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Jason Matthews
Author and self-publishing instructor
Author and self-publishing instructor

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Hobbies and Cents
We're pleased to feature Rho'Nesha Bontemps, creator of Hobbies and Cents. It's a blog dedicated to teaching readers to enjoy their hobbies while taking control of their finances. Along the way, readers learn how to date their mates, shop, travel, and more ...

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food for thought...

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Is Tesla the Next Jesus?
Nikola Tesla probably would not appreciate the comparison to Christ; after all, his father was an erudite priest. However, these two individuals impacted humankind as much or more than anyone, and they had some interesting similarities. Both men changed our...

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at least we're a major step closer to Ending the War on Drugs!

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It’s that time of year again; November is National Novel Writing Month.
Writers, you have 3 options:
1. Wimp out while eating leftover candy and turkey.
2. Participate and write 50,000 words on your next novel.
3. Be a rebel, writing as if possessed for 30 days on anything you want.
Need more reasons to do it? How about 8? As in at least 8 bestsellers that began during NaNo

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Carl Sagan: Astronomer, Scientist, Cannabis Advocate
Carl Sagan showed us the universe like we had never seen it before. He was a scientist, a NASA employed astrophysicist, a legendary author and communicator. His series on the universe, Cosmos: A Personal Voyage , was the most watched American public televis...

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Jesse Ventura Exposes HAARP
I had the pleasure of watching former Governer of Minnesota, Jesse Ventura, take on a little known yet highly controversial topic on Tru TV last night - HAARP. High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program is a military complex way out in Gakona, Alaska th...

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Hemp Cars Would've Saved Millions of Lives, Trillions of Dollars
Henry Ford wanted to make cars from hemp and other farm grown products. He spent over a decade creating models that are estimated to be three times "greener" than today's electric cars based on how they were built and powered. This is a picture of him in 19...

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OJ Made in America: Most Important Documentary Ever For US Citizens
I just watched all 5 episodes of O.J.: Made in America. Calling it extraordinary would be understatement. It's a masterpiece. It may be the most important documentary anyone can watch if attempting to understand and heal race relations in America. Though th...
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