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Tip shared from another forum.....

How to change the email address used for the wink app (sign in account and all standard alert emails):

1. Open wink app
2. Tap gear in upper right corner for IOS, or the Three horizontal lines on the left for Android.
4. For Android devices click the little icon with the person on the left of the screen.
3. Tap "My Profile" on the account screen
4. Clear out the email address and type in the email address you want to change it to.
5. Enter you current account password
Tap update account button
6. You will get a pop up asking you to confirm the email address - confirm it
7. You will get another pop up informing you that you will get an email on the new address to confirm your account
8. Go to your new email account and open the email from wink and click the confirm button
9. You can now go back into the account area of the wink app and the email address now shows the new address.

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It's official, Google Home now supports Wink!

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It's official! And I must say it works great!!
You can even ask what lights or outlets are on or off. 

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Want to learn how to automate your home? Take a tour of mine and subscribe to my YouTube channel as well as John Stone (DIY smart home guy) for even more tutorials.

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Want to learn how to automate your home? Take a tour of mine. Subscribe to my YouTube channel and John Stone (DIY smart home guy) for even more in-depth tutorials.

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Stringify is out of beta so for Android users go download it and have some fun!

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Nothing more fustrating than ghost's! I turn light off and they turn back on. 

How well does the presence sensors work for you? Better then gps and 3rd party apps?
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