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All-around nice guy.

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I got some shoes in the mail today. I wore them for about 30 minutes before deciding I had to take them for a test run. To be fair, I'm injured and shouldn't be running. So I was pretty easy on them but I have to say, my first impression is a favorable.

They are the "Single-Track Hayasa" ( Perhaps my only gripe is that the soles feel very soft. Great if they will only touch dirt but realistically they will have to traverse some pavement and/or sandstone bluffs (when running up north).

I'm pretty particular about the toe box and these feel really good out-of-the-box. I can only imagine that they'll break in nicely. Another tradeoff may be that the lightweight materials might not be as durable as I'd like. Again, only time will tell.

These shoes are the spiritual successors to my all-time favorite trail running shoes (also TNF): the Cooper's Hill GTX XCR. (http:// I still repair them and use them for snowshoeing. There's never been a shoe that good and I suspect there never will be again (they were made too good. TNF needs to stack bundles and making shoes that last for more than two seasons doesn't help the bottom line).

Short version: The North Face SINGLE-TRACK HAYASA appears to be a great trail shoe. I’ll whine like a little kid that just dropped their ice cream if they prove otherwise.

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I got a great birthday present yesterday:
Registration Confirmation for the Riverwest24.

Team name: ilovemilwaukee
Position: 90
Class: Solo (male)

I'm not trying to win because this event is not a competition (no matter how competitive some riders are) . I just want to ride the entire time, hit all the bonus checkpoints and have fun riding with my friends and neighbors.

I am super psyched!

First Google+ and now Flickr. Enough with the tiles and multiple columns already.

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My birthday is approaching and keeping with tradition, I'll be taking a break from society. I've made a few adjustments to my gear. So I packed up and took a short test hike along the MKE River Trail. I'm satisfied.

This is it. Everything I need to live very comfortably for at least a week off-grid. Actually, the only real time limiter is food. This kit can keep me going indefinitely. About the only thing that changes when I'm relying on a vehicle is that I can bring more clothing, food and a cooler.

I'm all for fast&light when I'm thru-hiking or just out for a few days. But when it comes to just saying, "goodbye" and walking into the woods for an indefinite period of time, I'd prefer to carry the few extra pounds. I like to brush my teeth, sleep with a pillow and eat well. I already live tight-to-the-vest, I'm not getting out to escape stuff per se. It's the people and the drama I like to leave behind.

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What I've heard, so far, is good. I'm excited for the release (May 21).

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One of the t-shirts I keep for sentimental reasons.

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Milwaukeans! My cat went missing this past weekend while I was out of town. If you're in the Riverwest neighborhood, please contact me if you've seen a gray short haired cat with a white patch on his chest.  He's used to being called "Boy" though he probably won't respond to you.  If you see him, please contact me here on g+ or at
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I'm reserving my final judgment until I get a little hands-on time with these tools/toys but it's promising. I have a Wacom Intuos tablet and it's pretty awesome. But of course with that product you aren't drawing directly on the screen.

Judging by the video it looks like Adobe's styli will have mushy tips. That makes me concerned. I have a mushy tipped stylus for using with AutoDesk's SketchBook mobile app and it's OK. But just OK. Perhaps this will push Wacom to get their, rumored, platform-agnostic mobile stylus to market. Also, maybe now that Steve Jobs is no longer in control at Apple, they can let go of their anti-stylus jihad and build in native support (like Samsung).

Personally, I prefer a stylus in conjunction with multi-touch. Which is why the draw-with-the-pen and erase-with-a-finger approach is appealing. It seems much more natural.

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I watched HBO's "Manhunt" last night and it convinced me to watch "Zero Dark Thirty" this evening. I've been on the fence about the film ever since the accusations of "...glorified, torture porn..." where made prerelease.

Personally, I did not find the torture scenes patricianly glorifying. To be fair, I didn't find them very disturbing either. It seemed like an important part of the story. Not only in developing the characters but also a strong part of the narrative and necessary to set the tone. We all get it. It's still fresh and stings a bit. But this is part of history now. Looking back I hope we shrink when confronted with it. However, I'm afraid it will just be another example of a particular part of the human psyche. A bad habit we can't seem to shake.

The documentary is a bit more detailed and obsessive. But the film is far more engaging. Both hammer home the point that US intelligence was [is?] a bureaucratic mess mired in gender discrimination more subtle than overt but when contrasted with the gender norms of the targets makes for complex multifaceted drama. Lots to think about.

BTW: I think the thing I like most about the film is the pace. Methodical. I assume, like the mind and motives of the protagonist. Even when it stumbles it just keeps moving forward. Until it doesn't.

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My favorite skate shoe. Back with vengeance.
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