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Understanding +Google Drive - now that the dust has settled
After all the hubbub, hype and armchair analysis that's been purported by the community and media, you need to watch this discussion ( between my friends +Oleg Moskalensky and +Allen Firstenberg about what exactly +Google Drive is. I'll admit I was one of the people that didn't really get what the platform was all about outside of cloud storage and a perceievd rebranding of +Google Docs; I found the intro video ( uncharacteristically non-descript.

So after Allen & Oleg's excellent dissection of the value added in GDrive being platform-not-product, four distinct things bubble-up for me:

- The API and third-party app integration access really is so much more than merely "just another +Dropbox".

- This doesn't take away from the greater long-term goal of Google Drive being the default filesystem for +Chrome OS Linux/+Chromium.

- I found a really good web article and wanted to save it for later reading on my Android-powered tablet, so I instinctively (and curiously) tried sharing it to my Google Drive account, which led to the following error: But while it didn't work, this made me aware of how Google Drive could supplant my use of +Evernote (of which I was a huge fan) in the resource-saving space. I'll eventually need more space if I keep everything in a reading file. Smart.

- By that merit, I have to re-re-re-re-tip my hat to +Paul Kinlan for his outstanding work with +Web Intents ( I've been saying for the last two years that Intents in the +Android app ecosystem are tremendously underexploited, but still have massive potential for web applications in giving third-party resources the ability to publicly advertise their functionality to other apps that can import that value into their own systems. Google Drive, I hope, could be Web Intents' great coming out party.
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If you had to sum it up in a sentence - it's a bunch of stuff we used before, except now it's part of the Google eco-system, which makes it immensely more useful & interesting.

Also +Jason Salas, you might want to look into for saving useful web things and of course the ever-cool Pocket (formerly Read It Later) extension/app for reading things later/offline.
The thing that really resonated for me was the implementation of +Web Intents - this could be HUGE, as you & Allen alluded to for services integrating with GDrive, +Oleg Moskalensky . That sold me. :)
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