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Time For a New Look!

So I took a long hiatus from everything online. Personal stuff, projects, life, etc. just meant I was burnt out.

So now I'm finally getting off my butt. So here's the start. A new face for avgjoegeek!

Take a look and let me know what you think! And yes there are some bugs to work out.
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Looks good bro!
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Protect Your Data at Starbucks... Get a VPN Connection

Going on a public wifi is just asking for your data to be stolen. The scary part is they don't even have to "hack" it. It's a simple application or script usually ran in Linux (or Windows) that allows you to see all of that information floating around on the public network.  

So... they are technically just data miners who steal your info. ;)

Even your home wireless isn't all that protected. It's just a nice way of saying "Please don't join my network without asking."

You'll want to not only run a VPN while in these places - but make sure you have an up to date Anti Virus/Malwarebytes, and a software firewall to keep you protected even if your connection is encrypted. 

Thanks for sharing this +MaAnna Stephenson and +Dave Webster 

#PSA #wifi #hack  #datamining
We have just presented this morning about the dangers of using open WiFi connections. It is really easy to protect yourself and your business against this. Please get in touch if you would like to learn how.
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What Free Online Tools do You Use for Making Graphics?

I'm wondering what you bloggers out there are using to help you in creating awesome graphics! I'm specifically looking for online web tools.

So drop me a comment if you could please and let me know! 

Mine? Well it's +Canva  of course!

#graphics   #free   #onlinetools  
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+Jason Mathes I'm looking forward to learning it. That said, when I create a blog graphic, I experience no headache -- this is just something I do!
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So I Went to Target for Dental Floss... (NSFW?)

And was offered the officially licensed 50 Shades of Grey Vibrating Cock Ring. 

I guess they shoot from the hip a bit more in California. Never could see this flying here in a Kansas Walmart :-D

#target #50shadesofgrey #wtf 
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That's crazy! At target?! 
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So I Went Out For Ice Cream...

And was treated to freshly made frozen treats made with liquid nitrogen.

Only in California...

#science #icecream #awesome
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+Carrie-Anne Foster very tasty! I was surprised how well it all worked out. :-)
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Jason Mathes

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Heading to California!

Kansas sunrise early in the morning. Start of my 10 hour journey!
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+Chris Tucker LOL this is silly. She can add whomever she wants - I won't ever know unless she messaged me. 

I'm a married guy, I run an online website, and I don't get involved with other people's personal affairs. This is something you need to take up with her. Not me - or any of the other 9 billion other guys she might have added to make you jealous.

Sounds like you two have some issues to work out which is an A, B conversation - I don't C me involved with it. :) Good luck dood!
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Jason Mathes

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Sigh Time for an eye exam...

The bad part? They work. Time for an eye exam. Getting old sucks!
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+Susanna Perkins good luck!
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Windows 10 Upgrade Will Be Free?

For Windows 7/8/8.1 users. Guess this is Microsoft's way of apologizing?

I think the gif pretty much says it all lol.

Thanks for sharing +Tshaka Armstrong 

 #Microsoft #Windows10
#Windows10 is a free upgrade from Windows 8.1, even devices still running Windows 7 for the first year. Smooth move Microsoft!

Also, loving the new/old Start Menu. Lol It looks like a really nice hybrid of the traditional and Metro concepts.
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Or MS's way of locking everyone into a new business model / data gathering.
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My Year According to Google Plus

It has my son in there.. a lot! And a few things I reviewed... I figured I'd share it the way it was given to me. 

#happynewyear #2015
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Sooooooo Tired of Hearing "GPlus is a Ghost Town"

Well +Eric Enge gives us real information and his own thoughts on the state of Google Plus. 

It is a really good article with sensible information and none of the hyperbole you have probably read already in other articles.

Although I haven't been as active as I like lately (it's personal) I will say my own personal opinion of GPlus has been this:

It's been a FANTASTIC place to network with really smart  like minded individuals. I've met people I could have never connected with on other Social Networks. 

I'm guessing there was an exodus of people who were only using GooglePlus because of the authorship in the SERP results. How many? Not many who matter :-)

I'll continue to use Google Plus because it is a great platform. No ads, I can keep control of the chatter, and its been a lot of fun. 

So - don't give up on the ol' GPlus - It won't be going away anytime soon. 

Thanks for sharing +Wade Harman 

#GooglePlus #ghostown 
What's In Store for Google Plus?
Finally, we get an opinion from someone who actually uses the platform.  

With other sites writing about how Google+ is a ghost town and even more people talking about how it won't last, +Eric Enge steps up to the plate and delivers a message about where Google+ will be headed in the future.

h/t +Copyblogger 
What's the real story with Google+? Should you invest time into using it? Discover the 10 key factors that will determine the future of the social network.
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Thanks +Jason Mathes for the share!
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Made it to California!

So after my 19 hour journey from Kansas... I finally made it! Gorgeous warm weather. Its funny seeing people in jackets when its still in the 60's at night.

This is the first thing I did though. Get something to eat!

#Innout #california #tired
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Good choice, sir. 
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Jason Mathes

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Redneck Fire Pit Completed - Part 2

How does one relax in 10 degree weather?

In your recliner... with a nice fire outside?!

Lol we received a replacement recliner today. He's just playing around.

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