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Ooh...MyGlass just got a UI revamp!
Make sure you're in-step with the branding guidelines ( Also, watch your proportional scaling...some of the icons don't look too great and skew when viewed in portrait mode on a smartphone. 
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While I agree it looks nicer... it's now much harder to tell which ones are active.  They used to have a simple checkbox on each one, grey if inactive, blue if active, now in that place is the icon of the app and the only way to tell active is a light grey "Active" string under the title.  It is much much harder to see at a glance which ones are on and which ones are off
Good feedback +Nick Moline, I didn't notice that. But each enabled service or app is marked with a green "Active" at the bottom of the card. :)
text is so small I can't even tell at a birds eye view if it is green, I have to zoom in in order to see it green, it is so thin it looks light grey to me and is hard to see when looking at all of the icons.

I want to be able to look at the group of tiles and see which ones are on and off.  Even better would be to split it into active and inactive (ala GMail Labs interface) but at least give me a nice clear indication of which apps I have and which apps I don't
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