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So we have all seen a quadrocopter before, but just look at the size and agility of this one. Needless to say that sound is quite scary when it just comes out of nowhere! Turn your volume up for a jumpy ride.
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This is only a little smaller than the walkera ladybird.
I would love one of these..  So many uses....
I think I killed a bunch of these in Half Life 2 with a crowbar.
I have the traxxis qr-1 that I think is smaller... Sounds like a jar of pissed off hornets lol
Yeah, the traxxis qr-1 and the walkera ladybird are about the same size as this. They're about $70~100 from hobbyking.
Once the Skynet Mosquitos have located you, it's only a matter of moments before the HKs show up.....;)
Would be even more awesome if it could fetch me a beer. :D
Well done! A lot of applications. Just thought about dozens of flying crazyflies :)
I'm thinking of so many uses, thanks
And I'm sure there are plenty of uses planned............  I live in the land of Drone's so I must say I'm not excited about this.
I want one ... availability?
I'll take a Thousand, oh and does anyone have a link to that open source swarm software the kids Stanford made? I have a bulk LED supplier from last years Burningman project already...
This could totally drop some grenades behind insurgent enemy lines!
err insurgents don't have lines... its kinda what insurgency is all about. besides chasing hippies on LSD all around the desert is way more fun.
Need one with the camera and with a bit more than 7 minutes of flight time, minimum is definitely 30 minutes to be useful.
Very cool but Its a little too expensive in my opinion... 
Gh ost
I want one :D this si awesome
That's so cool what's its longest run time
that's the solution for our Flying Cars of the future.   just can imagine how loud they would be
imagine taking a canyon run in one of these.
Take my money.. NOOOOWWWW..!!!!!
Great for observing beautiful girls in the bath, high up in a building!
Actually that is pretty cool., forget all the social networking stuff though.
Awesome. Let it run on quickly swappable / replaceable rechargeable batteries and sell me one. Make the leds, crane adapter, and camera pieces modular so you can just snap on extra pieces as you wish. 
Kevin M
That strange noise you can hear is the sound of legions of lawyers rubbing their hands together waiting for the inevitable lawsuits to come their way when someone loses an eye to one of these things.
I need to get my hands on one of these
This is awesome - the only improvements I sould see is sensors for collision detection/avoidance.
H. khan
amazing... how much does it cost?
amazing how fast these are developing 
Nice.....I love it because it is true open source platform.....I am just imagining what I can do with this! Awesome!
jc yeh
i want one 
Just got an evil genius idea. Imagine a swarm of those with little stun electrode barbs. They suicide collide with intruder and shock them.

Makes me think of that 80s movie with Gene Simmons "Run Away". They could also have acid injectors like the movie.

When they get to be autonomous is when the real fun (and robot war) starts.

That is the useful, yet full of fun, science any one would love to learn 
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