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Love the changes. I'm very excited about Cortana and hope it really gets developed out as a killer personal assistant. 

Jason Martin

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I would love to see the extra-point kick go away. It's boring and wastes time. They almost never miss or get blocked in the NFL. If they do this, I would like it so that if you do go for the 8 points, you get deducted a point (so 6) if you fail. And while we're at it, could we re-spice up the onside kick? Please? Oh, and how about 4 points for FGs over 55 yards and 1 point for under 30. :)  ---- OR we could just let Romo hold for each extra point in the league, because then you never know.
NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said on Monday that the league is looking at a proposal to eliminate extra points.
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I actually agree. I feel it would speed up the game. The whole part about going for it gives you 8 but if you miss it you get six is pretty darn good to me. I would be in favor of that one-hundred percent. 
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Seahawks, 49ers and the NFC should be proud. This was an awesome game. The AFC's game was a bit lackluster. The Seahawks/49ers felt like the Super Bowl. Hope the real SB can match it.
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BOOOOOOOM. Seahawks going to the dance. #seahawks   #nfl  
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Mmmmmm D-licious. #Seahawks  
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Hey 49ers, how's that D taste? :D 

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+Jason Martin True lol
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Wilson killing another good Seahawks drive with poor play/decisions. It's going to be on the Seattle D to figure out a way to get a pick-6, stop the 49ers completely in the 4th and win.
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He's coming around now. Saved the best for the 4th I guess. :D
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Jason Martin

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Nooooo. Darn it. Got an arrow in the back from bandits. I was all set up too. Got Long Live the Queen off Steam this weekend. Fun little game. 

#LongLiveTheQueen   #Steam   #PCGaming  
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اشي. حلو

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Jason Martin

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Blast from the past: News report from 1981 talking about getting a newspaper to your home computer (if you're one of the 2-3k in San Francisco that owns one LOL). I remember waiting hours to download about 30k. I loved the ending about the guy's job. Whoops. 

Hilarious news report from 1981 about the Internet
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I'll take that call, but please NFL can we do a complete overhaul of the refs in the off-season? Throughout the entire playoffs I've been forced to watch games with several terrible calls. Or heck, let's make the whole game reviewable. Wow.
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I take it back about Wilson. TOUCHDOWN!!! Awesome throw by Wilson. LOL What a guts call to go for it. Take it home Seahawks. 
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This is what playoffs are supposed to be like.....all or nothing! Gutsy call!
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This has been a game of lucky breaks for the 49ers. What is it, like 3-4 fumbles that could of went to Seahawks? Crazy. Wilson needs to step it up. He's costing the Seahawks (starting from 1st play).
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EB Trey
If it weren't for the refs it wouldn't matter.
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