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So I think I've finished up my favourite anime things of the year list thing.

1. Your Name. - My favourite cinema experience of the year is unsurprisingly also my favourite anime. I'm a huge Shinkai fine, so a really well made Shinkai film was a no brainer. Interesting to see him mix up the kind of work he does making something much more accessible for regular cinema-goers than his normal work.
2. Great Passage - Overlooked of course as Amazon has treated it poorly by not streaming it in the main Amazon market. A really enjoyable drama about a group of people working on a Dictionary project. I really enjoyed this, surprisingly more than #3 which I expected to be my #1. I think in part down to it being more accessible. My one complaint is that its too short. I think having more than 11 episodes would have served it better in providing more detail for some of the relationships.
3. Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu - Such a joy to get a period piece like this about something so very Japanese. In some ways it reminds me of Chihayafuru. But its Japaneseness did actually dampen my enthusiasm initially so I was able to relate to #2 a lot easier and so I enjoyed it more. Here's hoping season two continues with the same great quality.
4. Sweetness and Lightning - Totally a mark for this kind of show. This was such a joy to watch, could have watched this for multiple seasons. Tsumugi just makes me squeeee
5. Sound! Euphonium! S2 - Season 1 was almost my favourite show last year, and I loved season two just as much. Had some of my most favourite sequences and episodes this year. Had a big arc focusing on my favourite which did not hurt either. My one down moment is that it was not able to include a grand musical sequence at the end.
6. Kizumonogatari I - More monogatari and on the big screen. And yet it totally surprised me in how its approached. Did not expect that at all. And it makes it feel very different. Of course I'm not sure how it works for people unfamiliar with the series.
7. Flying Witch - Such a sweet slice of life series. If I'm honest it might by my favourite type of anime. Really depicted the town and the very subtle magical world well. Again something I'd watch more of.
8. Poco's Udon World - Another slice of lifey series That I loved, which kind of makes me feel guilty in terms of list diversity but I did love it. Even if it really did quite remind me of Barakamon.
9. Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash - Big surprise for me. Did not think I'd find another 'people trapped in a fantasy world' show that I'd like, but I did. I really loved the grounded/realistic vibe of the show with it having characters dealing with their situations in a realistic way. Not what I expect from a show of this sort.
10. Natsume Yuujinchou Go - More Natsume. If you like Natsume, its more of that and I do. I do kind of wish it was a little less episodic though. That said it was great getting stories about some of the side characters.

Runners Up: Snow White with Red Hair S2, Alderamin on the Sky, Orange, Girlish Number, Tamayura Kanketsu-hen Movie 4, Galko-chan, Battery
Maybe Next Year: March Comes in Like a Lion

Best Mum: Sachiko Fujinuma (erased)
Best Dad: Kōhei Inuzuka (Sweetness and Lightning)
Best Nee-chan: Akari Kawamoto (March Comes in Like a Lion)
Best Imouto: Chinatsu Kuramoto (Flying witch)

So I got my Google Home today, and playing around I've noticed a few unexpected niggles that maybe someone knows about.

Firstly, I also have a LG Music Flow speaker which is a Google Cast speaker and oddly Google Home cannot control/cast to it. Does LG need to update its Google Cast support? Is it a Google Home thing and it cannot yet control non Google googlecast devices yet?

Secondly, I have a bunch of audiobooks uploaded to my Google Play Music and oddly I cannot get Google Home to play them. Its keeps saying it cannot find them. Anyone else had issues playing uploaded audio like that?

Wonder if there is any plans to support private clouds. I ask because I have a music library thats larger than is easily uploaded to a public cloud provider and so currently run plex at home and stream my music from that onto my phone. Would rather use cloudplayer as it doesn't transcode or anything.

So is there any way to change what collection a post gets attached to? Is the only option to delete it and repost?

So I'm in the market for a glucosemeter. Which bums me out.

Anyway in this age of health tracking and smart phones, I'm wondering what cool tech-y options are there.

Digging around I found something called mydario, which seems interesting, but you have to physically connect them to sync data.

There seems to be something called the Accu-Check Aviva, which is wireless, but I'm having trouble finding it for sale in Australia.

Are there any that don't need expensive consumeables?

So I've got a squash vine that's produced way more squash than I can handle. I'm wondering if I should leave the squash on the vine or can I like pumpkin pick them and then store them for an extended period.

Its white bush squash if that makes any difference. 

Since upgrading to 6.0 I can no longer cast to my Nexus player. It doesn't even appear in the device list to cast to. WTF?

Wondering about Chromecast Audio...mostly about what kind of DAC its using and what formats it supports. I guess not FLAC.

A question about how Airplay/Googlecast works with Cloudplayer.

Both those systems have limits on what audio formats they can handle. Just how does Cloudplayer work streaming FLAC/ALAC files with them? Does the client transcode them on the fly?

Been trying this out. For some reason airplay doesn't work for me. Casting to googlecast devices works for me though.
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