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CSS, Frameworks, and responsive web design.
I haven't worked on websites or CSS in ... well, let's just say a very long time. Due to a deadline and frustration I am learning about Media Queries,...
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Jason Nunnelley

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Someone told me G+ was going away, so I've been leaving it alone. Yet, it's integrated so deeply into everything I do that I now have 3 or 4, maybe 5 G+ accounts to just deal with Google Apps accounts and YouTube.
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LOL, that's the point :)
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Jason Nunnelley

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I still like G+ photo sharing best, hanging with +Warren Whitlock.
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Or kill this turd ;)
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Jason Nunnelley

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An Alabama cop violently slams a man to the ground for walking away and not understanding English commands. The assault left the man partially paralyzed and fractured vertebrae.

The department fires and arrests the officer that assaulted the man. That is the proper response.

Though I wouldn't walk around Madison while brown (because that's what seems to have attracted police attention in the first place) some of my faith is restored by the rational choice not to endorse or support unnecessary violent police behavior.
No crime had been committed. Madison Police on Monday issued a statement saying the department had suspended the officer, were investigating the use of force in this case and that the department wished the man a "speedy recovery."
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update on the article at the bottom
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Jason Nunnelley

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Though I need to launch a WordPress site, I'm not going to launch on any codebase without an upgrade path than makes sense. These plugins require updates far too often and it's far too risky to procrastinate.

Patching would be so much easier, for example, if the non-config and non-web write-enabled directories were permanently left alone. This is a sort of config management best practices policy think I've got. But, hey guys it's 2015 and I know these folks are smart. So, let's make it stupid easy to keep stuff updated and hot.

You [can] keep your WordPress powered site updated via SVN. But, you have to script something that sees the new branch then creates an update and/or switch command. Perhaps a little script to copy files over and run the PHP update script.

They also have an ongoing Github mirror that pulls all Subversion updates in every 15 minutes, so releases will be included.

At first blush, it appears this only reflects the core or current version in development and does not include the official release tags. It's probably a good idea to test the official releases with plugins.

What I want is a WordPress smorgasbord, updated, tested.

I'm going to pick a hand full of known solid/common/current plugins and start testing them so we have a trustworthy repo. Obviously, we'll still need to create some update/upgrade scripts for ongoing maintenance. The whole idea of using a website's UI to push FTP updates gives me heartburn.

Obviously we'll need some upgrade scripts, but this should be relatively pain free with a good Github repo.
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Jason Nunnelley

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Affinity Photo is a powerful Photoshop alternative that imports and exports PSD. My fav part of this, besides the price difference (and the Beta is free), is that it's not part of the massive Adobe suite. At a half Gig it's not small, which since it's touted as tight and fast makes me hopeful this is a very mature, feature rich app.

Check out their video. Get the beta and play with it yourself:

#design   #mac   #photoshop  
Welcome to the fastest, smoothest, most precise professional image editing software, exclusively for Mac. Visit to download a free trial now!
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Yeah I don't like the cloud Idea as well. It updates all the time too. When it does it doesn't allow you to use the program.
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Jason Nunnelley

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Just watched +Chris Voss interview Haydn Shaughnessy on his new book Shift: A User's Guide to the New Economy. Those watching are talking about the evaporating corporate job, and Hayden addresses methods on surviving and thriving on this new playing field.

The Book (on Kindle only 5.99)

The interview with Chris Voss

Haydn Shaughnessy's website

Haydn Shaughnessy on Twitter

Haydn Shaughnessy's old writing on Forbes
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Jason Nunnelley

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Dr Who themed ice cube. Exterminate!
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Jason Nunnelley

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Thanks to Dad, I'm not soft. I had to get older to appreciate that. That's why you're smarter than me. It didn't take you as long.
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Garry needs to cut his losses, they are eating him up to a point of not appreciating his time and space. 
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Jason Nunnelley

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Playing with meditation apps, today checking out Pacifica, Calm, and Headspace. Spoiler: I like Calm best.
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Jason Nunnelley

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I haven't spent a lot of time on G+ in the last year or two. Mostly, my friends here are so angry. Did I collect a bunch of angry friends because that was my mood at the time, or is it that you guys are overly connected people and internet addictions yield angrier people?
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Not angry but G+ is a waste of time, only do it for business connections but not even sure that's worth it. I think social media in general runs a course first it's filter out the BS (or as you call it anger) then move on to more discourse. 
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Jason Nunnelley

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Why wasn't measles wiped out before the anti-vax movement?

I heard one of the guys on Penn's Sunday School suggest measles could be wiped out in one generation if we vaccinated 100%, but the anti-vax movement isn't that old. Virtually everyone in my generation were vaccinated so obviously that didn't work out. So, obviously it spread when we had better vaccination stats. Not an anti-vaxxer myself, but is there a bit of hysteria over this issue? And, why aren't we freaking out about Chicken Pox? Both of my kids caught that one.
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It's amazing how bad Google is at app dev sometimes isn't it? :)

Yeah, I knew the disease spread across borders (mostly from Latin immigrants I'd assume, that couldn't access US health services as well).
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Really nice, sharp guys. New Address: 1945 CO RD 1354 Vinemont AL 35179
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