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Jason Mayes

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Enjoying the stream? Check out my collections of posts! In case you didn't know, Google+ allows you to group your posts in collections around different subject areas. If you are seeing this you are probably following at least one or all of them! If you are enjoying the ride so far, you can tailor your experience by following just the ones you want, which currently include:

- Web Design / UX (
- Web Programming (
- Innovation & Technology (
- Learning Science (
- Creative / Artistic (
- Data visualization (
- 3D / CGI / Multimedia (
- Robotics, Drones / UAVs (
- Hardware & Hacking (
- Inspiring talks / books / articles (
- General Geekiness / fun (
- Photography (
- Holidays / Travel / Events (

Or see full listing here: and simply click on ones you like and then click follow within that collection! Enjoy!
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+Miguel Tan glad you are enjoying the posts, have a great week!
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Jason Mayes

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So here are some #workoutGoals in #GIF form... Which ones have you done? #stayHealthy
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Jason Mayes

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So this happened on my #flight back from #Seattle to #SanFrancisco with #Delta, heading into the #sunset in between two layers of #clouds. Taken on my #Android Nexus 5X #smartphone. The world we live in is #beautiful don't you think?

#flying #photography #travel #explore #adventure #pilot #sky #levelup #beauty #nature #epic #landscape
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Amazing !!!
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Jason Mayes

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So, #Bellus3D face capture at #CES2017 was pretty awesome. Runs on high end #Android smart phones along with a special device for proper lighting, and in under 30 seconds you have a model of your face you can use however you wish. Check the GIF below and learn more at

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Jq Tou
If ordinary users to use nemogut "new technology", but all the same intelligence agencies can forge more (eg, bio-technology -. Even more serious tools than digital technology), essentially any identifiable information collected
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Jason Mayes

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Well it was a long 2016, but thanks to #CircleCount I have some nice stats with an average of 73 plus ones per post! Woohoo! Thanks +CircleCount Get your own at
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Thanks for sharing +Jason Mayes!
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Jason Mayes

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Really nice write up on the transition to the era of machine intelligence / prediction and how it compares to previous transitions we have made in history. Very thought provoking.
Prediction is about to get way cheaper.
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+Matt Kennett​ - Thus Contributionism. We absolutely cannot monetize space. It will severely impede becoming a truly space faring society. 
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Jason Mayes

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Wow, this is really awesome. A tiny single cylinder engine made from paper :-) Sounds surprisingly good for such size! Watch the video.
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"no water; PLEASE"
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Jason Mayes

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Musk is winning on Instagram :-) Beat that for an update...
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that's just awesome
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Jason Mayes

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#HoloLamp uses face recognition to determine the correct viewing angle to give the illusion of a 3d form!
Augmented Reality product uses projection to provide 3D perspective on flat surface using facial recognition to calculate viewing angles.
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Awsome stuff
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Jason Mayes

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Currently in #Seattle. Took a little wonder and of course had to go on top of the #SpaceNeedle. Some great sites! Anyone from here? Got recommendations? Let me know in the comments...
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I heard about this

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Jason Mayes

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These super #innovative headlights by #Audi are amazing, but not allowed in the US... Not sure why... TLDR: They use lasers, frickin' lasers and with that they can smartly highlight pedestrians to make them more visible, dim light on oncoming cars as not to blind them, whilst still illuminating your road, and even project the width of your car / messages so you know if you can fit in a tight spot or warn others of your presence. I gotta see these in real life! Anyone tried?
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Jason Mayes

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Well I shall just leave this here. #GeekyJokes at the beach.
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Web Engineer, Google
HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, CSS3, jQuery, Photoshop, Java, AppEngine, MySQL, PHP, Usability, User Experience, Apache, Memcache, Adobe, ActionScript, Flash, XML, XHTML, AJAX, Google APIs, Drupal, scalable bespoke systems, content delivery networks, data mining, social networks, mobile devices, multimedia, technical research, troubleshooting, Web development, Web applications, Web Design, Graphic Design, Software Design, Social Media, Creative, Advertising, Digital Marketing.
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Innovate, Inspire, Learn, Simplify. Web Engineer @Google.

Disclaimer: All thoughts, posts, opinions expressed are my own and do not necessarily reflect those of any employer be that in the future, past or present.

Connecting people by sharing my knowledge and experiences with the world to make great things happen.

I hope to inspire others with the knowledge and information I discover on a daily basis - both from my own learnings and the people I am fortunate to meet. Welcome to my Google+ stream - tune in to my mind, discoveries, and daily activities which typically consist of a special blend between creative, technical, and the thought provoking.

Generally speaking my interests cover:

  • Latest Technologies / Innovations
  • Creative / Illustration / 3D
  • Web Design / Graphic Design / App Design
  • Photography / Photo editing / Digital Art
  • Programming / Computer Science
  • Psychology / Philosophy / Things that make you go hmmm
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  • Space / Astronomy
  • Things that make you go wow
  • Gaming
  • Cats and other such bundles of cuteness may creep in from time to time.

About Me

Web Engineer at Google. In a nutshell: I am a hybrid Developer / Designer / Programmer, Technical Consultant and Analyst, with a creative twist based in the UK. Also a keen HDR photographer in my spare time.

I am responsible for developing innovative technical solutions at Google utilising the latest web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, Java, JavaScript, and Google Cloud (AppEngine, Compute Engine, Cloud SQL, Cloud Storage).

In short, we make the impossible happen, for ideas that have never been attempted before.

Also: Mentor to high-tech startups at Google Campus

Advising, and helping digital startups in London's very own silicon roundabout on a variety of subject areas such as web programming, web security, design, user experience, usability, digital marketing, and advertising to name but a few.

"Let's fill this town with startups".


My background is based in Computer Science. It was here I discovered I fitted in to a rare breed of “hybrid developers” who equally enjoy being both creative and technical all at the same time.

Pages I have founded

I am the founder of +HDR Photographers here on G+ - a collection of inspirational photos by people from all walks of life I have found on my travels around the web. I want to help up and coming photographers gain exposure for their great work and to inspire others, and to share knowledge. We have over 60,000 members and growing daily so do check us out here:


Skillsets and interests

Specialties include (but not limited to): Java, ActionScript, PHP, MySQL, XML, XHTML, JavaScript, AJAX, CSS, AppEngine, Google APIs, Drupal, PHPbb, scalable bespoke systems, content delivery networks, data mining, social networks, mobile devices, Facebook API, multimedia, user experience, technical research, troubleshooting, remote assistance and technical support.

Key areas include Web development, Web applications, Web Design, Graphic Design, Software Design, Social Media, Creative, Usability and User Experience, Advertising, Digital Marketing.

My other interests are music, movies, travelling, robotics, meeting new people, digital art, SLR photography, HDR photography, gadgets, random facts, flying, hot air ballooning.

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I was on Google+ before you knew it even existed.
  • University of Bristol
    MEng Computer Science
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