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Ég elska geitur!
Ég elska geitur!


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Honor Bound is now available for sale!

Honor Bound is a live action game designed by +Randy Lubin and myself.

This game explores honor culture and masculinity through the lens of an old fashioned duel. Play starts just after a challenge is issued and follows the duelists, seconds, doctor, and judge as they struggle to de-escalate a fraught situation in a society that values reputation above all else.

The game takes roughly two hours to play and requires six players. It starts with a workshop that will get you up to speed on the setting and themes of the game; you'll also establish the incident that triggered the duel. Once play begins, you'll be struggling to de-escalate the situation even as the characters negotiate the final details of weapons, ground, and range.

Honor Bound was originally published via Randy's Patreon [] and my Drip []. All further profits will be donated to the Electronic Frontier Foundation [] which works to protect civil liberties in the digital world.

Here's a link to purchase Honor Bound:
Honor Bound by Randy Lubin
Honor Bound by Randy Lubin

At Origins Bully Pulpit Games had a booth for the first time, which was a pretty fun experience. Many friendly people stopped by to learn about our games, try out our revision of Fiasco, and get books and cards signed. At Games on Demand I ran +Ross Cowman and Terri Cohlene's great game BFF exclusively - people wanted that more than Fiasco every time and I'm totally OK with that. I also ran it off the books once. I introduced a bunch of people to +timothy hutchings amazing and infuriating game Apollo 47, which is my favorite game right now. I ate a lot of Jeni's ice cream. I played Dogs in the Vineyard and +Clark Valentine's Tachyon Squadron and Xenolanguage. One highlight was a local improv troupe offering a musical performance of Ghost Court for a live, paying audience. They let me be the bailiff. It was great and ridiculous. Many thanks to all my kind and brilliant friends, and also to my new friends!

My Origins Game Fair schedule

0900-1300 Games on Demand, where my menu has +Ross Cowman's BFF and the revised version of Fiasco
1300-1800 Bully Pulpit Games Booth 823, a feast for the eyes and imagination

1400-1800 Bully Pulpit Games Booth 823, stroboscopic and terrible to behold
2000+ Ghost Court Live, presented by Games on Demand, where I will be a singing bailiff

1000-1300 Bully Pulpit Games Booth 823, Sinister and alluring in its majesty
1400-1800 Games on Demand for more BFF and Fiasco and secret excitement

0900-1300 Games on Demand, where I will be So Very Tired
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"The layout of a modern combat reconnaissance aircraft", illustrating a Polikarpov RZ I think, mid-thirties. Obsolete when it entered service, but not as obsolete as the Po-2/U-2 our women fly.

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I'll have an interview out about it tomorrow, but I have to say I'm really disappointed BFF! hasn't funded yet. Please check it out! This is some interesting design and the characters are so diverse and cool, and seeing Terri's dream live is awesome!

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I’m in my way back from Olympia, Washington, after a week long residency. It has been great! I did a signing, talked to students at Evergreen and played games with them, attended a game jam, ran two simultaneous games of WINTERHORN, and capped it off with a weekend-long mini-con where we played seven of my political/historical games in conversation with each other. This last item was a first, and such a privilege. Thanks to +Ross Cowman and Heart of the Deernicorn for brining me out!

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+Jason Morningstar is coming to Olympia next week. You should come too! There are events every day. I've posted the full schedule in the link below :)

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Here's a thing that happens all the time:

Someone creates a cool game, and it is met with deafening silence. It is hurled into the void and, despite its inherent genius, it is never played by anyone or heard from again. As a game designer this is as essential an experience as the act of creation. It happens to everyone.


If somebody makes an intensely interesting game that speaks to an experience outside the mainstream, or somehow not aligned with a conventional narrative of violence and power, or just plain weird, the chances that nobody will touch it increase dramatically.


The odds of that cool thing getting the slightest shred of attention increase when certain boxes are checked. The biggest boxes are "male" and "white", and they correlate with things like resources and confidence, which of course correlate with privilege. Many times I have seen similar games enter the world at more or less the same time, with more or less the same built-in genius, and watched one succeed while the other fails. Guess who wrote the one that usually succeeds?

Even more troubling, I've seen games by marginalized creators that got zero traction essentially re-written to great acclaim. Sometimes it's a "hack". Sometimes it's a business arrangement. Sometimes it is something else.

Here's another thing that happens all the time:

People gather at a convention to socialize, and that socialization takes place in a very specific environment - at a bar, where "industry veterans", genial raconteurs all, hold court among the various strata of friends and admirers. Social connections are forged, and sometimes these turn into business connections. At other times this exact milieu is where actual business is conducted. If you find this environment challenging for any one of a million reasons, hey, that's on you. Somebody else is going to get the work, down the road. And the people who most easily integrate into this social space check the boxes I mentioned above.

Some friends of mine want to route around these problems a little bit, by putting the work of people for whom the systems in place don't work super well in front of people who will be interested in them. The ultimate goal here is to connect creators - in this case marginalized creators - with people who buy games. And that's the important part - sometimes games get praise for their brilliance and become critical darlings, but nobody buys them. And the very best way to thank a creator and encourage more brilliant work is to buy their stuff.

So now there's More Seats At The Table, which has a newsletter and a Patreon. Subscribe to the newsletter and you are going to be exposed to weird, wonderful games by equally weird and wonderful people, many of whom are friends of mine and all of whom I resoundingly endorse. Support them on Patreon if you'd like to see clever end runs around a dysfunctional status quo succeed.



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Friends! Did you knoowwww that my hand-painted #StarCrossedRPG tower is the next stretch goal?

Folks,if you like telling romantic stories, feelings, and also wizards, this is the game and the stretch goal for you:

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Star Crossed!

This game by +Alex Roberts is unbelievably good. I guess I am biased because I am publishing it, but I am publishing it for a reason.

You will see a lot of adorable pairings of robots and space cougars, dragons and sentient swords, Kirks and Spocks and so forth, but know this - I love Star Crossed because you can tell a really honest, slice of life story with it. The first time I played, I was a bus driver, my fellow player was a regular passenger, and we attended the same church with our respective spouses. Our characters saw each other every day and let me tell you, SPARKS FLEW when she spilled her groceries and I leaned over to help pick up some Pringles and our hands briefly touched.

Please check it out. I suspect you will love it.
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