Python Scripting for MotionBuilder Artists, re-released

So I've finally updated, modernized, and re-released the ancient, seminal introduction to python scripting for MotionBuilder. I spent quite a bit of time re-formatting it in iBooks Author and released it on the iBooks store here:

New features include:

- Member function updates for MotionBuilder 2012
- 'Interactive Images' of scripts with annotated code
- Complete glossary of terms, classes, and member functions used
- Links to online documentation
- New, easier to read formatting
- Organized Table Of Contents for quick access to sections
- Portrait view for faster scrolling

It's pretty old but still a good basic guide to ramp you up when you need to dive back into pyfbsdk. I'm releasing it for special price for first month: $10. I'll probably double it to $20 after the initial blast, that's still a decent deal considering I had it on for $40. Corporate usual pays for this stuff anyway if you're working at a company.

Give it a review if you like it, email me if you don’t. ;-)
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