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Jason Olivo
Unable to disclose my work location...mysterious government project? Or airtight Social Media work policy? We may never know.
Unable to disclose my work location...mysterious government project? Or airtight Social Media work policy? We may never know.

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Oh... no....   I just moved my "studio" from one location in San Antonio, to another in Converse TX and now... my microphone is not picking anything up at all....  I am completely worried that I have broken my Heil PR40. The thing is that I remember babying this thing the entire way. In fact in Transit I held it in My lap within the case, however much to my dismay it seems that someone took it out of the case and I saw it on the carpeted floor!
I realize this doesn't seem like a large fall however, since this is a large diaphragm dynamic mic I am concerned it may have broken the diaphragm itself. Does anyone have any experience with dropping a PR40?  Please tell me some horror stories of that moment you dropped your PR 40 but then had a happy ending where it worked.. just fine.. 
I know you see my real name, but there is no other way to put it. :-(

Does anyone have a recommendation for a Shoutcast server?  I am looking to get away from BogtalkRadio as I have outgrown it and I am wanting to have more control over the stream and my files.  70+ episodes into my podcast and its time to make a change. 

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To my Son born with Autism,

It has been almost six years since you came into this world and made me a better man than I ever hoped to be.

In that time we have exchanged wordless smiles while my big stupid grin spreads across my face as I looked into yours and see your smile stretch from your heart to mine.

I have thrown the football to you a hundred times, and as you run for the touchdown I chase you glancing at the uncaught ball lying on the ground as we race by. And as always you win each time

And even though your mother and I can no longer remain together.

I will call you every night I can, whether you come to the line or not... whether or not you realize that there is someone actually on the other side of that line.. because I'm your daddy, and I will always love you.

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The Weather Channel weighs in on how to address weather during the pending Zombie Apocalypse

Sign of Sleep Deprivation

Now I know Im sleepy,

I am at my desk and about to take a drink of coffee I notice my coffee cup is empty so I tell myself.

"I need more coffee" I get up and get me a cup.

I come back answer calls.. and then reach for my cup of coffee.. I notice its already empty and say.

"man… I need more coffee."

so I go and grab a cup come back and handle a few more accounts.. then I reach for my coffee cup.. I notice its empty yet AGAIN!
and I say " phew.. I need another cup of coffee…"

I turn to get up and I see two brand new full cups of coffee at my desk that I havent touched…

Wooohoo.. After a year and 3 months I just came from the Doctors and he has told me I have lost a total of 70lbs!!! Sorry I know this isnt tech related but MAN I feel great :-) or.. Lesser....

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ok I just had to share how great this is... My workplace had a baking competition with the theme set as... BACON!

Bacon Bourbon Brownie, Maple Bacon Cinnamon Roll, and Bacon Maple Buttercream Cinnacup

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NVIDIA and Android Police are giving away a free ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Honeycomb tablet, YOUR CHOICE of Tegra Phone, and more for doing close to nothing!

See the link to enter.
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