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Google+ is dead! Or so I hear from pop-media echo chambers like +Stephen Denning​ who really wants the Plus to die for some unknown reason.
Steve Denning reveals how clueless he is about Google+... again!

Pro tip: If you want serious traffic to your column, say Google+ is dead. Your page will be hammered by hoards of passionate Google+ fans who come to disagree with you. 

It's a lesson Steve Denning learned for his first "Google+ is dead column," so now he's back for another helping of Google+ traffic in his latest missive, called "Has Google+ really died"?

(I'm not criticizing Denning -- yet! -- I myself drive huge traffic from Google+ to my own columns. That's because Google+ is very much alive.) 

Anyway, Denning launches into a defense of his first column, but succeeds mainly in demonstrating a profound ignorance about Google+. 

I'm here to help. 

Here's what Steve Denning got wrong: 

1. Assuming public posts = active use.

Denning is relying on a spectacularly useless metric for defining active use, which is public posting (by relying on the Stone Temple Consulting report) 

It doesn't take into account the default kind of post, which is non-public. A huge number of users have stage fright about posting publicly, and a probably even huger number don't know their posts are public. (If you want to criticize Google+, here's one criticism you can levy -- the whole Public vs. Circles posting issue is confusing to new users.) 

It doesn't take into account people who mainly or exclusively engage through comments. Because Google+ organizes posts differently than, say, Twitter, comments are not viewed as "posts," even though people are fully engaged in social interaction through comments. If I comment on something posted on Twitter, my comment is counted as a full-blown "post" or Tweet. If I post the same comment to the same post on Google+, my comment is not counted as anything by Stone Temple. 

It doesn't take into account people who mainly "consume" content without commenting much, even though they feel they're active users of Google+. 

2. Trying to have it both ways on the accidental "users."

Denning again goes astray by relying on Stone Temple's skewed messaging on their report. Yes, when you get a Google password for some other Google property, that counts as a Google+ account. So most of the 2.2 billion Google users aren't really Google+ users in actual fact. They then go on to use "randomly selected" profiles knowing full well that most of these are non users. 

You can't have it both ways. Either they're users to be counted as users, in which case Google+ is vastly bigger than Facebook -- or they're non users, and not to be counted in numbers about how active the average "user" is. 

3. Failing to appreciate the nature of the Google+ "cult."

Denning points out that many comments on his first column "seemed to resemble that of people defending a struggling religious cult, rather than the users of a mere software tool."

The gratuitous word "struggling" is passive-aggressive spin to support his narrative. But the point is well taken. Google+ people sound like a cult. Just like Apple fans. Or Android fans. Or Reddit users. 

Unlike Twitter or Facebook, Google has created an army of truly passionate users. 

In fact Apple is a perfect comparison. Apple has less than 7% of the global PC market. Does anyone say Apple's PC business is "dead"? No, because they have the highest-quality PCs and laptops and the highest-quality customers (in terms of income and education levels) -- exactly like Google+. 

Nobody likes to hear me say this, but Google+ is the Apple of social networks. (Actually, I think Guy Kawasaki was first to say something like this.) 

It's not a place like Facebook for grandma to post cat photos. And it's not a place like Twitter for people to speak in hashtag code and URLs. It's the only place where you can pursue your passions will brilliant, like-minded people who are truly interested in the same things you are. 

Yes: Google+ is a "cult." Only the highest quality tech products produce "cults." 

4. Equating tech press echo chamber bias with the "emerging consensus."

Denning trots out a smattering of Google+ hater headlines to provide "evidence" for the "emerging consensus" about Google+. (And check the numbers: Those articles got HUGE traffic from the Google+ "cult," too.)

As I've said many times, the press hates Google+ precisely BECAUSE it's not a ghost town. Any post on Google+ by a prominent writer will be greeted by long, well thought-out criticisms, challenging the writer's assumptions and calling the writer out for mistakes. Google+ isn't easy and breezy for public writers like Twitter and even Facebook are. 

This is the last thing a journalist wants after writing and editing all day. 

What the tech press wants is Twitter, where they can dash off quick and clever lines off the top of their heads (like this one: ) that will be neither challenged nor heavily discussed. 

That's why the tech press feels so threatened by Google+. There's too much going on: too much argument, too much to read. And so they've been out to kill it from the beginning. 

5. Equating dismantling with abandonment.

Denning quotes more Twitter-loving echo chamber journalists who assume Google spinning off things like Hangouts or Photos would be evidence for neglect and decline. (These are the same kind of journalists who said that Google moving Glass into its own product group meant that they're killing it.) It's all just wishful thinking by Plus haters in the press.

Fact is, the unnatural integration of everything years ago was just a strategy Google was trying. It didn't have the desired effect, honked off a bunch of people who didn't want things to be integrated, so now they've changed the strategy. 

The experience of using Google+, and the benefits, haven't changed one bit. (In fact, It would be improved by further de-coupling, specifically if YouTube and their trolls were surgically removed.)

6. Pretending to have tried Google+.

Denning says his "own efforts to love Google+ were unsuccessful." Looking at his profile, I see that he's posted publicly twice ever, hasn't even filled out his profile or even uploaded a profile banner pic. Running a search, I see that he doesn't engage with comments or communities. 

Steve Denning is a non-user. He has NOT made an effort to love Google+. I imagine if he had only posted two tweets on Twitter, he wouldn't understand that social network either. 

And this item is related to....

7. Completely failing to understand Google+ fan opposition to yet another non-user saying Google+ is dead.

Denning is making the mistake of publically making the same mistake many people have before. As I've pointed out many times, you cannot understand the power and the glory of Google+ unless you really use it. 

Denning is just another Arthur Spooner:

Denning and other Arthur Spooners are confused about why Google+ fans have an issue with this phenomenon. And so I'm going to make it so clear that nobody who reads this can retain their confusion. Here goes. 

1. Google+ is the best social anything ever. 

2. This can be only understood if you're truly active on G+ for weeks or months. 

3. Influential writers who have not taken the time to understand have slammed Google+ from a place of ignorance. 

4. Because this has been repeated so many times, many, many people think Google+ is "bad" in some way. 

5. Bottom line: Ignorant people are the biggest threat to Google+, and are hurting the reputation of best social anything ever. 

Is that clear enough? 

8. Failing to appreciate the importance of Google+ for Google itself.

Google isn't going to kill Google+ because the site provides huge benefits for the company. 

First, Google+ is a necessary social component for Google's wearable computing platforms -- you know, the future of computing? 

Google Glass and Android Wear and future initiatives rely heavily on Google+ for understanding user social graphs, displaying birthdays, sharing photos and videos and much more. 

Google+ is a great platform for Google employees, engineers and executives to brainstorm, announce things, and learn about their most passionate fans and users. (Where else would they do this, Facebook?)

Google+ is still useful for cultivating the most passionate fans of Google itself, as well as Android. Google+ puts the "cult" in cultivating. Google would be insane to cut their most loyal, passionate and enthusiastic users off at the knees. 

In a nutshell, Steve Denning is just plain wrong about Google+. 

(Photo is massively unrelated to the post)
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As I've mentioned before, Forbes is affectively Apple fan site these days and seems to have a problem with Google.
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People suck. Why do this when you can drop off the animals at the shelter? #fidofriday
A concerned citizen made a terrifying discovery last week near a Chattanooga Goodwill center.
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I don't think +Sash Walker​ will mind if I share this with the rest of you. Now, go buy her book.
A new tell-all book, "Rude Biker Chick: Lessons From My Daddy," shares transformational story.
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Thanks so much +Jason ON!! I really appreciate it.
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I didn't know this was a thing. Now I have an ending to the book I'm writing on the religion I founded.
China plans to crack down on graveside strippers.
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The Chinese Government: leading the way in morality and decency.
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New Do to commemorate another anniversary of this day.

Nice of Google to autoawesome this for me.
Today was the day. Today is always the day. I gave myself a haircut. In fact, I cut all my hairs. The ones on my head, at least. See? Yes ladies, I am this attractive.
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Best thing is you can get up 5 minutes late for work and you have no mattress hair. But when you take off the Shoei helmet the padding lines are imprinted in your skull for about half an hour.......
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I like the color version better. What can I say? Super heroes aren't supposed to be dark.
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No, you're not training your mind you're wasting time. 
Hide this study from your parents. Recent research suggests that the connection between video games and enhancing cognitive abilities is “weak to nonexistent.”
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I don't have 22 min right now, but some of you may.
Sun Creature Studio is back with a story of a guy who kills monsters, finds the love of a good woman and then murders god. You know, standard fairytale stuff.
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Did Lucas really intend to create films where the story is told visually or is this his excuse for terrible writing and dialogue?

_Still, Lucas said, the words the characters speak are hardly the most important part of the audio-visual experience: "Dialogue is just part of the soundtrack."_

The two shared the stage as part of the Tribeca Talks: Directors series.
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I say give up the ring.
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Is it secret?  is it safe?
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Happy birthday to the most beautiful girl I've ever met. 4-20-1999 / 9-01-2005.
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Happy birthday to her, and ((hugs)) to you!
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I didn't have any problems with the food but my friend who likes spicy foods thought somewhere with the name "Jabanero" should have been a little hotter on the taste buds. Seeing as how that particular slot in the stripmall had been a number of little restaurants over the years, it's nice to see something lasting for a bit. For the price, though, I'd rather just go to Chipotle or Qdoba.
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Went there today as my very first experience with a Smashburger, ever. There wasn't a line when I walked in and was able to order immediately. However, the guy I ordered from (his name tag said he was the GM) didn't help me out at all. Having never been there I didn't know that you ordered sides and drinks separately or that there were different sizes of burgers or that every sandwich can be a burger or a chicken. He did suggest the Colorado burger which I bought for a friend and then I ordered the Avocado Club. I didn't know this at the time, but Smashburger fries suck. I mean, they really really aren't good. The burger itself was okay, nothing special. My friend tells me they're normally greasier, but mine wasn't greasy at all. It was, however, salty. Very salty. As someone who never adds salt to food (hell, I've never even bought salt) this wasn't something I was ready for or welcome to. The restaurant, itself, was in fairly good order, but the cushions to all the seats I saw were damaged and in severe need or repairs or replacement. I can't for the life of me imagine why I'd ever go here again.
• • •
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Everything about this place was fantastic! The staff were friendly and courteously, the food was fantastic and the drinks were made with drinking in mind. I can't say enough good things about this place. We easily dropped $300 there and left disappointed that it was so far away for easy return trips.
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I hadn't been in a Best Buy in years and only came to this one to buy the new Captain America dvd. (For some unholy reason Marvel/Disney only released it through Best Buy.) While I'm there decide to check on another display I seen a couple of rows away. After a few minutes of standing there on my own a blue shirt from behind the customer service counter asks me if I need help. "Yes, thank you," I reply. A few minutes more and still no blue shirt to give me a hand. I look back at the counter and the kid that asked me is walking away from where I was standing. Another blue shirt is still back there, but after a few seconds he wanders off in another direction. Neither of them came to help me after one of them ask specifically if needed help. WTF? I gave it another few minutes and still no one came to answer my question. Finally I had to use my "command" voice to announce throughout the store needed assistance. Still no one came to help. Another customer came over and said he too was having problems with the customer service there. A vendor rep came over and said he sees that sort of behavior from the store employees all day long. Finally a kid with a mohawk-thing, came from a register and asked if he could help. I said I just had a quick question and explained that either of the customer service reps could have answered it without even leaving from behind their counter. Was this thing with a tag, but not on the shelf, available? After he leaves with the tag to verify the manager of the store comes over and tells me everyone is busy and that's why no was able to help me. Then why ask, I ask him? Why ask and then walk off? "I'm sorry," he said. I'm not looking for an apology, I told him. I'm looking for someone to explain to my why I was offered help and no one came to help? In fact, the one who offered pointedly walked off in another direction. I'll not be going back to this Best Buy ever and will probably not go to any Best Buy ever again. There's a reason people shop online now and that's to avoid crappy customer service.
• • •
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27 reviews
We went here on a recommendation from a friend's mother. When we stepped into the doors I was surprised at all the "character" of the place. That is to say, the place was filled with old photos, antiques and memorabilia from the 19th century. At first it was a unique and fun and then it became a pain in the ass. Their menu was severely limited, just burgers and sandwiches. Our gluten free friend couldn't eat there and the staff were unwilling to let him order of menu. He was willing to pay a reasonable price for a salad or just hamburger patties, but they wanted him to buy two separate hamburgers and take the bread off himself. When he asked if he could bring food from another place in, they said no. I ordered at the same time as some other friends and while their food came (albeit after far too long) mine never arrived. I ordered a Pepsi (which was on the menu),was served a can of Coca-Cola (for $2) and sat down to wait. And wait. And wait. After my friends' food was delivered and eaten mine still had not arrived. Finally I went up to the bar and told the bartender I'd pay for the soda but she could cancel the sandwich order. I gave her $2 and walked out, grabbing a burrito next door. When I finally returned to my friends I was told my sandwich arrived while I was out. Another friend's sandwich arrived at the same time, nearly an hour after we ordered. The final straw was when they tried to charge me for the sandwich and my gluten free friend for drinks he'd already paid for before leaving to find something gluten-free friendly. We'll not be going there ever again or recommending the place to anyone but our enemies.
• • •
Public - 7 months ago
reviewed 7 months ago
I wasn't expecting much, but the place was well tended, clean and the staff was friendly. All of us were pleasantly surprised.
Public - 7 months ago
reviewed 7 months ago
Since it's now a doughnut shop and serves delicious doughnuts, I find "The Salad Bowl" to be incredibly misleading. Even though I walk past this place four or five times a week as I make my way to the gym a couple of doors down or visit the pet supply shop next door, Google still tells me this is the Salad Bowl and that I can get a good crisp salad here. Even though I "Reported a Problem" via Google Maps, Google is still fairly certain The Salad Bowl is there where a doughnut shop takes up space. I'm confused, Google. I go there for a light lunch and I end up stuffing my mouth with sugary goodness. What blasphemy is this? Is this why my gym-time isn't reducing my pant size? Here I thought it was me, but perhaps, it's you, Google. Perhaps my barely breaking a sweat, walking around looking bored and engaging the other patrons in conversation instead of working out is working to make my pants more loose, but in the Google Mapsverse, doughnuts are salads and my body just isn't dropping the weight the way it should. I don't know. I'm really confuse right now.
• • •
Public - 8 months ago
reviewed 8 months ago