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New day, new quarter, new life.

As some of you may have noticed I haven't been as prevalent on the Plus as I used to be. In truth, it's become something of a chore to come here at all.

Try to have a rational discussion and people call you a troll. Disagree with someone and they call you names. Try to discuss the merits of a topic and you're labelled with a plethora of names.

I've complained about this in the past -- on numerous occasions. It's exhausting dealing with some kinds of people and unlike Buzz, those people seem to be abundant here.

So, new day, new quarter, new life. I'm giving up Google+. I should have done it last night but I wasn't feeling well and decided to put it off until today.

I will still blog and will probably be more active on LinkedIn. Facebook still isn't an option and twitter is for people who can't create coherent thoughts.

Perhaps in a month or three I'll rethink this plan, but for now I need to step away.

Have a good life, Plussers.
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Still waiting for him to come back and tell us it was an april fool's joke :(
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Jason ON

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I really wish I'd brought the Pentax with me today as the light was perfect, but I didn't. Instead, the Android Note II had to perform camera duty.

Edited with Snapseed. 
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I feel like he's ever so slightly disapproving of me.
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Jason ON

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I don't know what to say... I certainly hope the Romanian officials are trying to find the dog abuser who did this to Phoenix.
This animal rescue is amazing: beware graphic #photos. via @dogster
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Jason ON

commented on a video on YouTube.
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So amazing! Just look how happy that dog is. Take two minutes out of your day and watch this video.
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Pass me a tissue please somebody...
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Jason ON

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In the United States you may go into a restaurant and ask if they serve Coke or Pepsi. In other parts of the world, Coke or Pepsi may mean the difference between life or death, political affiliation or even if you may attend church.

Thanks to +Rich LaDuca for bringing this to my attention.
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+Hugh Jackman sings 'Who Am I' from Wolverine, the Musical.

You're welcome.

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Awesome. Got to love Hugh Jackman.
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Jason ON

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Cough cough. Hack hack. Stay back.

It's been a meh kind of day.
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cough into your elbow, we don't want your germs ...  giggles healthy soon!
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Jason ON

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Coloring videos. To be honest, I had no idea so much work went into coloring video. I just summer it was done with filters like still photography.
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I am a colourist. :D

It's the best paying thing I do.
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Jason ON

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Quick, someone loan me some money!
The Renard Grand Tourer
The DNA of the Renard Grand Tourer is engineering intelligence – an ultra-light composite unibody, longitudinally mounted V2 engine and components that represent the cutting edge of the motorcycle industry.

The Renard GT’s carbon-fiber monocoque weighs only 11 kilograms, and is reinforced with Kevlar, to make it resistant to impact and vibration. Thanks to an increased cross-section, the composite body is stiffer than a regular pipe frame, and thus ensures very precise steering. The unibody integrates the motorcycle’s frame, gondolas, petrol tank and air box into a single load-bearing structure. The sleek, no-nonsense exterior gives the Renard its distinctive appearance. The GT’s suspension is adjustable in three dimensions, and tuned to perfection. The Grand Tourer’s lightweight, hardened- aluminum components are designed and modeled in 3D, then milled from a solid block by CNC machines. These components provide quality, reliability and a sophisticated appearance. The Renard’s longitudinally mounted 90° V2 engine is strong and powerful, and produces sufficient torque at low revs. The Grand Tourer provides silky smooth acceleration from crowded city streets all the way through to the end of the lonesome straight away. The modern air-cooled engine produces approximately 125 hp at 8000 RPM, and the GT takes has a top speed of 230 km/h.
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+Jason ON you know I adore you so much if I had it to give, I would! Smooches!!
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Jason ON

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Get a free landscape photography eBook.
My other photo book is free for a few days!
325 pages with 188 examples on how you can learn landscape photography from the old masters of painting.
Write a review if you like it!
Yes, the painting is by Aivazovsky, a true master.
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Nice, picked it up. 
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All other Jason's are mere reflections of my awesomeness.

I am defined by the sum of my parts. Like anything else I am made up of many moving pieces that all come together in a great dance called Awesome. I am a U.S. Army veteran and an avid motorcycle rider -- a professionally amateur photographer, a friend, and jokester. I am a tech aficionado, an atheist, a spiritual person and a thinker. To try and define me, or classify me, as just one thing is to do yourself and myself wrong.  

I am from the Space Coast in Florida where I went into the Army. I was lucky enough to traveled a bit, seeing west and east Europe, Canada (BC) and various bits of Mexico, as well as a lot of the USA.

Currently, I reside in Denver, CO and have a degree in Political Science with a background in technical operations and management. I do volunteer work occasionally with non-profits and organized a Political Science Alumni chapter through my college.

I like the doggies, too. Mine's name is Rufus. 

I have a wide variety of interests and don't mind learning new things. I think a well rounded knowledge base helps us to make better decisions and understand the world in a clearer facet. 

Otherwise, I am who I am.

NOTE: I will mute animated gifs. I may comment on it first, but I don't like them clogging my streams so I mute all of them. No exceptions.

Also, if I post something -- anything -- I am inviting conversation. I don't have to agree with you, you don't have to agree with me, but I love the conversation itself. Please feel free to comment.

I also tend to be objective rather than subjective, looking at things without emotion or empathy. Some people have blocked me because I didn't empathize with them, instead I tried to get more information to make a better informed conclusion. I think it's childish am immature to block someone because they immediately don't agree with you, but I'll survive. 
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The service was wonderful and the food was good. Not great, but good. Granted, I dont have a lot of experience eating Persian foods, however nothing really stood out as 'must come back for more.' When eating ethnic foods it's always a good sign when you walk in and see those ethnicities eating at the restaurant and we weren't disappointed. One family was currently eating and a few more tables filled up while we ate.
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Meh. Granted, it is the lunch hour and the place is packed but I came to use the wifi. Very few tables have access to power outlets and that that were available were dirty, covered in crumbs, drink spills or still covered in plates, bowls and cups. I finally found a small table with a plug and after wiping it down to get the crumbs and greasy fingerprints off, I'm sitting here waiting for the slow wifi to connect. I really wish there was another nearby option.
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I first went to the Wild Animal Sanctuary a couple of years ago with a photography club. Most recently, I went there again with my 10 year old niece who spent her entire time in Colorado talking about tigers. She loved it. Sure we went in the middle of the day and most of the animals were lazing about, hiding from the heat of the mid-day sun. I was pleasantly surprised to see the air walkway had been added to (a mile of walkway now, two mile round trip) and the animal habitats appear larger for the comfort of the rescued lions and tigers and bears. As a non-profit all of the animals are rescued from horrible abuse and unfortunately none of them are able to re-entered into the wild. All proceeds are turned back into the sanctuary for care of the animals and facility, unlike zoos which perpetuate the capturing of wild animals for profit. I highly recommend the WAS for family days, photography excursions or as a place to bring out of towners.
• • •
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I've been to Ed's cantina a handful of times over the years. Whenever my motorcycle group rides through Estes Park, this is the place we tend to stop and eat. Why? Parking is fair, location is easy and who doesn't like Mexican food? The food's never been great, but in a small town like Estes Park one can't be too choosey on ethnic dining. The service has never been great, but I've always stopped there with a large group (20+ bikes and riders) and just chalked it up to the mass wave of people coming in all at once. However, this past week changed all that. With my niece in town we headed up to Estes Park for lunch before entering Rocky Mountain National Park. We had our dogs with us (2) and walked along the river's sidewalk, first stopping at one restaurant and then another looking for outdoor seating where we could tie the dogs up outside the patio and sit near them as others were doing and as we've done in other mountain towns and downtown Denver, itself. We finally settled on Ed's after seeing all the available seating on the patio and one of us held the leashes while the other (me) went in to talk about sitting outside. The hostess escorted me out to the patio where she cleared a table and once I was within the line of sight of the dogs, both barked their excitement at seeing me again. I tied the dogs' leaches to the patio while my friend and niece walked around and when they came within view the dogs welcomed them back in the same fashion. As the girls went to wash their hands in the restroom a blonde woman came out and asked me if the dogs would bark more. I told her they were just excited at seeing me again and should stop as soon as we all sat down. She then informed me that if they barked again we'd have to leave. I was annoyed. Very annoyed. We were sitting on the patio, the place wasn't too busy since it was already 2PM, with only 3 or four of the 12 or so tables on the patio having people sitting at them. There were two heavily traveled sidewalks framing the patio seating area with bicycles, pedestrians, dog walkers and more and yet we were being told to leave if our dogs became noisy again. Of course they might, they're dogs. They might see another dog and bark a hello; they might bark if one of us went to the restroom and returned or if the waitress came too close ... they're dogs. Anywho, the waitress came out and asked for our drink order and since I was still sitting there alone, I told her not to worry -- we'd be leaving as soon as the rest of my party returned. She asked why and I told her I didn't appreciate the blonde woman telling me we'd have to leave if the dogs barked at which time she told me the blonde woman was the owner of the restaurant. The waitress then said she could go get her back if I wanted to complain. I did. She needed to know it was her and her alone who lost a customer. By this time every table on the patio was looking at me. The owner came back out and I told her not to worry about serving us, seating us or anyone ever returning to her restaurant. She just nodded as if she wasn't sorry to see me and my party leave. I then explained to her how I come up there a couple of times a year with a large motorcycle group and we wouldn't be eating there going forward, either. At least not if I have any say in where we stop. Instead of explaining her position or any sort of customer service she just started gathering up the silverware and coasters then turned around and walked away. Maybe business is so good she can afford to lose repeat customers. Maybe she doesn't care. After rating this place, I don't care any more either. I won't spend money there every again and will tell everyone who ever asks for a referral not to go there for their meals.
• • •
Food: Poor to fairDecor: GoodService: Poor to fair
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I met some friends here a couple of months ago but didn't partake of the food since they arrived about an hour earlier than I did and I wasn't ready to play catch-up or end up eating by myself once they ate their fill. When I arrived, there was a line out the door and every table in the place had people sitting at it. My roommate and I went today for lunch, she a sushi aficionado and I thought it would be a good treat for her. I, myself, have never had more than a slice of sushi before and that usually a California Roll. We walked in and were seated immediately. The waitress explained the "rules" which were simply: any uneaten rolls would be charged at full price. In short, they were trying to prevent people from ordering plates full and taking them to go. We sat at the bar, ordered and ate. The waitress was very attentive and the sushi chefs were fun and friendly. In fact, the experience was very pleasant. My friend says the sushi was good but not great, however she'd probably return. For the money ($14/pp all you can eat) she admits the price was totally worth it. Unfortunately, nothing I ate really made me desire sushi in the future. Not due to the food being good-not-great, but rather nothing really jumped out at me and made me want sushi again. Granted, if someone wanted to go there again, I might -- if I was in the mood for sushi.
• • •
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reviewed 9 months ago
Stopped here while I was waiting to meet someone in La Junta, CO. There was no particular reason I stopped in here other than another place aside from a personal preference about when I travel I don't like to eat at chain restaurants and this place was near where I pulled over to wait for my niece. The restarurant was very clean and well decorated with train memorabilia and fact sheets. My dad is a huge train buff and it reminded me of the kind of place he wanted his man cave to be. When I walked in there was one old regular sitting at the bar an no one else. The waitress/manager/bartender showed me the menu on the wall and then let me know what was good, what wasn't as good and what was barely edible. Turns out everything is frozen and microwave reheated (even the hamburgers which are the same prepackaged ones I get from Costco) except for the sandwiches, which are made fresh and to order. The waitress/manager/bartender was extremely friendly and jovial, and since I was sitting alone, she was sure to check on me often. If I ever have to go to La Junta again, I'd eat here for sure.
• • •
Food: GoodDecor: ExcellentService: Excellent
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reviewed 10 months ago
Came in for a quiet place to work on my laptop. All I needed was a soda and a table. There were plenty of tables and one person in line who's food appeared already made. Another girl came in and got in line at the same time as me, but since I wasnt ordering food she let me go first. I waited so long for the original person ahead of me to get her food that the girl behind me and another had their food prepared before the person ahead of me evwn checked out. Not that she was being a pain, but the manager couldn't figure out how to roll a burrito and had to try a nunber of times befote getting it right. Very annoying. I'm not sure if I'll ever come back here.
• • •
Food: Very goodDecor: Very goodService: Good
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reviewed a year ago