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Please consider adding the option to save new photos to SD card if one is present. 336 photos were taking up 765MB of internal storage... And that's with lowering camera resolution for less data use and faster uploads. On an S4 with over six gigs going to just the OS, and another almost 7 to apps (guess I'd say I'm a power user)...the photos could add up. While, my SD card is wide open. Thanks for the consideration.

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Awesome way to quickly assess what is taking up space in a visual way.

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Enjoy the free day and a half off :) listen to this album for free from me to you. 

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The past year has been an eventful one for Ingress. Over seven million Agents around the world have installed the Ingress app on both Android and iOS and more than thirty thousand Agents have participated in Ingress “Anomaly events” hosted across the world.  The app has helped Ingress Agents meet new friends, discover new places, and has motivated some to undertake incredible adventures such as climbing mountains, swimming to uninhabited islands, and chartering planes and helicopters to capture remote Portals.   

Today, we’re excited to announce a new feature that we believe is the biggest and most significant change since our launch.  It’s called “Missions” and it will be rolling out to Android users today and to iOS users in the very near future.  Ingress Missions challenge Agents to visit a series of places, complete a game action such as Hacking or Capturing a Portal, and/or use clues to solve a puzzle to advance to the next step.  We’ve also merged the rich and dynamic Field Trip dataset with Ingress Missions, opening up the opportunity to direct users to Field Trip locations provided by more than 200 Field Trip publisher partners about history, art, architecture, outdoor activities, shopping, dining, and more.

In addition to the Missions created by Niantic, we are also empowering users to create their own Missions and to share them with other Ingress players.  We are opening up Mission creation initially to a small set of experienced Agents with plans to expand over the next weeks and months to all Agents level five and above.  We’ll be posting updates as we expand availability.

We are incredibly excited to see what kinds of adventures Ingress Agents will create in locations around the world.  Nearby Missions can be found in the new Missions tab in the Ops menu.  If you don’t see any nearby Missions, keep checking back.  New Missions are being published daily.  

As always, please keep sharing your Ingress stories of adventure and discovery!

- +John Hanke 

Gallery of Missions on Android and iPhone:

#IngressReport   #IngressMissions  

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Really good starter vid
Capture, destroy, link and field. Discover nearby Portals and make new friends from around the globe. #Ingress, explained by Agents.

It's time to move.

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Even better than Ooma (cheaper mostly). Set up with Google Voice and you get free calls within the US using a home phone.
$29.99 with free shipping. I just bought one. And now the Google officially supports it for voice calling using your Google Voice number!!
+Obihai Technology, Inc.

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Really good video
Words You Say To Your Son Have Very Real And Sometimes Tragic Consequences
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