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At the Humane Society to rescue a kitten or two, “she meowed loudly, began purring, and climbed right up my arm.  Once she reached my shoulder, she turned, rubbed her face against mine, meowed with fervent delight, and wrapped her front legs around me in…

Kim Davis believes religious law should trump secular law. Usama bin Laden believed the same thing.

Let's be honest here: The same part of the Bible that says homosexuality is a sin also says wearing clothes from two different threads is a sin (e.g., wool and cotton), as is growing two different crops side by side (e.g., corn and soy), as is touching the skin of a dead pig (e.g., a football), as is working on the sabbath--including cooking and cleaning. As is...

The point is this: People pick and choose what they want to believe and what they want to enforce on others. But let's be clear on this: According to the New Testament, Jesus never said anything about homosexuality, but instead he proclaimed the need to live and let live with forgiveness and love as paramount. That is, the Golden Rule: Treat others as you want to be treated.

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What can I say?  This is me in 1988, hence the 80s look.

When I previously said "ALL LIVES MATTER", I said that both as a white man and a gay man. Because--trust me on this--I know both ends of the spectrum. I've been called privileged and out of touch, whilst at the same time I've been called an evildoer and an irrelevant minority, a sinner unworthy of consideration. I've been denied the right to marry and the right to hospital visitation and the right to inheritance and the right to buy flowers from a florist and the right to reserve a restaurant table and the right to... Well, you get the point. At the same time, I've been given the right to walk down a street without being stopped for inspection and the right to photograph landmarks without interruption and the right to… Well, you get the point.

If we had "White Pride" or "White History Month", imagine the outcry.

But reverse racism and reverse bigotry aren't excusable either.

Black lives matter. Gay lives matter. Women matter. Are they sticking up for each other? Well...

To say all lives matter is to say that we see beyond ourselves, we see beyond our niche in the world. To say all lives matter is to see the world as it is, not as we were taught to see it--taught by parents or life or whatever. To say all lives matter is to know reality.

I say it again: ALL LIVES MATTER.

And I say that as someone who continues to face bigotry and hate, someone who still struggles to get a marriage license and who still struggles to have inheritance rights and who still struggles to have medical control when someone is hospitalized. I say that as someone who has known hate and bigotry--someone who knows it still.

ALL LIVES MATTER. The moment we start seeing it as something other is the moment we start seeing each other as different. And that's what matters.

I'm white and I believe ALL LIVES MATTER, whether they be black or gay or Muslim or whatever. So get over yourselves already.

I read something this morning about a photographer named Rohan something-or-other.  Which made me think "Riders of Rohan"...  Which made me think "My precious"...  Which left me with a perpetual Tolkien drama playing in my mind.

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I'm still doing what I want to do, only I'm not able to do it like I want to do it because life has other plans

Yes, it costs less to fly a probe to Pluto than it does to build a new NFL stadium.  But let's not pretend like we're shocked: Americans have their priorities.

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I'm not a Christian, but I know the faith better than most. And these are words I've said repeatedly over the years, especially over the last year or so. I'm glad to finally see a Christian who not only practices what they preach, but who also understands the teachings of Jesus and strives to live by them, thereby preaching--and practicing--what the New Testament contains.
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