168.0.$_";$b=Test-Connection -count 1 -ComputerName $a -quiet...

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Windows PowerShell Equivalents: Networking Commands (PING)
Looking for PowerShell equivalents for older console network commands such as PING. The PING command is used for checking connectivity and to measure network latency between two devices. PowerShell: Test-NetConnection Examples: Test-NetConnection www.exampl...

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Advanced Tip: Finding and Uninstalling a HotFix From PowerShell
Warning: Use this trick at your own risk, uninstalling the wrong hot fixes on your system can cause problems. There are several ways to find the hotfixes from the GUI tools on your system, such as the Windows Update GUI.  I generally like to use PowerShell ...

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Android Tip: Turn on the LED Notification Light on Pixel C
If you own a Pixel C, you might not know this but it has an LED notification light.  This light is turned off by default.  To turn on the LED notification light on the phone. Pull down the Notification bar and tap the gear-shaped Settings icon Scroll and se...

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Windows PowerShell Equivalents: Networking Commands (IPCONFIG)
Looking for PowerShell equivalents for older console network commands such as IPCONFIG. The IPCONFIG command is used for displaying IP address information (including the subnet mask, and gateway) for the local NIC adapter attached to the computer. PowerShel...

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Windows 10's Anniversary Update
If you have not heard, Microsoft is releasing a free Windows 10's Anniversary Update. This upgrade is supposed to be available in July of this year. This is not a small update, it's going to contain a lot of new features and enhancements. I will post more i...

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Window 10: File Explorers New ‘Quick Access’ Menu
Quick Access folders The File Explorer has a new feature called ‘Quick Access’ list. This feature allows the user to pin their favorite folders to the top of the list for quick, one-click access. Recently used folders show up below the pinned items in the l...

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Software: Microsoft Snip
Microsoft has just released a new and very handy screen capture application, it's called Microsoft Snip . The app allows you to capture any window or area of your screen. You can then annotate it with narrated comments or draw on it with digital ink. You ca...

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Windows 10: Use the Cortana search to perform quick calculations
One of Cortana's many features is that you can use it to perform quick calculations, such as: How many ounces are in a pound? What’s the square root of 578? 1 USD to CAD (or 1 US Dollar to Canadian Dollar) [most currencies are supported] Note: These searche...

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Windows 10: How to Get Help (How-To Video)
In this Windows 10 how-to video, it explains how to get help from the operating system using the search box and Cortana.
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