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This image shows every known asteroid that could potentially hit earth and destroy life as we know it. Enough said really. Go NASA (and all the other space agencies out there for that matter). #Science
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It's sad that nasa doesn't get half as much funding as the military does. And space is really the only place that multiple nations actually work together and share resources. 
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I really love how +Adobe is embracing #HTML5 and converting many of their tools to be web based. Web (without flash) is the future and these guys know it. Check out their latest offering which allows you to view #photoshop files via your web browser, allowing web developers who may not have creative suite installed get the essentials to complete their job.  Well played Adobe. #ProjectParfait  
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Hey, this looks really interesting. I am going to check this out now. Thanks for sharing!
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Jason Mayes

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Standing waves of fire - allows you to get a flaming representation of your #audio signal.. Know your #science for how this works - using the sound waves to shape the flames. 
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Really cool
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Jason Mayes

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I would love to be in that balloon... :-)
"To The Threshold Of Silence" by Karezoid Michal Karcz:
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Not me. The thermals could be terrifying there.
It is incredibly beautiful though.
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Have you played with  #SuperCooled  water? By taking water below its freezing point without it freezing allows you to do some cool things! I have done this with beer before, but water looks like fun too :-) #Physics   #Science  
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Very cool Chrome extension. Allows you to copy and paste TEXT from IMAGES! :D
Copy/Paste (even Edit and Translate) Text Inside Images with a Free Chrome Extension:
"Project Naptha automatically applies state-of-the-art computer vision algorithms on every image you see while browsing the web. The result is a seamless and intuitive experience, where you can highlight as well as copy and paste and even edit and translate the text formerly trapped within an image."

This plugin is so cool, it makes me want to learn all about computer vision algorithms just so I can understand how it works! And it does work. I installed it and tried it out, and I have to say I'm still amazed. It works very well. This will save me a lot of time!
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Sweet! Nice share.
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Jason Mayes

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Turn your lights off! And then look up towards the stars! Amazing.
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I've been on top of a mountain in the middle of nowhere and not seen anything like this. I've been farther out into the middle of nowhere at -40 with the air as clear and still as it is anywhere, and not seen the milky way anywhere near this bright. I doubt +Chris Hadfield sees it this bright while passing through the Earth's shadow in orbit.

These are dramatic long-exposure sky shots imposed over well-shopped cityscapes. They aren't a realistic illustration of anything.

However, out in the middle of nowhere you can see many thousands more stars than you can near a city. On that 40-below night, I counted eleven of the Pleiades, more than on the mountain top.
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I love the #creativity of people back before I was born. They didn't just think up the idea, they actually go and make it. Lets forget health and safety for a moment and enjoy. Check out tonnes of old #British #Pathé  videos now released on YouTube. Just imagine if we released today's TV full of silly things like big brother. I would not be nearly as proud. The world is getting less creative and innovative IMO
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Beautiful photo of the day. Amazing use of light.
"Forest Symphony" by Yan L:
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Amazing lighting .bold color .Thank you for sharing this delightful post. +Jason Mayes 
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If you haven't heard of #TimeDilation  before then you really should watch this video for a wonderful explanation on how you could use it to travel through time into the future* I remember studying this in an optional #physics class at University and being fascinated by it. #TimeTravel  

* Assuming you can travel at close to the speed of light of course :-)
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+Galaxion Vulderdrip
I hope your right :)
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Had a few Beers? This is the place you want to come to. Forget what the US has to offer (in and out) this wipes them clean off the floor. Amazing burgers. Fresh fries. Nice music. Great end to an adventurous night. Get a cheeseburger with whatever toppings you want. :-)
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Really lovely atmosphere. They don't allow it to be overcrowded so if you get in you are in for a pleasant night. Cocktails were original and tasty and bar staff were knowledgeable for cocktail recommendations. Only downside is that it is quite pricey, but for central London is quite reasonable.
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Came here about a year ago and loved it. They had a live performer is going 1940s style songs on a hot summers day. Was really charming atmosphere and great for a bite to eat and drink before continuing my adventure.
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Really nice just off the beaten track cocktail bar. Quite hard to find, but is just underneath Chelsea market. Look for the illuminated "open" sign outside and go down the stairs!
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I have nothing but praise for this company. Not only are their prices very reasonable (even beat Amazon in some cases), their customer service is top quality! I had an issue with DPD courier delivering to the wrong person (not Aria's fault by any means) but they were totally understanding and worked with me to track where DPD delivered the parcel. I also accidentally bought the wrong hard drive (my fault for ordering at midnight and not reading the model number correctly), and they have been very accommodating in creating an RMA for this item to get a full refund and then I can order the correct one. The goods I ordered came within 2 days, and were very well packaged. They may not be as large as Amazon, but their superb customer service means I shall certainly be doing business with them again in the future if they have the components I require. Keep up the great work guys and girls!
• • •
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Food here was very tasty. Full of flavour. Came here for work event and they managed to cater for our large group. Book in advance though as within an hour or so of us arriving it got REALLY busy super fast. Great atmosphere though. Would go again.
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Really charming atmosphere. Staff are lovely and the best looks simply wonderful. Nice place to go with good friends or other half for a tasty meal you will really enjoy. Certainly coming back here!
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