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Hehe #OpticalIllusion + #meme = win.
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Shaun G
I am trying to count, but there are far too many and now my eyes hurt. I love these optical illusions. :)
With my eyes closed the answer is an easy zero! :)
answer is 0. the pattern causes you to see black dots that arent even there... eyes hurt now...
As I look around there is 35 black dots, but not at the same time. This is a good one.
my eyses go crazy when i seee this damn
If you cheat and put your fingers around one, you will find the answer...
two eyes i get random black dots, one eye at the time, I get just white ones. Does that mean my brain is deranged?
35 of each... and even 35 gray ones.
+Johnny King , when I try to count black dots, they are blinking even with one eye closed. it's a tricky picture that deceives our brains. it's easy to count when I cover most of the picture with my hands. :)
omg if u look closely and look everywhere those r black dots haha i didnt even know
Well there are Zero black dots but it dose not look that way!
haha i think the same thing and i already need glasses dont need to mae it worst!!
lol, I know there are no black dot, but my eyes see differently.
i know my eyes hurt after that 2!!
First i see black dots from the corner of my eye then i try to look at them then they disappear WTF not fair.....
Haha The funny thing is my science teacher showed me this the same day I saw this.
there is no black dots its all white
I think Ray is Correct!!!
nice one..... its abt creating confusion
Those who said 0 are correct. Congrats.....
is white and blacks are 0
this is a illusion...there are no black dots....:D
All dots are black. All squares are white. Its a law the Republicans passed during the Regan administration.
35 of black... and even 35 gray ones.
black dots are hiding frome my eyes
oka cmp
Wan Eka
One thousand....huhu
feeling bit sick after watching this for a while ...
wen u stare at 1 white dot continuously u c no black one
dere r none
its jst a illusion
but awesome.....
Answer is 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 Amazing question :>) ???
either 92 or 365.... wow my eyes are burning
AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!! the black dots kept moving and now I have a headache :( you stupid illusion......
There are no black dots... There are only black boxes.
I think, here's no any black dot.
Inf fact there are 35 black dots, but the illusion makes you believe they are all white (lol)
I counted 35 black dots. Try it!
I think they're all white dots...
They are SEP dots. They are black only when you don't look at them.
If you squint all the "black dots" disappear..... it's all white:) cool illusion.
there are no black dots. I don't get it.
I look to the left - OMG where did t go?!?!?!
Simple, there is 35 black and white dots at all times...
ok, u obviously havent got this yet, the optical illusion makes your brain think it sees black dots,well they have 35 white dots, and with this illusion, you see only 6 white dots at the time, so at that time you see 6 white and 29 black dots, so 35-6= 29 people seriously im a kid and i got this down!
you get some grey dots and black dots
its an amazzing illusion!!
there r 35 dots combine of black and grey
ah aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa so dark
this is crazy iv been looking @ it for 2 days .... haha!!! its cool luv it !!
no one can
its an illusion
btw its nice
this make me sleep thank you for the help
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there is a black dots. but cannot be count???
Queen Z
I love this it loooks so cool! I am like moving my head closer to the screen and i still cannot see any black dots because it is moving to fast.
I have to report this as abuse!!!! Lol 
Aaaaarh!! There aren't any though 
Aaaaarh!! There aren't any though 
woah, cool! Was confused at first, but then realised it after concentrating on the pic
35 because the more more u move the eyes more black dots appear so it's better to count them all up
Squinting very hard or having bad eyes gives you the correct answer: zero.
infinite...... if you think of the black space in the pic as a collection of thousands of black dots put together.....'point of view'... and if you break it down to pixels and the area it occupies on your screen it may vary from monitor to monitor (screen to screen)... :D
There is neither black dots nor white ones, there is only grey... Well, that and a load of black squares...
Feels like 1969, going to put on some Hendrix. And I'm going to look at it again & again.
I will count when they stop moving. ha ha ha make me dizzy.
35.... all u that say zero are DUMB!!!!
Are we counting pixels? Cuz if not there are no black dots.
I would but the black dots keep running away from my brain!
There's 17. What you guys talking about...
its only an illusional trick - there are zero black dots.
Ho man this is no black dot
mina H.
Theres no black dots just white dots...¤_¤
mina H.
But how.....¿
mina H.
Theres 35 or 0 ... if we look at the picture we see white dots ..........but the other side which we do not look at shows black dots ..would that happen 
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