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I thought people may appreciate a look at the intro for THROUGH DUNGEONS DEEPER. This intro gives a little taste (pun intended) of what the rest of the book is like. Left page artwork by the awesome +James Shields, and the halfling himself is by Gary Dupuis through Purple Duck Games.

Some placeholders in this obviously until final pages are locked and the XXs are replaced.

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I'm at the point where I'm only a few days from releasing this, so I feel fairly comfortable releasing the cover to THROUGH DUNGEONS DEEPER: A Survival Guide For Dungeoneers (As Written By A Survivor).

This has been one of two stealth products I've been working on for about a year (stupid fibro) and is basically a primer and guide on old school dungeon crawling for players primarily but also GMs, and is presented as a guidebook presented by Maximillian Sparfoot, Halfling Dungeeoner/Expert/Survivor (based on a character I played many, many, many, many years ago). It's full of rules to avoid death by, lists of things, important dungeon information, and includes a number of helpful illustrations to show you how to avoid death (at least once) in a dungeon. Totally system neutral so it can be used with any fantasy game.

It's clocking in at around 120 pages, but that might change as I get in the final stretch and tighten it all up. Target price is $9.99 digital and $19.99 POD.
#DungeonSurvivor #StupidFibro #OppaLazzardStyle


As work continues on the remaining Polyhedral Dungeon supplements, there's some additional content that isn't making it into the various Books. I've decided that that content will end up being posted on the Polyhedral Hub. It will also end up in a free PDF called THE BOOK OF BONUS STUFF that will be regularly updated with new content as it becomes available.

I'm shooting for the first iteration of this publication to be released by next week. There's another publication, a stealth release that isn't a PD product but can be used with PD (and pretty much any other fantasy game system), that I'm hoping to release around the same time.

I figure that this is a way to keep PD content flowing while the other books are in progress, as well as providing additional official PD support in an easy-to-manage way.

Quick update. Still alive and working on products, including a stealth release that I hope will be out by this weekend (or the week following) - it's taken almost a year to get this product done. The fibromyalgia is still trouble, but I'm handling it better now. The good days outweigh the bad days mostly, so that's something. I've dropped back posting on a lot of social media over the past few months and am starting to pick that back up again. Got a lot to catch up on.

In August, I'll be switching to days at the dayjob, instead of working 2.5 shift. This will be for about 6-8 months, and during that time I should be able to work better on outstanding projects.

So proud of one of my young lady proteges at the library Teen RPG club I volunteer at/run. During her games at home with the other ladies she plays with, she has a bell that she uses to keep players on task. Three rings and players start to lose hit points if they don't get back into the game. That's #oldschool, and she came up with that by herself.

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An update on InfiniBadger Press and what's going on.
An update on InfiniBadger Press and what's going on.

"InfiniBadger has been running quietly for a while, and people have been wondering what’s happening with various projects. Thanks to everyone who has reached out to find out what’s going on. The truth is that the fibromyalgia I’ve been diagnosed with since late last year (and most likely had since 2012 and made worse in 2014 due to another medical condition) has basically taken a lot out of me, and does so on a daily basis."

Gah! Has it really been 6 weeks since I've been on here posting? Jeez. Still kicking. Work and life has thrown a bunch of curveballs over the past couple of months. Fibro is still causing all manner of fun difficulties, but I've been coping with that. Work on InfiniBadger stuff has suffered a lot because of all of this, but I'm actually on vacation next week (supposed to be this week, then in 2 weeks, now next week - staffing issues etc). Hoping to get caught up on a lot of things next week as I'll be on a normal sleep schedule while on vacation.

Hopefully have a bunch of InfiniBadger news during the week if I can get on top of things.

Working to try and get a stealth (previously unannounced) product released by the end of the month.

New Polyhedral products should be out next month and in the following months will be the release of two currently delayed products: Made In Another's Image and The Necroid Host.

This, plus family and work, is what's mostly keeping me quiet online at the moment. I'm hoping to become more active online again in the coming months.

Post has attachment has been updated with some new expanded content: a magic item that allows instant communication and translation, and a monster born from the Wasteblight that consumes every living thing it comes across.

When stuck with a bout of insomnia this weekend I started to play Warframe on the PS4. It's pretty psychedelic and obviously made for people who like grinding through gear (even more than games like Destiny or The Division). It's ... interesting in the way that it portrays a story as well as introduces various factions etc. While I'm stumbling through it trying to work out how to play the game, it makes me realize that this is the type of game that physical game manuals were meant for.

PS: It has a glaive weapon, just like in Krull. So you know I'm using that thing.
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