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It's The Mole!
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I just signed up for this service, BasicTalk. I get horrible cell service inside my house so I figured if this works I can add the number to my Google Voice number and get the calls on the house phone as well as my cell. I should be getting the package in a few days, I'll post my experience some time next week. #basictalk  

I was having issues with my android gmail account suddenly not showing all of my pop accounts in the "Send As" option when composing mail. After reading of a similar issue being fixed in I cleared the cache and data which caused the app to resync, forced a restart of my phone and then once it had rebooted the "Send As" feature was showing all of the accounts again. #gmail   #gmailsendas  

Am I the only one who feels the larger phones (in this case Android since with the iPhone Apple is still telling you what size your hand should be to use their products) should have a layout focused on the lower half of the screen? So many apps have options at the top, requiring adjusting the phone in your hand or using both hands to navigate or select an option. Wouldn't it be easier and more convenient to just have all the options along the bottom? Even if it was two layers or scrolled? Again, am I the only one?

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Hey everyone. I just came across this duo, they are 16 and 17 years old. They were on Britain's Got Talent and are amazing. If you like their music please buy their album. Their story is really moving. 

Let me in to Google+ Places Google! Please? :)

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The new swype version doesn't work on my phone so I switched to the free TouchPal keyboard and I'm not going back. This thing is awesome!

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I just read about this article today and though I would share it. It is a noble cause and every little bit helps. Greer Gates, I wish you the best in your work and attempt to cure cancer. This year I will be getting family members jewelry from Gates' store as gifts during the holidays. You can find her store here:

Really digging Google+!
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