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Bunches of people asked me to get Nexus Q to run the freshly released Android XBMC.

I spent the morning compiling it.  It works on the Q, as seen below.  I have not "cooked" anything for this Q yet, so this is from stock Q software with previously stated hacks.  It is laggy, tons of errors of a variety in logcat, and input beyond left+right+up+down in the menu fails from keyboard/mouse solution I have been using.

I think the plan now is to continue with what I had planned this week, try to cook something, and then look into the errors in XBMC.  The same apk works great on my HTC Doubleshot.

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I really like the Q's interaction model of using your phone or tablet to control it, but I'd love to see it get support for playing media from DLNA and locally-attached storage.  Is the Q's control app open source though?  Brief googling didn't turn anything up (but maybe I didn't look hard enough).
kudos. Awesomeness begins. Time to chuck windows PC and go green with Nexus Q.
Okay I just found justification to get the Que (Note: I already wanted one)
Oh well, it was worth a try.

Keeping nexus q in my wishlist.
when you able to share something, tell me... i can beta test it with you. :)
+David Holt I would not rush out to by one for this, it's a work in progress.

+Gaurav Pandit I plan to make it work, just got a lot of things I am juggling :)
+Jason Parker don't rain on my parade. I already want one. I just need to give myself an excuse! :)
Love the work ! Any attempts to run it on the Nexus 7 yet ?
I just got the Nexus 7 earlier today, I will push it soon and test.  I am testing it on my Galaxy Note now.
Well, it's just small way of thanking all your hard work. Cheers!
Anyone found a working download URL?
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