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Dad, Gamer, Geek, Tech Lover
Dad, Gamer, Geek, Tech Lover


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After two long years - I was offered to do another review... of another headset.

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ibuypower is hosting a giveaway for a chance to win a Geforce GTX970 Vid Card! Use the link below to enter!

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WPEngine Security Issue - If You Are Hosting With Them - Then Read This!

You'll need to change your password this morning if your hosted with WPEngine. Apparently there was a "data breach" which will require you to do this ASAP!

Thanks to WordFence for the heads up!

Sigh - I Step Away For A Few ... Well Months

And Google+ changes everything. Why make it so I can't get my chat messages on GPlus? This is just /r/shittydesign (Sorry I'm on +reddit ) most of the time now.

Hope everyone is having a great holiday! OK - back to the grind!

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Social Warfare? - Not just another Social Sharing Plugin

I had the distinct pleasure to torture the developers I mean test this plugin in it's earlier stages. It has come a long long way since then. If you want a feature rich social share plugin that not only does a LOT but runs quick too? This is the plugin your looking for!

Congrats to the #SocialWarfare  team for rocking this! 
"A plugin that only adds .031 seconds to your page load time! That's huge"
The problem with social sharing plugins is that they need to call the data using an APi back to each of the different social sites (FB, Twitter, G+, LI, and so on)

Well the +Social Warfare developers have found a way to make this API call time virtually unnoticeable. 

Great job +Nicholas Cardot 

#socialmediamarketing   #socialmediatips   #wordpress  

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Crap - Now the FDA Wants to Take Away My Vape?

If you could please take a moment to help me out here? The FDA is coming up with some crazy legislature that will essentially make what I do now illegal.

I've quit smoking with the device and the 'e-juice' I use to vape with. If this passes? I can't do it any more. And would most likely end up smoking cigarettes again. Those Vuze just don't work for me.

So - thanks in advance! Hopefully this doesn't pass!

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Sunset at Milford Lake

Google decided to tweak my photos of the sunset I was enjoying. It looks... Good?

Love the LG G4 camera!

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LOL Goofing off with my boy using the FFC on my LG G4 I ended up getting the other day.
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Hey Dad, What's For Dinner?

"Trouble" is asking what's for supper. On my dinner table. It was spaghetti - and no she didn't get any from me. She knows better but really just doesn't care. Well... because she's a cat!

#catownerproblems #cats #sigh
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