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Jason McDonald
I'm a guy. With opinions. Who shares them from time to time.
I'm a guy. With opinions. Who shares them from time to time.
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Obligatory SUPERBLOODMOON!!!!11!!!1 pic.

Put a lot of thought in before I pulled the trigger. It was a good call...loving the Note 5.


The man did both. RIP Mr. Nimoy.

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Some really great folks who need help.
This has to be the most humbling thing I've ever had to do. I hate asking for help and having to face the fact that I can't handle everything myself. 

I still have no idea how much we need but truthfully only want to ask for enough to cover some basics until +Lee Walters can return to work. 

So.... here we go....

His verse was brilliant, but too short.

Your loss feels so tragic, Robin Williams...may you find now the peace you unsuccessfully sought in life.

I, like many netizens, disagree with what the FCC has proposed today.

Even the rumor of these rules weeks back had a chilling effect to entrepreneurial access to venture capital funds for startups who may be viewed as needed particularly fast internet access or high bandwidth.  For the FCC, who states that they are trying to preserve innovation with these rules, to ignore that speaks directly about to whom they are catering.

To say that the FCC is trying to preserve the ISPs ability to innovate is to turn a completely blind eye to their behavior for the past several years.  Regional monopolies have removed any impetus they may have had to provide any sort of innovation.  The idea of competition in broadband is simply non-existent.

When an entire industry's practices are based off of the fact that players are not allowed to compete with each other in certain markets, they are free to act to the detriment of any who have no choice but to use their services.  And this, the ISP industry has taken full advantage of.

Reclassifying broadband with common carrier status is a good first step.  However, nothing will really change until regional monopoly rules are changed to allow true competition.  Until ISPs are forced into actual competition with each other on a market-to-market basis, nothing will truly change in their behavior.


Always nice to see the Bruins straight give up during game 7.

Sign on the way to work this morning: Changing lanes? Use Yah Blinkah.


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More of the white stuff. 
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Been a while since I've seen it snow quite so heavily.
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