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Well stated.

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Just a friendly reminder that pre-orders for Sig: Manual of the Primes are now open on backerkit!

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Fascinating post worth pondering.
How should we think about the moral framework and value systems that exist in the games we create?

I’ve been thinking about this idea a lot recently, so I decided I’d write a post about it. Let me know your thoughts!

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Episode 113 of the #RPGDesignPanelcast is up, featuring a fantastic discussion on Art in Games which featured +Rachel Kahn +Anna Kreider and +Sweet Ingenuity from BreakoutCon 2017!

Check it out.

Requesting Feedback from the Wise

Circles of Power has been out in people's hands for a few months now. I would love to request any initial feedback, comments, and questions that people might have with regards to your initial read. In a couple weeks, I intend on preparing an second version of the playbook download with some system changes, and I would love to know what your thoughts are on the current version first.

Longcon Preparation

Hey folks!

I have a convention next weekend, and we are preparing to run a 6-session longcon of Nightwitches, with a new GM for each duty station. In order to help this out, I was going to prepare a list of half-generated NPCs that each of the MCs could build on. Does anyone have some existing NPC lists that we could borrow to assemble ours? Just a few names, adjectives, and distinctions would be fantastic.

I will share what I have when my own list is prepared, along with any feedback we receive from the longcon. We are considering having each group read out the list of fallen nightwitches so far in the longcon, at the beginning of each session to make it feel more weighty.

Roll-20 Character Sheet Creators

Is there anyone experienced with the roll20 character sheet coding? I am having a surprisingly rough time doing the basics, and I would be happy to outsource the process of preparing the sheets if there was someone who did this freelance.

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Episode 112 - Getting Kids into Games

This was an awesome discussion with +Rachel Kahn +Daniel Kwan and Sean Munro about getting kids in games. Topics include pro-social collaboration skills, identity formation, and a ton of other fascinating topics.

Check it out!

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There are some real gems in this for RPG publishers.
There are some gorgeous fonts in this article. Speckyboy is always great source of design resources.

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Yeah, I am somewhat tempted by this seminar series. I know that marketing is my weak spot, and Seth Godin is pretty well known for excellence in the field. 
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