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This is a VERY BIG DEAL. I now prefer the mobile experience over web (shhhhh....) Amazing job by the team!
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Jason O'Grady

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As long as I’ve used MacBooks (and PowerBooks before them) I’ve kept them in a padded sleeve. Notebooks contain delicate electronics, they store our most import data, and they shouldn&#…
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Jason O'Grady

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As a fan and player of the wonderful game Ingress, I humbly submit my list of feature requests for Ingress 2.0 to +John Hanke  +Niantic Project and the community. Please add your comments below. 

Ingress 2.0 Feature Requests 

1. Mods

a) Borrow the L1-8 metaphor (currently used for resonators) and apply it to mods. e.g. Replace the current common/rare/very rare/AXA Shields with L1-8 Shields, L1-8 Heat Sinks, etc. 

b) Make mods upgradeable. e.g. An L1 shield can be upgraded to L2, L3, etc. up to L8

c) More mod types: ??

2. Weapons

a) More weapon types/special weapons. 

b) Perhaps a special “nuclear bomb” that neutralized every portal within 1-10km when deployed. (Neutralized, not flipped from blue > green, or green > blue). The nuke would destroy all resonators, mods, links and fields of both factions.  

c) Borrowing from others’ crazy ideas: It could require that 100 agents show up to “construct” or “arm” it, and takes 12-24 hours until it detonates, giving the opposition time to come destroy it.

d) Cruise missile or ICBM, allowing remote destruction (probably not, given how bad guardians already are), not to mention the grief already surrounding “inaccessible” portals.

3. Medals

a) Expand current medals...

...below Bronze with several (easy to obtain) medal levels for new players: 
(Current players with a higher level would be grandfathered into lower-level medals)

 ...past Onyx with: 
Kryptonite/Unobtanium (or something else exotic)

b) Team medals…
Organized (and NIA recognized) teams would be able to design and distribute a team medal to its members. The leader would get a batch of passcodes to distribute as they see fit, e.g. after a member has suitably proved themselves.  This could be a way to expand functionality and make “Ingress communities directory” more useful; each community gets one team medal

c) More Transport medals
Expand on the Trekker medal, which is speed-locked above ~4MPH. e.g.:
- sk8tr (maybe hacking between 4-8 mph)
- bikr (8-12 mph)
- e-pro (12-24 mph)
- skull & crossbones (24-55 mph) might have to prove that you’re a passenger in said vehicle to avoid the wrath of the lawyercats tho.

d) Other medals
- Happy boss (no hacks from 9-5, M-F)
- Happy family (no hacks from 5-9PM, evar! haha)
- Faithful – Hacks the same church on consecutive Sundays
- Sports – Hacks the same field, pool, gym, stadium etc. for n consecutive weeks. 
- Statesman – Hacks in n number of states
- Travel – longest distance traveled
- Countryman – Hacks in n countries (Wood = 2, Iron = 3, etc.)
- Night owl – most evening hacks? 
- Early bird – most morning hacks? 

4. Inventory

a) Caps
Higher inventory caps for higher levels (just like the XM capacity increases). e.g. 
- L9 – 2100 items
- L10 – 2200
- L11 – 2300
- L12 – 2400
- etc.

b) Portal Keys
Totally overhaul the current “portal key” UI and change it to “Portals” with new checkboxes at the top for:

- Captured
- Hacked
- Modded
- Have key
- Don’t have key

Checking any of the above states would display a list of portals in that state. e.g. checking the “Captured” box would display a list of all the portals that you own. Checking “Captured” and “Have key” would provide a list of potential guardian portals, if you also...

c) Add a field under each portal for: 

- Date (captured/hacked/modded)
- Name: 
- Location: clickable to Google Maps

The updated “Portals” UI should also have multiple views for seeing your data:
- Coverflow (which the current UI uses)
- View as a list (with clickable sorting of columns)
- Thumbnails? (ok, that’s a reach.)

d) Tags
Keys should accept Tags. Far superior to folders. (kjw wrote a long post on this).  Even if it was limited to 8 definable tags so it never exceeded a mobile screen’s size. Four is too few. 15 would be fantastic, but not sure it would really fit well on a screen.

e) Multiple inventory view options

- Web accessible key inventories. Even if it’s download only, that would be a great step #1, people can build their own tools to figure out what to do with them later.
- An API would be nice. Perhaps read-only, rate-limited pull access to data at first with an upgrade to a push API down the road?

I proposed they could even do a limited trial; only hand out “developer keys” and implement rate limits for query limits both hourly and daily, so you don’t get scraping type activities.  Even if it were restricted to “app engine only” so that it played better/nice with user authorizations (i.e. it is possible to grant read-access to your info without giving them your Google Password)  

f) Capsules
- Allow capsules to be named. 
- Names would be retained when dropped/picked up.
- Allow metadata/tags to be added to capsules. See kjw’s comments above.
- Insert items by various selectors

5. Miscellany

a) A wider scanner view. Perhaps 1/2/3 km?

b) A desktop class Intel map for mobile. Currently one has to switch to a browser to see more than 500m or so. Why leave this to third-party developers?

c) More granular alerts:
- alerts by portal
- alert types
  - when attacked
  - when flipped 
  - when linked to
  - when linked from
  - when upgraded
  - when modded 

d) Scanner “addons” written in… ?Lua? like wow addons.

For example, you can write your own code to filter comm alerts, do different things when people mention you directly in comm; break them out into their own tabs (wow addons do this sort of thing).  You could add encrypted comms this way too.  actual security in comm to a subset of your friends. 

Allow Lua code to be your “item filters”.  then you could implement a “dump all this low level crap” filter.  or “show me what to recycle when I have too many R7”  i.e. if I have 150 in inventory, I will “reserve” 100 and only “show” 50 for max.  this could be messy to implement.  

Allow Lua code to perform the item sort in carousels.  For example, sort by range, name.  Apply to all carousels, whether it be for loading and UNloading capsules, linking, firing XMPs, deploying resos (the jumping around for reso deploy is… annoying)

6. Wild ass ideas

a) A third faction. There. I said it. 
- Interitus (orange)
- Ascended (red) - but has issues with color blindness

b) A “flip card” that flips an agent’s faction. Drop it, and an agent from the opposing faction could pick up, use, and join your faction. Flips are strictly limited to once in a lifetime and mostly used to flip a player that signed up for the “wrong team” by mistake. 

c) A way to capsule and drop XM and AP (with strict limits, e.g. n AP/year, n XM/year) (Again, this is the “wild ass” section!) 

d) On April Fool’s Day or Hallowe’en (and for one day only) NIA flips all portals (and links and fields) to their opposing faction! With a prominent count-down clock to the flipback time at the top of the scanner. Imagine the fun you could have with this one!!
- RES would come farm ENL Farms
- ENL could pre-emptively ADA their farms to blue right before, then it would flip to green and ENL continue to farm it.
- Currently held guardian portals would be exempt
- No impact on badge progress

e) A player with enough stature (say a L16+) could be given special powers to…
- organize (maybe elections in 3.0?)
- grant medals
- build
- modify
- deploy

f) Maybe through a once-yearly grant of a special weapon, or mod? Strict limit of only natively earned grants able to be held in inventory would prevent ghost accounts being run by bots to harvest the yearly special prizes. 

So, what did I miss? Add your comments and feature requests for Ingress 2.0 to the comments below!

- J

Thanks to agents rightsock and sanbejii for their input!
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Jason O'Grady

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What a horrible excuse for a human being. 
Only a handful of protestors were outside.
The American dentist at the center of an international uproar over the killing of a beloved lion in Zimbabwe returned to his clinic on Tuesday.
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Dentists are the worst.
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Jason O'Grady

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BTMU announces a partnership-with "Ingress", using its vast network of branches and ATMs as portals in Japan!
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Jason O'Grady

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Apple began shipping the new 12-inch Retina MacBook this week (more on it in a future post) and with it, a totally redesigned power adapter based on USB-C. (There are a lot of opinions about Apple'...
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I took a look at the latest Apple waerz at the local Apple Store last week. I couldn't help but wonder why a 2nd USB-C port couldn't made it into the design. On the other (right) side.

Because of the mic port already being there? And if that tiny mic port were moved further forward? How about removing the mic port if only one port fits?

After all it is the most un-Apple-like thing. It's a "legacy" port if ever there was one. With another USB-C port I could have the option of a USB-mic (with adapter) or any other peripheral. Why shouldn't Apple say "get a USB-C microphone you Luddite!"?

... I'm liking the sound of that :-)
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Jason O'Grady

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That's a pretty epic #Enlightened  field over most of California! #Ingress  
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It never hurts to get a nifty discount. That and it’s nice to build a nice cache of iTunes gift cards to use all year round, especially if they’re available at a discount. Discounted iT…
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It looks like Apple will be snapping up yet another spaceship campus, this time in Sunnyvale. Word on the ground is that Apple has sealed a deal for Landbank Investments LLC’s planned Central &...
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Jason O'Grady

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Hopefully Apple Watch will be next!
Ingress on Android Wear puts hacking Portals at your fingertips while your phone stays in your pocket. The next phase in augmented reality is here. Heads up, Agents. It’s time to move.

#IngressWear #IngressBulletin 
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lol. Apple watch. Good one.
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Awesome! Can't wait to see these on the road!
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An excellent small practice. Dr. K. genuinely cares about his patients and has a great bedside manner. The office can get busy though, come early!
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Simply awesome! Bought kids for my 6 and 9 year olds. Lots of nostalgic toys, beware! 😄😄😄
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Beautiful, modern park, with (working) water play, a giant ship and shade.
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Arrogant and obnoxious staff that likes to hang up on patients. They're clearly only in it for the money (they close early and don't return calls) and don't care about their patients (rude attitude and will hang up on you). Go anywhere else than these amateurs.
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This is my favorite car wash in the area (and I've tried 'em all). It's relatively new (opened in the summer of '12) and if you get the Silver wash ($11) they take out the floor mats and clean them for you. The waiting area is comfortable too. Get a book of washes for a discount or a free wash with an oil change.
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