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Thanks Jason, I was looking for this!
I use Photoshop, Lightroom,InDesign and would like to occasionally use 2 or 3 others. At $50/month it is a bargain in my opinion. For existing users of Creative Suite their introductory pricing of $30/mo for 1 year is a bargain. I signed up!
Until next year, when the price increases? Hard to say. Plus, if you "rent," what happens if you need to access a file at a later time?
+Jason Odell I assume you are referring to the cloud storage aspect. I don't plan on using the cloud for any more than temporary (1 or 2 days) storage. For me having access to all the apps makes good economic sense, but then I am a software junkie!
No, I'm thinking of files saved in proprietary formats. Let's say you use InDesign for a project (I write my ebooks in it). What do you do six months later when you need to tweak a document? I suppose you can just buy the subscription when you need to use it. I personally like having unlimited use. 
Got it! As I understand it you can change to the non subscription version just by purchasing the license and changing it in the program. The only question in my mind is the cost. Should be just the upgrade price. In any case there is no difference in the program. The difference is just the difference provided by the license.

Yeah, that's a great question. I'm feeling a bit shafted by the whole 5.5 vs 5.0 upgrade pricing right now...
It is a major problem. Not just the software cost but also the file format. As the software advances older formats get left behind. I ran into this with backups. Eventually the medium just gets left behind. Remember Colorado Backup or how about ZIP drives? Eventually you cannot reinstall the old versions of the software either. Not sure what versions of InDesign files can be opened by current versions. 
And the clicking zip disk of death...
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