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More robotics fun. A new speed record :-)

Via / +Ralph Roberts
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Strap a charge of TNT to it and you got yourself a Zerg Baneling.
This seems like it would be better for the people with bombs surrounding stationary bases than the people who operate out of bases.
I am immediately impressed, while simultaneously reaching for something that will allow me to kill it with fire.
It needs a Tail if you noticed...
It saddens me that miracles like these are funded by military. But I guess that's the world we live in.
+Juan Carlos Paco spot on, good eye. Its odd that they hadn't thought of it. I mean how many picture of animals with tails did they look at during the R&D phase....
First impression it looks like it's running backwards. Then immediately you're struck by the thought that someone could use this as a military delivery platform program to do god knows what.
+Juan Carlos Paco What for? Long tails are needed for balance by animals. It looks like it does this job well without it. (like dogs with short tails). So, if you CAN add a tail (or any other parts) it doesn't mean you SHOULD
First they run faster than us. Then they become self aware. Then we all die. I'm with +Ben Valenz on this.
+Andrey Cherneha They would need the tail for balancing during cornering, or while leaping over or dodging obstacles. This test was limited by its objective for forward motion exclusively. We'll see how they evolve shivers
+William Thresher I am sure we will die long before that, World domination by robots is already in progress: they don't need to chase and kill us. all they need to do is make us comfortabel and depend on them, then stop working: no internet, no phones, no tv, no transportation. If that happens in any big city - deadly fun
Who's the fastest little robot? You are!
is it just me or is it really running backwards?....but it would be awesome someday to see those high-tech robots running on plains just like in the movie Transformers 2..
I don't think there is any reason to be worried about this. It would spend the whole time stopping, turning round to see where it was and then starting off backwards again. Once they figure out how to run in the direction it is facing it will be time to worry.
just scale it up 3x add a turrent and voila :P lol
Dylan g
it looks like it is running backwards...
i want it but i wish it could go faster & not look you know.............not so weird but its really cool
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