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Not at all. The Nexus 7 feels and performs very solidly. I haven't tried either the 4 or 10 yet.
Apple puts a lot of effort in to making a solid-feeling product by using a lot of aluminum, glass, and high-grade plastic, however, iOS products regularly fail drop tests nearly twice as fast as Android products. Personally, I would never use an iOS product in any rugged environment (e.g., school, healthcare, construction, etc.)
+Jacob Metcalf is right. The N7 is low cost, but doesn't feel cheap. The N10, on the other hand, isn't cheap - but feels it. That's the wrong way round. 
Sometimes you pay twice as much for half the value because you buy into marketing hype. Look at the specs and price of the N7 vs iPad mini for a good example of this bizarre phenomenon.
+Greg Voute oh, I agree - I have both, and the iPad mini is way better from an industrial design perspective. But the N7, while not as good, doesn't feel cheap - and that, from this review, is how the N10 feels. 
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