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Python Scripting for MotionBuilder Artists, re-released

So I've finally updated, modernized, and re-released the ancient, seminal introduction to python scripting for MotionBuilder. I spent quite a bit of time re-formatting it in iBooks Author and released it on the iBooks store here:

New features include:

- Member function updates for MotionBuilder 2012
- 'Interactive Images' of scripts with annotated code
- Complete glossary of terms, classes, and member functions used
- Links to online documentation
- New, easier to read formatting
- Organized Table Of Contents for quick access to sections
- Portrait view for faster scrolling

It's pretty old but still a good basic guide to ramp you up when you need to dive back into pyfbsdk. I'm releasing it for special price for first month: $10. I'll probably double it to $20 after the initial blast, that's still a decent deal considering I had it on for $40. Corporate usual pays for this stuff anyway if you're working at a company.

Give it a review if you like it, email me if you don’t. ;-)
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Looks great, just curious, whats the possibility of an Android version?
I'll look into iBooks Author to generic ePub version and the Android distribution model. It probably won't have the new 'Interactive Images' feature. This is pretty cool, even for code browsing. It lets you annotate code and kind of hop around the outline, explaining different sections.
That actually does sound pretty cool, been tempted to get one but can't justify it enough yet, too many other things on priority. Cheers dude :)
Thanks Patrick. From the man who got it all started. This course is basically a translation of Mr. Hubert's SDK into python-noob speak.
Just happy to have been of some help and to have provided a useful tool.
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