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Jason Morrison

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I just donated to 'Coding for low-income kids at the beach'. Give $1 to support THE ON IT FOUNDATION together! – One Today by Google
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Jason Morrison

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It's a sandbox that lets kids mold its contents into miniature mountains, lakes and rivers--and then, with a little high-tech magic, brings that terrain to life before their eyes.
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Oh yeah, we have some of that stuff!  It's very fun, though it turns out to be as easy to drop on the floor as regular sand.
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Athena: "Daddy, I love you all the way to the nothing."
Me: "What do you mean by that?"
Athena: "I love you all the way, all time, until there's nothing but dust that never comes back to life again."
Me:  "So basically, you love me until the heat death of the universe?"
Athena: "Yes."

Now, should I explain entropy from a thermodynamics point of view or from an information theory perspective?
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That's incredibly sweet and deep.
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Anyone else stay up for the eclipse?

I saw the change in color, but I don't know if I would call it a blood moon. It was more brownish than red. I guess more accurate names would be less alluring.
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Missed it due to sleep and clouds.
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Jason Morrison

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Bet you can't guess what I'm doing in this picture

Something horrible, or something noble?  Post a comment with your guess, first person to guess correctly wins a no-prize.  

And no cheating if you've already seen this in a post from Ann :)

BTW, we're still accepting votes on the name of our newborn son (not pictured, due in May).  We're donating $1 to Save the Children for each vote, so please take a minute to pick a name or give us a suggestion:
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Between +Enrico Altavilla and +Michael Wyszomierski, you've got it. I was helping my wife make trach dolls for her ENT office.

Regarding the other guesses... You guys are either really funny, or you all have very strange opinions of me.
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Matt is raising money for cancer research, can you help?
In 10 days, I'll be running the Boston Marathon to raise money for cancer research. Join me with a donation for the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute! I'd love to raise $26,200, and so far we're at $25,000.
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Nice illustration of why rooftop solar is a good option, from +Louis Gray:
We've Gone Solar. The Data Already Shows Green Benefits

We've had +Sunrun solar panels on our home for a few weeks, and the data already shows we're making more energy than we use - despite having three young kids who have us constantly running our appliances. The early data shows us how quickly we'll pay back our investment and like with +Fitbit and +Nest, help us be smarter people in how we live.
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Jason Morrison

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Nobody lives here:
A Block is the smallest area unit used by the U.S. Census Bureau for tabulating statistics. As of the 2010 census, the United States consists of 11,078,300 Census Blocks. Of them, 4,871,270 blocks totaling 4.61 million square kilometers were reported to have no population living inside them.
Commercial and industrial areas are also likely to be green on this map. The local shopping mall, an office park, a warehouse district or a factory may have their own Census Blocks. But if people don’t live there, they will be considered “uninhabited”. So it should be noted that just because a block is unoccupied, that does not mean it is undeveloped.
Northern Maine is conspicuously uninhabited. Despite being one of the earliest regions in North America to be settled by Europeans, the population there remains so low that large portions of the state’s interior have yet to be politically organized.
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Jason Morrison

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I've always wondered about the random old barns in Silicon Valley.

With land at such a premium, how can these things hang around?  Thanks to +Andreas Schou for digging up the answer.
Q: So, why is Silicon Valley studded with an implausibly large number of abandoned barns, shacks, and other things that don't look like they belong here?

A: Because this all used to be orchards. This all made sense, fifty years ago.

Q: Right, but shouldn't they have, like, torn them down by now?

A: No. Abandoned barns in Silicon Valley are a better investment than historical stock market returns.

Q: Wouldn't they be an even better investment if there were, like, usable buildings on the land?

A: No.

Q: You have got to be shitting me.

A: Proposition 13 makes abandoned barns an enormously lucrative investment. You see, the assessed value of a piece of property is capped at a rate well below the rate of increase in property values out here. So you can just get the price of the land reevaluated every year and take tax-free loans against the increase in equity. This is a huge amount of untaxable money. Especially if you're an abandoned shed that's worth seven figures, right smack dab in the middle of the Google campus.

Q: Right, but that's just about low taxes, right?

A: Yeah. Well. Uh. I was going to get to the "except" part.

Q: And what's that? 

A: The increase is capped except upon the sale or the completion of new improvements. Like an apartment building, for instance, to partially solve the housing crisis out here. Or a new building on the Google campus. This means that if the value of the improvement is less than the compounded increase in the value of the property absent the improvement, then it doesn't make any sense to actually build anything.

Q: That's horrible. Why aren't people, like, vandalizing abandoned buildings to get rid of them?

A: The only way you can vandalize anything in California that solves the problem is to literally build a new improvement on the property without the landowner finding out. That resets the tax basis and gives them an incentive to stop holding the land off the market.

Q: That's... double horrible.

A: Yeeeeeeah.
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so if someone was to say paint the building i would be an improvement and someone would get the shit taxed out of them?
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Jason Morrison

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Cool, our baby name project was featured on Google Webmasters.
Happy Friday! We're all fans of creative uses of the web, and today we’d like to highlight something fun that +Jason Morrison, one of our colleagues, is doing with his website. He’s having the Internet name his child! Again! This time, every vote will lead to a $1 donation to Save The Children, which translates to one polio vaccination for a child. To vote and get more information, head over to Jason’s blog.
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you know if you really left it up to the internet your baby would be baby hitler or something...
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Visited with my 4-year-old daughter and she's still talking about it. The museum is not very large, but definitely worth a stop. The staff was very friendly and my daughter loved drumming along with their song.
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A great walk, with nice views of the city. If you're looking to do some photography though, note that there's a lot of vibration on the bridge, which makes it hard to get a good telephoto shot of the skyline at night.
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70 reviews
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Wonderful place to hike, and the little nature center at the Green Barn is small but has a very friendly turtle.
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Man... pizza was okay, but our server just didn't want anything to do with us. I get it, everyone has a bad day, maybe you see a family with a young kid and all you can think about is spills. But you don't have to be so obviously unhappy every time you have to talk to me. On the other hand, the hostess was really nice, even bringing my daughter some crayons and coloring pages.
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