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Jason Lyvers
fun-loving, out-going guy you'll probably want to end up choking.
fun-loving, out-going guy you'll probably want to end up choking.

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Absolutely fantastic video by +Rand Fishkin about SEO. Rand breaks it down and makes the factors simple to understand. 

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This is pretty neat! 
Cloud Speaker With Realistic Lightning Effect

Well if this isn't one of the geekiest pieces of art/sound I've seen in a long time. It's an actual speaker that doubles as an interesting piece lightning-cloud art. 

Found via here:

The price tag is a bit steep at $3,360 though, so I don't think I'll be getting one any time soon. How about you?

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Animated Photo

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Create an experience that engages users with our surround sound #digital #marketing plan. Check out our blog to learn more!

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Such a good article from +Entrepreneur with an in-depth study from +UPS. #mobile  is still on the rise, but this shows a lot of strong stats about digital & #onlineshopping . 

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Very interesting article via +Entrepreneur about Cracker Jack rolling out a new marketing campaign completely via social media. Pretty big for a +Pepsi owned company to put that much faith & effort behind social. 

To me it really shows the strong belief of large companies that #socialmedia  is a strong avenue to connect w/ consumers. Hope more businesses pay attention & I'll be interested to see the results of this campaign. 

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This is probably not a huge surprise to many of you, but it's nice to have the numbers to back it up. (h/t +Chris Crum)

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Uh, YEAH!!

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Very good stats from +Simply Measured that I had to screen grab and share. Spend time where your customers are and make sure you're making mobile a priority. 

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Print this and keep these ideas in mind constantly. 
B2B Marketing: The Rules Have Changed

My latest LinkedIn post - enjoy!

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#socialmedia  is such a powerful tool that it can influence business decisions. I wrote about that for +DBS Interactive regarding this week's social media push to change the logo for #louisville 's newest sports team. 
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