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Jason Ryan
Konami Community Manager, Costuming geek, Adventurer (of sorts). AKA "Pex"
Konami Community Manager, Costuming geek, Adventurer (of sorts). AKA "Pex"

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After six movies, two animated series (I didn't watch the Droids or  Ewoks series) and having worked on three Star Wars video games, you'd think I'd be burned out, but I'm not. I'm very excited for Star Wars REbels and look forward to the expanion of the canon and lore. And yes, it will take a few episodes to get used to the animation style, just like with Clone Wars. 

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Cosplay plus a custom version of Pharrell's Happy. You'll love it!

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I want one! But I have to kill Victrola to do it.


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Oh yes! Season 6 is finally here. Sad to hear Ahsoka doesn't play a role in the final season (though appearantly she's in it somewhere), but that means she may survive the series! 

I know what I'm watching tonight on Netflix!

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This looks awesome! It's great to see these kind of immersive experiences grow. From the Zombie Walk at ComicCon to theater experience held in sanitariums on the east coast, people want to be part of the action!

Fun fact, before jumping into the video game field, I spent some time in Osaka helping build an attraction of Universal Studios Japan before it opened. Great town and fun time! 

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This supercut is a great tribute to movies! So many I need to see again and so many I haven't seen at all!

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"Mechanical Kingdoms - Steam Driven Visions of a Victorian Future" is the newest exhibit at the Disneyland Gallery! It will focus on steampunk style and designs that have made their way into the Disney parks! From Discoveryland in Paris to the new steampunk Maleficent dragon, the new exhibit promises to be excellent! It opens on February 22nd, 2014!

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This is excellent commentary. Worth a watch.
Amazing.  Bravo. 

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My mom's dog Sky just won the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show!

#wkc #dogshow 

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Star Trek Continues Episode 2 is live and it's great! And it has Lou Ferrigno as a guest star! They capture the look and feel of the original episodes excellently. Watch it now!

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