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Jason Mayes
Innovate, Inspire, Learn, Simplify. Senior Creative Engineer @Google.
Innovate, Inspire, Learn, Simplify. Senior Creative Engineer @Google.


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Enjoying the stream? Check out my collections of posts! In case you didn't know, Google+ allows you to group your posts in collections around different subject areas. If you are seeing this you are probably following at least one or all of them! If you are enjoying the ride so far, you can tailor your experience by following just the ones you want, which currently include:

- Web Design / UX (
- Web Programming (
- Innovation & Technology (
- Learning Science (
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- Data visualization (
- 3D / CGI / Multimedia (
- Robotics, Drones / UAVs (
- Hardware & Hacking (
- Inspiring talks / books / articles (
- General Geekiness / fun (
- Photography (
- Holidays / Travel / Events (

Or see full listing here: and simply click on ones you like and then click follow within that collection! Enjoy!

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Just #Cymatic frequencies doing their thing with #matter. So epic. #Science and #music come together to make something quite beautiful. Play the video and enjoy science in action.

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Anyone tried developing on a #Particle IOT micro controller / development kit? Seems like it supports coding in JS via the web browser too and allows you to program it over wifi which is pretty neat. Anyone tried it? The #Photon looks like it might be worth trying out at just 19 dollars!

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This beauty from Huawei is very tempting. Check out the #MateBookX ultrabook - super thin, light and packs a punch whilst not destroying your wallet.

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Bringing portraits to life using machine learning - this neat technique allows you to animate a single image to change the mood of the face in that image. Some interesting applications for this research. Great work!

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Interesting read: Can you train animals (in this case #crows) to do useful work for us? Here is a proposition that trains crows to pick up cigarette butts from the streets.

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Police in #Dubai to get #hoverbikes, #StarWars fans eat your hearts out... So cool. One thing I like about Dubai is that they are not afraid to embrace crazy new tech and try it out. Your turn rest of the world.

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Invited to present at #ODSC West, San Francisco in November to talk about #MachineLearning / #AI. Looks like there is going to be a great line up of speakers if you are interested in these areas. Anyone going? You can read more on this link:

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Check out #ProjectChalk by #Vuforia - an older video now but still a great use of Augmented Reality (#AR) to allow people to communicate better with objects in the real world even if remote.
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